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  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.03  Post processing machines and downstream equipment
  • 03.03.006  Slitter rewinders

Our products

Product category: Slitter rewinders

Easy Laem

A compact and easy to use slitter-rewinder for every converter
The EASY LAEM is the ideal slitter for converters at all levels. The machine is easy to install, simple to use and maintain, requiring minimum operative space and minimum investments. 
The integrated motorized shaftless unwinder has an electromechanical action for easy pick up of the mother reel from the ground or pallet. The web path passes through a solid mono-block structure, with integrated electrical cabinet that minimizes the impact on the plant and maximizes the space in the slitting department. 

The reels are rewound on differential shafts, cantilevered that are connected securely on the gear side and supported on the operator side by a pneumatic tailstock, easily supporting the reel weight. 

The machine structure and its components are carefully studied to guarantee the highest level of safety, providing the perfect dialogue between the mechanical and optical barriers. 

It is furthermore possible to integrate different functions in order to enhance the base design and make it perfect for your exact requirements; whether it be an unloader with additional functions or an aspiration system to remove the web trims, your needs are carefully studied and satisfied. 

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Product category: Slitter rewinders

RB 2

Modular general purpose slitter-rewinder for every converter
The RB2 is the ideal slitter for a medium sized or large converter who needs to produce in an easy and efficient manner finished rolls with a flat edge and with consistent tension ranges. 

The standard layout features a separate shaftless unwinder with an over-head web path, which allows handling rolls with larger diameters, while leaving good access to the slitting section and protecting the web from contamination.

The modular design also permits the integration of several value adding features such as perforation units or laser scribing.
The opportunity to slit a wide range of materials
The standard slitting configuration has been optimized to mount all the following slitting configurations: 

Oscillating Razor blades in-air
Razor blades in-groove
Shear cut: Circular knives and counter knives, normally used for heavier laminates with aluminium or paper.
The counter knife shaft is always pneumatically expanding and filled with multi-counter-knives bushings.

Several assisted or automatic positioning features can be added as an option to reduce downtimes during job changes.

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Product category: Slitter rewinders

TR 4

A robust machine with exceptional performance
The TR4 dual-shaft slitter rewinder has the same structural and functional characteristics as the TR2, with the addition of a turret system and automatic change of the finished rolls. It is the ideal solution for the modern Converter that needs to produce excellent quality rolls while achieving a very high productivity.
Reduction of downtimes thanks to a revolutionary change system
The roll change system has been improved and enhanced to minimize the manual work normally carried out by the operator for the closing and finishing of the final rolls. The production cycle of the TR4 is uninterrupted.
Bridge structure with accessibility to all processing devices
It allows the integration of auxiliary processes and equipment, such as a splicing table, a video camera, a micro perforation unit and laser scribing system. The operator will always have the treated side of the web in view, during all stages of process.

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Product category: Slitter rewinders

RB 4

This centre-driven slitter rewinder is designed for film manufacturers and converters who need to produce several finished reels of relatively small diameters. 

The RB4 drastically reduces the cycle downtime of a dual shaft machine as it allows the operator to place the new cores on the idle shafts, with the aid of a precision laser pointer, as the machine is rewinding on the other shafts.
Automatic turret cycle
When the rolls reach the set diameter or length, the machine stops and the automatic turreting sequence starts. At this point, with the machine is in production again, the operator can unload the finished rolls from the shaft which is now in stand-by position; and with the laser pointer indicating the precise pre-set slitting positions, the operator can load the cores on this shaft in preparation for the following cycle.
Independent unwinder with integrated functions
The unwinder is an independent unit, connected to the machine body through the overhead web path bridge. It can be equipped with extra devices which give added value to the working process and finished product: splicing table, flag detector (for handling waste spans of the parent roll),register mark counter (for counting the printing repeats),and others.

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Product category: Slitter rewinders

TR 2

For extreme slitting accuracy
This sturdy machine is recommended either when there is a need to rewind and handle extremely large and heavy rolls, or when the materials to handle require particular accuracy and sophisticated slitting technology, such as paper products or clear-on-clear label stock for example. 

Linear Track technology – The entire process area of the machine is mounted on additional frames that move backwards on linear guides during the rewinding procedure, therefore minimizing the distance between the slitting and the rewinding point and maintaining it constant throughout the winding cycle. 
S-Wrap draw roller for handling delicate products
The main "S"-wrap draw roller guarantees a very wide wrap angle around it; together with the nip roller, it guarantees the most stable and precise handling of the web material at high speeds. 
When processing delicate materials, like cold-seal laminates, the S-wrap manages to pull the material without the nip roller, hence protecting the product.
Ultimate lay-on roller technology
This configuration mounts compact and ergonomic lay-on rollers, even when converting large rolls, to always maintain contact with the winding rolls at the same point and moving back on the linear guides with the rest of the frames as the diameter increases.

For substrates with large gauge variation it is possible to order independent lay on rollers of specific dimensions.
Faster production set up
The mechanical design of the machine allows the operator to thread the slit strips much faster and save time during job changes or simply when there are different cycles within the same job.

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About us

Company details

Manufacturing slitter rewinders and converting machinery since 1972
Laem System is an internationally renowned brand appreciated for its design, technology, engineering and manufacturing of top of the range slitter rewinders and machinery for the flexible packaging industries and the world of Converting. For years producing solutions that allow to reach high levels of productivity by increasing operative efficiencies in the slitting department thanks to the continuous implementation of innovative technologies and the
integration of different productive processes. Laem System is an important point of reference for the converting world, that has known through the years to gain belief across the markets thanks to the capacity to immediately comprehend – and often anticipate – the market necessities, by offering innovative and evolving technology, machinery and solutions.

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