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Future Perspectives & Global Challenges:
Resource Efficiency

Digitalisation of the value Chain:
Functional integration,
Individualised production

Product category: Surface pretreatment equipment

calvasol® technology

The patend pending calvasol® technology has been already succesfully industrialised. The challanges creating new surface properties in combination with a higher technical demand are growing. kalwar is facing this challenge by researching new functional formulations and adding new technical highlights to the new "Generation 5" calvasol® series.

A selection of film and sheet functionalisations which are possible to actualise with calvasol
· Hydrophilic functions on PET, BOPP, Paper, Nonwoven
· Antifog on PP, PET, OPP
· Antistatic on PET, PE, Meshed Foam, Nonwoven
· UV- primer on PET, BOPP, OPP, PE
· Longterm surface adhesion on BOPP, OPP, PP, Meshed foam
· Anti-block on PET
· Release on Paper, CPP, PE

The newest calvasol® Generation allows the substantial saving of energy, additives and functional chemicals proportional to the wet coating or varnishing. This is not only very good for the environment but also reduces the cost of production in case of the energy for example up to 90%! The substantial reduce of the carbon footprint results in availability of federal and state subsidies.

Further products avaliable from kalwar:
· calvatron® corona systems for the film processing (up to 10.000mm working width)
· calvasmart® narrow web corona systems
· calvamat® return feed extrusion lines
· calvapro® plascojet systems for fine cleaning and adhesion increase
· calvapro® plasmatunnel for the adhesion increase of 3D parts
· calvapro® plascomized for customized plasma integration
· calvapro® plascotube for the inline treatment of pipes and hoses

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Future Perspectives & Global Challenges:
Resource Efficiency

Digitalisation of the value Chain:
Individualised production

Product category: Coating plant, Surface pretreatment equipment

Plasma- and coronatreatment for cross-linked foams: Effective inline and offline process with calvatron®

NX und SX Serie:

The closed version of the NX- and SX- series are specially designed for the atmospheric corona treatemt of physical- and chmical cross- linked foams.

Equipped with the most effective electrodes in the market - type calvatron®FLEX - and the calvatron®HUMISTOP design which ensures a problem free production even at 99% humidity, these systems are able to achive an adhesion level which elswise is only reachable with high effort (e.g by adding additional inert gases).

The specific and sensitive materials such as automotive interior foams require an acutely gentle and effective treatment without harming the surfaces.

That applies in particular for very thick foams up to 15mm or physical cross-linked foams with a low density.
Exactly for these applications the X- series showes its best potential.

The systems can be equipped with a full automatic electrode-width- and gap adjustemt as an option. The adjustments will be controlled very comfortable with a touchpanel.

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Future Perspectives & Global Challenges:
Resource Efficiency

Digitalisation of the value Chain:
Industry 4.0,
Individualised production

Product category: Surface pretreatment equipment

calvatron® coronasystems for blownfilm, CPP, OPP, BOPP, cross-linked foams and nonwoven

ML-, MX-,SX- series:

Working width:  500 - 10.000mm
Material thickness: <10µm to 12mm
Production speed up to: 400m/min
Choosable electrodes: calvatron®SEGMENT, calvatron®FLEX, calvatron®CALMET
calvatron®HUMISTOP design - Problem-free treatment even at 99% humidity
calvatron®EMBEDDED Design - Optional integration of the power output stage into the corona treater - safes space and wiering
calvatron®eGAP-smart - Fully automatic electrode gap adjustment and control
calvatron®SPLICE - Fully automatic tretament reel deviation in case of a web tear
calvatron®AB Power supply: 3 to 100kW

Geeignete Materialien:
PE, PP, CPP, OPP, BOPP, BOPET, TPO, TPU, TPE, Nonwoven, physikalisch- und chemisch vernetze Schäume, Papier

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Digitalisation of the value Chain:
Industry 4.0,
Individualised production

Product category: Surface pretreatment equipment

calvatron® coronatreatment for print- and laminating plants

NX- series

Working width: 500 - 3.500mm
Material thickness: <10µm - 3mm
Production speed: up to 800m/min
calvatron®FLEX-, calvatron®VA-, calvatron®CERAM electrodes
calvatron®EMBEDDED design - optional integration of the power output stage - saves space and wiering
calvatron®eGAP-smart - Fully automatic electrode gap adjustement and control
calvatron®SPLICE -Fully automatic deviation of the treatment reel in case of a web tear
calvatron®eDRIVE - Servodrive for treatement reel
calvatron®ABPower supply: 6 - 50kW

