Meltem Kimya ve Tekstil San. Ith. Ticaret A.S

Bati Octoban Baglanti Yolu Uzeri, Buyuk Dikili Mevkii, 01210 Adana
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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.13  Starting materials, intermediate, polymerisation auxiliaries
  • 01.13.033  Phthalates

Our products

Product category: Phthalates


This size first in the world

Special mold design
Heat-Set technology
High Performance Resin
Cristalized Bottle
Special Preform Design
Safety (Processing , Transport, Usage)
Transparent (Not hiding your product)
Light and Economic
Ecologic (Producable and recyclable, Low enegry and carbon usage )
Easy Export (Easily tranport to distant markets )
Different sizes and moulds could be product
1 Gal Sized jar ‘First in The World’
MK produces the MELPET®22116 Resin
Technology steps used by MK (Pet Resin - Preform - Jar)

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Product category: Phthalates


Pet with the word meaning is the abbreviation of Polietilen Tereftalat as being chemical substance. Pet Resin, is a raw material using in various packing sector, include production from bottle to thin pet sheet. By generating PET Resin, first, it's produced Preform, then under the high temperature, with the method of blowing, bottle is manufactured from preform.Meltem Kimya can produce special desire from 0,57IV to 1,4 IV.

The production of MELPET®760 Pet Resin which has unique colour tone and brightness use in the packaging of carbonated soft drink and special liquid oil bottles. The type of MELPET®820 resin, also are used in several food household and personel care packaging. The main application areas are in bottle, jar, liquid soap, detergent, cologne and 19 lt one-way bottle production. The other product of our company is

. This type of resin provides lower AA when perform is on production stage for food class PET that modify on it. is in demand product type like high taste/smell standart mineral water bottle and carbonated soft drinkd area of usage. In addition this product, especially common use in food sector that has till 1.5 mm thickness in Pet Sheer production

MELPET®GS820 - CSD (Carbonated Soft Drinks) Bottle and General Application Grade
MELPET®TS760 - Water Bottle Grade
MELPET®GS840 - CSD (Carbonated Soft Drinks) Bottle and General Application Grade
MELPET®FH820 - Contains Reheat Additive
MELPET®FH820-R20 - Contains %20 Recycled PET With Reheat Additive
MELPET®GS820-R20 - Contains %20 Recycled PET
MELPET®11001 - PES - Polyester Filament(BCF, POY, Staple Fiber),Film, Nonwoven Grade
MELPET®11020 - PES - Polyester Filament(BCF, POY, Staple Fiber),Film, Nonwoven Grade
MELPET®12105 - Amorphous Resins - Injection Moulding And Thermoforming Grade
MELPET®21101 - Monoflament Grade
MELPET®21105 - CPET Grade
MELPET®21107 - HOTFILL Grade
MELPET®21109 - Monofilment, Technical Yarn, Strapping Grade
MELPET®22108 - Transparent Thick Sheet (6mm) Extrusion And Sealant Layer Grade, 19Lt. (5 Gallon) Returnable Water Bottle Preform Production Grade (Similar Of PETG)
MELPET®32101 - Blood Collecting Vials, Injection Moulding Grade
FUPET®22109 - Extrusion Blow Moulding, Engineering Plastic Application Grade
TUPET®22113 - Transparent Thick Sheets With High Mechanical Properties

Meltem Kimya uses PTA( Pure Terephthalic Acid ) and MEG ( Mono Ethylen Glycol) as raw materials to produce PET RESIN.

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Product category: Phthalates


In our factory we produce DOTP(DiOctylTerephthalate) and DOA(DiOctylAdipate) plasticizers which are one of the raw materials of PVC based plastics. D.O.T.P. plasticizer is used intensely in Cable industry, artificial leather sector, production of PVC floor covering, production of plastic ball, production of PVC door-window flute , production of foot bed, production of PVC granule.

These chemicals which are called plasticisers, used during break in of PVC, caoutchouc, and other thermoplastic equipment, catalyze flows and arrange the flow mechanics.

During present perfect, based on o/m phthalic plasticsers category was prohibtted, they changed into without 0/m phthalic plasticisers in the USA. Similar application may be carry on in the EU.

Plasticisers of Meltem Kimya are the derivative of acid, in this sense this is suitable to the USA and the EU standards to be without o/m phthalic.
Commercial sale formal is at tankers and barrels and also special chemical material can be carry by portable package towards customers demand.

Meltem Kimya uses 2EH (2EthylHexanol) and PTA ( PureTerePhthalic Acid) as raw materials to produce DOTP and DOA plasticizers

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About us

Company details

Starting with its business life under the name of Şahin Plastik, later it has been turned into Meltem Kimya Tekstil San. İth. İhr. ve Tic. A.Ş. in 2000. Meltem Kimya has knowledge and skills with having an approximately 30 years commercial experience, it presents the world quality standard products acquired whether by manufacturing and trade successfully to the various provinces of Turkey and abroad, and aims sustainable development by this way.

Meltem Kimya locates on Batı Otoban Bağlantı Yolu / Adana and produces DOTP for plasticizers and PVC floor covering. Our new investment is the first national capitalized Pet Resin production facility of Turkey and in Adana Hacı Sabancı Industrial Zone in 2009.

Plant’s nameplate capacity is 40.000 ton/year and in accordance with domestic and export markets quality requirement and high standard Pet Resin for Pet bottle and container applications.

Result of R&D working for many years, Meltem Kimya aims to start production of First Pet Hot Fill and Heat-resistant Jar Package in Turkey.

Meltem Kimya, was established the factory for production of Pet Hot Fill Jar in 2014 at Manisa Akhisar Industrial Zone. This factory start the production at the beginning of the 2015 and increase the product variety by R&D working.

Produced by Special mould design, heat- set technology, High Performance raw material, crystallized throat structure; Pet Hot Fill Jars is lead to innovation of packaging technology especially Tomato sauce and Olive Industry, Jam, Pickle, Tahini and Fruit Juice package.

Meltem Kimya Akhisar is produce high quality, reliable, environmentalist product with customer driven approach. Being focused of the principle of quality and costumers driven approach, Meltem Kimya is kept production with R&D working.

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