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Product category: Nozzles


The SFDR-unit (Static Flexible Deformable Ring) replaces the solid core. A solid core had to be metal cutting profiled to reach a wall thickness distribution around the circumference. This profiling gets easier and reproducible by the use of a SFDR-unit.

Easier, because the profiling can be done with adjustment screws and has not to be done difficultly with a grinding machine.

Reproducible, because the adjustment of the screws can be changed as often as needed.

This has two advantages: The profiling can be changed at any time during trials with a product. That’s not possible with a mechanical profiling. The other advantage is the adjustment to changes in the production. Corrections because of different used materials or a profiling for a completely different product can be made easy and fast.

The SFDR-unit can help with another factor: The setup time reduction.

It takes some time to exchange a complete core, respectively SFDR-unit. To save this loss of production, the exchangeable inserts were developed. This is a component with a pre-adjusted ring of screws, which allows the direct change of the profiling.

The technology of changeable inserts is worthwhile, because especially for blow moulded standard products it is typical to produce the same vessel with different weights and materials, respectively similar hollow bodies with the same diameter.

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Product category: Nozzles


In the following, the most effective radial wall thickness control, the Partial Wall ThicknessDistribution System, shortly called PWDS, will be explained. It allows to dynamically influence the radial die gap over the length of the parison with respective given profile curves.

The heart of the PWDS-System is the dynamic flexible die ring which is moved so far by two servo-hydraulic actuators. PWDS-Systems with two actuators are the most sold PWDS-Systems. Each PWDS-actuator gets connected to a separate control circuit of the machine control. Due to that it is possible to move the actuators independently by different wall thickness profiles. Because of that symmetrical and asymmetrical deformation of the die ring as well as its shifting and also any random combination of these movements can be adjusted to manipulate the die gap. Here the PWDS works in sync with the axial wall thickness control AWDS which affects the parison in its longitudinal direction.

Today a wide range of different designs are available due to consistent development of the PWDS-Systems:

PWDS-Systems for symmetrical deformation with one deformation axis,
PWDS-Systems for symmetrical and asymmetrical deformation with one deformation axis,
PWDS-Systems for symmetrical and asymmetrical deformation with two deformation axes,
PWDS-Systems for symmetrical and asymmetrical deformation with one deformation axis and one shifting axis.

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Product category: Nozzles


A safe production requires:

- to preserve the once optimized status permanently.

- to position the wall thickness of the parison from shot to shot depending its destination in the blown article.

To be able to ensure all this, the WDLS (Wall Thickness Position Control) was developed.

Its task is to adjust the position of the wall thickness profile in regard to the blown article and keeping the wall thickness distribution and additionally the net weight of the blown article constantly in narrow limits.

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About us

Company details

The company Feuerherm was established in the year 1977 by Dipl.-Ing. Harald Feuerherm. On the basis of his invention of a system to influence the wall thickness of plastic hollow bodies around there circumference, Mr. Feuerherm started his own business.

Until today his PWDS/SFDR is the best-selling radial wall thickness system for blow moulded hollow bodies and more than 900 units are used worldwide. The possible savings in cycle time, production costs and material costs make the product PWDS/SFDR and the company Feuerherm attractive for many manufacturers.

Today in almost every field of plastic-blow moulding, a combination of PWDS and SFDR, which can reach an average of 10% saving of material and cycle time, is available due to the consistent development of the well proven systems.

Today the family business Feuerherm, which consists of the engineering office Harald Feuerherm and the company Elke Feuerherm, has 11 employees and is actively working with three generations for innovative solutions for the blow moulding industry.
Experience makes the difference
For more than 30 years the name Feuerherm stands for systems to increase productivity and profitability in extrusion blow moulding. Today PWDS, SFDR and WDLS have become synonyms for optimal wall thickness and safe and profitable production processes in blow moulding.

 This, for more than three decades, lasting experience enables us to provide the optimal design of the system in tune with the application as well as the best possible support for the set-up and process optimisation.

 For every application the perfect combination of PWDS and SFDR can be put together from  currently 10 PWDS versions (patents worldwide until 2019) and 8 SFDR models (patents valid worldwide until 2019). For the production of blow moulded hollow bodies in all levels of difficulties PWDS/SFDR systems are available in a diameter range from Æ80mm up to Æ 675mm. The user can choose the optimal diameter for his application from a fine graded grid of PWDS/SFDR diameters.

 Due to continuous development of our proven systems, the company Feuerherm gives the user an adaptable concept to be able to meet the changing requirements of the market.

 That PWDS/SFDR-Systems are field-proven and reliable systems for radial wall thickness control is underlined by the fact that depending on the application Feuerherm gives a guarantee of minimum 5 years and up to 10 years on the lifetime of the flexible die ring (DFDR).

 Reducing the set up time was a topic for company Feuerherm long before it came into fashion. For almost ten years now SFDR-units with exchangeable inserts (patent pending worldwide till 2019) have permitted a fast adaptation of the core tool to changing requirements (e.g. change of product or material) within minutes.

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