PE, PP, CPP, OPP, BOPP, PET, Nonwoven, Aluminium

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Digitalisation of the value Chain:
Industry 4.0,
Individualised production

Product category: Coating plant, Surface pretreatment equipment

calvasmart® Narrow- web corona system for print- and coating plants

SD- series:

One side or two side treatment
Working width: 50 - 650mm
Material thickness: <10µm - 3mm
Production speed: up to 250m/min
calvatron®QUICKCHANGEelectrode cartridge systemfor the fast change between calvatron®FLEX and CERAM electrodes
calvatron®eXHAUST suction system for the web cleaning support
calvatron®AB power supply: 1 - 6kW

PE, PP, CPP, OPP, BOPP, PET, Papier, Aluminium, Metallisierte Folien

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Future Perspectives & Global Challenges:
Resource Efficiency

Lightweight Construction:
Hybrid Materials, processes and systems

Product category: Surface pretreatment equipment

calvapro®plascomized technology for the optimised treatment of 3D shapes

The calvapro® corona and plasma methods developed by kalwar do not generate high temperatures and are ideal for the surface treatment of 3 dimesional plastic products.
Moreover, using the corona method, adhesive centres with energy storage are formed on the surface, contributing an additional effect to improve bondability further, even far beyond the scope of oxidation. There are a variety of different systems available to the customer depending on the degree of usage and the specification sheet.

kalwar worked with the automotive industry even back in the 80s.
Volkswagen was the first OEM to be supplied with systems for the corona treatment of complete PP dash supports and glove compartment fronts for the Golf and Passat. The FLEX electrode system patented by kalwar was used, which guaranteed fixed cycles of 20 seconds.
The surface tension of the PP support was raised to >56mN/m using this method, meaning there was no further need for a wet-chemical primer to bond the TPO- PU and PP.
-Absolute quality assurance -
Monitoring individual parts in sync with production processes is playing a key role for customers decision to select the calvapro® plascomized treatment system, still a unique feature in pre-treatment systems. 

High Flexibility in Combination with Large-Scale Production
Especially at changing geometries and simultaneous large-scale production the calvapro®plasmatunnel is the right choice.
This unique system allows in-line connection of production islands for simultaneous treatment of parts.

For example, the calvapro®plasmatunnel can be positioned between injection moulding and a subsequent lamination process.
The tunnel has an independent conveyor belt. Parts are positioned on this without the need for additional appliances or tools.
Since the parts need to be transferred anyway, this can also be used for surface treatment.
Defects and adhesion problems are eliminated in the process. This is because the parts are conveyed through the entire manufacture, treatment and subsequent processing stages virtually automatically and remain uncontaminated since the surfaces are not touched.

Energetic plasma combined with easier handling
When it comes to smaller numbers of pieces or easy and reliable integration into in-line systems, then the calvapro®plascojet is an excellent solution.
This high-energy plasma is potential-free and, safe to handle and able to process inert materials such as silicone or Teflon products.
In the process, the plascojet is not only used to enhance adhesion, it is also used for fine cleaning.
Oils, fats or release agents can be easily eliminated. 

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Future Perspectives & Global Challenges:
Resource Efficiency

Digitalisation of the value Chain:
Individualised production

Product category: Coating plant, Surface pretreatment equipment

calvapro® plascolab for high-tech processes and R&D

For high-technology industries like microfluidics, microelectronics, optics and research, kalwar offers proven, top-quality corona technology with the calvapro®plascolab corona systems, which has been specially designed for clean room use. The main attraction here is in the combination of different discharge systems in one plant. These devices can be configured to your requirements quickly and easily thanks to simple exchange systems and various working platforms. We are combining defined discharge systems with undefined discharge systems. By using highly precise control and sensor technology, these systems give you the basic prerequisites for optimum quality and process security. calvapro®plascolab is particularly suitable for research and product development on different substrates, but also allows for all production possibilities.

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Future Perspectives & Global Challenges:
Resource Efficiency

Product category: Coating plant

calvamat® plasticising unit for the direct recycling of the edge trim into the extrusion process

kalwar has developed a plasticising unit to optimise extrusion machines, which has a heavy-duty screw bearing in addition to a newly developed direct drive. By absorbing the produced forces in the cylinder unit, the extrusion technology is completely independent of external gear systems for the first time. The combination of extruder cylinder and screw is equipped with a completely new generation of motor drive and is easy to incorporate into diverse extruders from different manufacturers.

