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Product category: Masterbatches


Our cpmpany's Black Masterbatch is using selected high quality high density black carbone & special PE carrier agents from both domestic & abroad.

We have General Purpose,Environmental Protection,Super Black,Proprietary etc various gardes of black masterbatchs with competitive price,excellent serviceability and also can meet the European EN71 toxic standards.

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Product category: Masterbatches

Perfume Masterbatch

1. Flavors
Flower Flavors : Jasmine, Sweet Osmanthus, Rose,Lavender,Vanilla.
Fruit Flavors : Apple, Lemon, Strawberry, Peach,Orange.
Other Flavors : Roast Beef, Chocolate,Peppermint etc.

2. Application Field
Perfume Masterbatch can be applied to toys(Plastic toys,toys for pet,long fur toys)
fragrance theca,craftwork,daily product,Staionery,Automobile inner decoration,health care product,
cosmetic product etc.and enhance the final products' marketability.
It is easy to add the perfume masterbatch in the plastic product processing and let the product
contain perfume flavor.Pre-mix the Perfume Masterbatch with other plastic granule and procesing
in general method,can increase the finished proct's compatibility.

It can be used in any kind of thermoplastic operation process. For example blowing thin film,
blowing plastic,injection moulding,blistering extrusion and thin film high frequency welding etc.

Adding 1% or under in case of expecting only cover the the bad smelling of the plastic.
Generally adding 2-5% to produce a product which has speacial perfume smell.
Adding 50% or more to get the expected effect like solid air fresher product.

5.Fragrance remaining period
Normally 6-12 months.

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About us

Company details

DONG GUAN FENG GANG DA HUA PLASTIC FACTORY" is located in DONG GUAN CITY,GUANG DONG Province ,China,with it's mother company"TAHAWENTERPRISE CO.LTD"in Taiwan. We have experienced more than 25 years of producing various additives with strong R&D team. specilizing in black masterbatch &various functional additives in engineering plastics field.

We implement modernized management modes altogether equipped with eight main departments such as production,distrubition, logistics and so on.The existing staff are more than 100 people ,with including specilized technical personnel accounting for above 60% as well as more than 10.000 tons of annual production capacity

Our masterbatch selects the pigment of high quality ,with high performance additive. Applicable in injection molding ,blowing molding ,rotational molding ,extrusion,blown film, frothing and othe technologies.

At present we have re-intergrated various resources and successfully developed the food grade high level masterbatch, Meanwhile,we can custom-tailor masterbatch with various special functions according to differet requests by customers

We are confident to provide you quality products and proud too meet and satisfy your requirements.

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