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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.02  Machinery and plant for processing
  • 03.02.004  Presses
  •  Compression moulding machines and transfer moulding machines
  •  Compression and transfer moulding presses for plastics

Our products

Product category: Compression and transfer moulding presses for plastics

Flat film sheet Line for Mono- and Multilayer-films

3-layer-flat sheet film plant for manufacturing co-extruded flat films up to film width of 600mm, thickness of fim e. g. LDPE appr. 40 bis 60µ, HV appr. 5µ, PA appr. 10 bis 15µ.

Flat sheet film - Mono layer

Extrusion plant for producing flat sheet films made of PS, PP, PET - film width by prior agreement, picture from right to left: extruder with screw diameter 100mm, calender with 3 cooling rolls, chill-roll, take-off, winder for wind up edge trims

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Product category: Compression and transfer moulding presses for plastics

other Extrusion lines

Special blown film extrusion for food packaging

Extrusion line for manufacturing biaxially oriented and stretched formed tubular films for food packaging especally for sausage casings, calibration medium paraffin or air, view on warm and cooling bath, extruder with die head

filled sausage casing made of PE-HV-PA

Pipe extrusion line

Plain ended pipe (single-component pipe) or bonded pipe line (two- or multi-componente pipe)

Cable And Wire Covering Plant

Extrusion and co-extrusion plants for wire and cable covering with up to 25mm diameter, extruder type HBM, screw, diameter 45mm, die / co-extrusion die and cooling bath, take-off unit, winder with traction power regulated dancer

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Product category: Compression and transfer moulding presses for plastics

Single Screw Extruder

Screw Diameter 25-150mm

We are manufacturing extruder - ready to operate according to customers request for processing plastics as PE, PA, PP, PET, PMMA PVC or special types of plastics. Based on our high in-house production depth it is possible to manufacture many types of special extruder for vertical and horizontal processing - main sizes are from 25 up to 150mm srew diameter. OF course extruders are available with further diameter after consultation with the customer.

Laboratory Extruder
Our laboratory extruder have been well-proven and tested for years. They were in the field for research and development of new products in different companies. We manufacture laboratory extruder for different fields of application. � just depending on our costumer�s request.

Micro-Extruder for medical-technical applications
Micro-Extruder for the production of operation threads - Screw Diameter 8mm

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Product category: Compression and transfer moulding presses for plastics

Film-Blowing-Line for Mono- and Multilayer films

3-layer film blowing plant for manufacturing tubes of 3-layer-film made of LDPE-AD-PA, 2 extruders with screw diameter 45 mm for processing PA und LDPE, 1 extruder with screw diameter 25 mm for extruding middle layer of AD, winder with automatic roll-change function for continuous operation.

Blown Film Line Coex-PE 3-layer

Blown Film Line for the production of co-extruded 3-layer polyethylene film, web lay-flat width up to 1600mm, film with marginal micro-perforation for packing fluids or goods of low viscosity

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About us

Company details

Plastic Processing Machinery with tradition
When re-establishing the Maschinenbau Heilsbronn GmbH in 1998 - after an existence of nearly 40 years under the name HBM Maschinenbau GmbH - all staff, machinery and customers were taken over. The major business areas construction and service of extrusion units for plastic transformation and special machineshave been retained and steadily enlarged.

The focus on our business is the individual customer reqiurement. The more individual it is the bigger the challenge is for us. We work according to DIN ISO 9000/9001 to guarantee our quality and to assure repeatability of all operations in our administrative and product departments.

Our customers, who are settled worldwide, appreciate our competence in construction of extrusion units and special machines. They also benefit from long-time experience in plastic technology. The functional and solid construction of our machines assures an ideal cost/performance ratio in accordance with the high requirements of our customers.

We are convinced that the production site Germany will continue to play a major role in global business. Therefore we are investing consciously in know-how, staff and machinery.

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