Important main components that were previously required for conventional units in this range are completely superfluous, which means size is optimised and you get a slim production line. Maintenance and wear are minimised by the optimised geometry of the screw and cylinder, particularly in the area of the cylinder internal surfaces and the screw, which increases productivity.

kalwar has already successfully integrated this completely new technology in part for some renowned plastics manufacturers and is a specialist in implementing connection bores on the main extruder. We also offer you user-oriented recoil systems for injecting plastics.

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Company news




Sep 15, 2016

kalwar presents innovations in corona, plasma and calvasol® functionalisation technology

At this year’s K trade fair in Düsseldorf, the kalwar group, together with Evonik’s Silanes Business Line, is presenting new functionalisation perspectives using the calvasol® process.

Fresh crunchy food looks appetising, but the appearance can be marred by condensation building up inside the plastic wrap. kalwar innovative calvasol® functionalisation systems are a logical advancement of calvatron® surface technology, and not only deliver the necessary long-term adhesion but also solve the antifog problem. Appearance counts when buying something, and brightly coloured fruit, as demonstrated by the exhibit at stand B28 in hall 6, provides the stronger arguments.

This highly effective and cost-efficient coating process is eco-friendly, significantly lowers production costs and provides a large choice of interesting functionalities. calvasol® technology not only replaces established production methods, but allows completely new products to be manufactured through the use of an intelligent combination. calvasol® also enables release and antiblock effects to be developed in close cooperation with the customer.

Further highlights are presented by the latest generations of calvasmart® and calvatron® corona systems, for activating high-quality foils, and the individual calvapro® plascomized corona and plasma systems, for treating the surface of three-dimensional plastic products.
plascomized systems are individually planned for each customer and permit extremely short cycle times of <30 seconds in conjunction with sophisticated quality surveillance.

In addition, the calvapro® plasmatunnel presents a unique plasma technology which highly activates the surfaces of three-dimensional plastic substrates, such as complete instrument panels or plastic containers, in just one throughput process.

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Jun 28, 2016

As of now CSP expands the service for calvasol® functionalisation and high tech surface activation

The R&D division for high tec products from kalwar - CSP is expanding its service. With the new pilot plant customers will profit from the quality and cost efficiant advantages of the calvasol® technology as altarnative to varnishing or coating already with short or medium size editions.

Fuctional solutions provided by CSP:

Adhesion promoting, primer (UV / long term adhesion)
Antistatic finishing

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Jun 27, 2016

kalwar showcases new narrow web corona system

Under the brand of calvasmart® kalwar introduces its new SD-11 series which is in serial production since May 2016. The declared developement goal was nothing less than to launch the best system in quality and process reliability for an excellent price- performance ratio to narrow web processes. The SD series is especially designed for OEM's of narrow web printing-, label-, and coating plants with a special focus on the pre-treatment of digital printing. However due to its slim and compact design the system is also excelent suitable for the retrofit in excisiting process lines. calvasmart® is equipped with  high- end FLEX electrodes in serial. Beneth the excellent power transmission at high line speed these electrodes ensure the perfect power transmission especially at low production speed also and ensures the consistent treatment of sensitive materials. The system concept is completed by a new extracting design which is supporting the web cleaning and nearly maintenance free electrodes.

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Jun 19, 2016

kalwar supplies the eighth NX system in EX protective design to a major automotive supplier

With the calvatron® NX- and SX series kalwar is already succesfull established in the atmospheric inline corona treatment of highly sensitive products. These includes for example extruded laminated film for the protection of varnished car bodies or high quality automotive interior products such as cross linked foams which will be laminated with extruded and embossed films to create the premium quality inside of cars.
By the use of the calvatron® FLEX- electrode technology it is possible to treat material webs from < 10mµ up to 10mm thicknes without any problems and disruption.
kalwar is very proud that one of the major automotive supplier now started up his eighth NX-series on schedule especially since this system is designed for the EX protective class 1 and effectually being approved by the German TÜV.

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About us

Company details

kalwar is at your service for the development of your products with bundled know-how from more than 50 years' experience. Since it was founded in 1965 in Halle in Westphalia Germany, kalwar has continually redeveloped the corona- and plasma technology, refining it again and
Today, kalwar is a specialist in international demand, who develops solutions for material surface treatment in cooperative partnerships with customers from diverse industries.
Our work is driven by the goal of systematically redeveloping the corona- and plasma technology and finding new applications for it. At the same time, it is a constant challenge for us to develop solutions on behalf of our customers for surface treatments offering characteristics that were not previously available.

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2,5 - 5 Mill. US $

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max. 25%

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11 - 30



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Machinery construction