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  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.10  Additives
  • 01.10.002  Additives, other

Additives, other

  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.10  Additives
  • 01.10.015  Antimony trioxide
  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.10  Additives
  • 01.10.028  Fire protection agents

Fire protection agents

  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.10  Additives
  • 01.10.098  Smoke density reductioners

Smoke density reductioners

Our products

Product category: Additives, other

Bromine & Intermediates

Great Lakes Solutions is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of bromine and bromine intermediates. With access to the world's two main sources of bromine and significant ongoing investment in our bromine ISO tank fleet and maintenance capacity, Great Lakes Solutions is truly a leading global supplier.

Bromine and bromine based intermediates serve as building blocks for developing and engineering highly complex organic molecules that meet specific performance, environmental and quality requirements. Bromine and its intermediates are utilized in many industries including flame retardants, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, butyl rubber, polymers and biocides.  

Innovative Solutions
Our expertise in bromine and bromine based chemicals, both in the lab and in full scale production, is built on a foundation of over 60 years of innovation and continuous improvement. Our state of the art, dedicated technology center is staffed by a growing team of highly experienced scientists skilled in a wide array of synthetic methods and chemical manufacturing processes.

We also operate, multi-purpose, flexible pilot facilities that enable us to readily scale up new products and processes from grams to tonnes before the commitment to full scale production. While primarily focused on providing the highest quality and most reliable bromine and brominated intermediate products, our technology team also provides custom synthesis and process development services to customers seeking a development partner.

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Product category: Antimony trioxide

GeoBrom® Mercury Control Solutions

GeoBrom®: The Choice for Coal-Fired Boiler Operations to Reduce Mercury Emissions
The world requires clean and sustainable energy that meets the needs of the present without compromising future generations.  Great Lakes Solutions' line of GeoBrom® brominated derivative products are part of the solution; a new technology to efficiently remove toxic mercury emissions from coal-fired boilers and power plant installations.

For the last 10 years, Great Lakes Solutions has focused on a “Greener is Better” approach to product development, with attention to manufacturing and new product introductions that help protect and improve the environment. The GeoBrom® product line is among the latest offerings under Great Lakes Solutions’ “Greener is Better” umbrella of products, in response to the global need to cut mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants and boilers.

Full-scale tests carried out at coal-fired power plants have shown that inorganic brominated derivatives are effective in oxidizing mercury into species that are more easily captured on sorbents, in flue gas desulfurization scrubbers and in electrostatic precipitator units. The bromine derivatives are added to the coal prior to, or after, pulverization; to the combustion zone in the boiler; or to the flue-gas upstream of the remediation controls. Removal efficiencies of up to 90 percent have been demonstrated with these types of technologies.

Other studies have shown that inorganic brominated derivatives can be used to produce halogenated activated carbon that is injected into the flue downstream from the boiler to oxidize and capture the mercury on the sorbent. This technology has also been demonstrated to remove up to 90 percent of the mercury from the power plant units burning coal fuel.

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Product category: Fire protection agents

Flame Retardants

For close to a century, we have helped our customers by providing a broad portfolio of flame retardant products and solutions. We offer a variety of new products that offer exceptional performance along with greener characteristics leading to enhanced long-term sustainability.

Great Lakes Solutions, a Chemtura business, is a leading global producer of flame retardants, which reduce or eliminate the flammability of a wide variety of combustible materials. Our additives help stop fire before it starts by resisting ignition and slowing the rate of combustion.

Our flame retardants are used in a wide variety of applications, including flexible and rigid foams, fabrics and furniture, auto interiors and under the hood, circuit boards and electrical connectors, computer cabinetry and wiring in building and construction, to name a few.

Our leading products include the Emerald Innovation™ Series, Firemaster® bromine-based flame retardants; Kronitex®, Reofos® phosphorus-based flame retardants; Fyrebloc® flame retardants; Fireshield® LSFR, Ongard®, Oncor®, Pyrobloc®, Smokebloc®, Thermoguard® / Timonox® / Trutint® antimony-based flame retardants / synergists; PetCat® antimony-based catalysts.

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Company news




Aug 29, 2016

Great Lakes Solutions Invests in New, Global Flame Retardant R&D and Applications Development Laboratories

PHILADELPHIA, PA., August 29, 2016 -- Great Lakes Solutions, a business of Chemtura Corporation (NYSE and Euronext:CHMT), announces the completion of its new, global center of excellence for flame retardant research and development and applications development at the Nudenberg-Wheeler Technology Research Campus in Naugatuck, Connecticut, USA.  Having opened on August 1, 2016, these laboratories house state of the art equipment for organic synthesis, flame retardant testing, physical property testing, chemical analysis, and process development. These new facilities reinforce Great Lakes Solutions’ commitment to fire safety, the development of innovative, new products, and customer collaboration and support.

The custom built facility has been designed not only for efficiency, with close alignment of interaction between synthesis and applications scientists, but also for synergy between the Great Lakes Solutions chemists and engineers  and those of Chemtura’s Petroleum Additives and Urethanes businesses, who are co-located on the Naugatuck R&D campus. 

The applications areas include not only small scale bench top extrusion, injection molding and combustion testing equipment for the rapid formulation of new, exploratory flame retardants, but also large scale extruders and molding equipment for formulation improvement and new applications of existing products.  The testing area services all of the necessary mechanical and burn performance tests for new and existing products, and the unsurpassed analytical instrumentation provides required data regarding polymer structure, small molecule composition and interactions thereof.

“Naugatuck is the primary global R&D location for Chemtura” explains Dr. Dave Sikora, Global Director, Chemical Technology.  “Locating the new flame retardant laboratories at this research campus will accelerate innovation for our customers through the collective wealth of technical expertise, knowledge and experience of all our scientists.  We look forward to partnering with our key flame retardant customers and leveraging our multiple, diverse chemical disciplines to solve their most pressing problems.” 

Great Lakes Solutions, a Chemtura business, is a global and innovative leader in safe and cost-efficient flame retardant products and solutions and brominated performance products.
Additional information concerning the business is available at

Chemtura Corporation
Chemtura Corporation, with 2015 sales of $1.7 billion, is a global manufacturer and marketer of specialty chemicals.
Additional information concerning Chemtura is available at

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About us

Company details

About Great Lakes Solutions
The Great Lakes Solutions of today is the culmination of many decades of hard work, innovation and lessons learned, resulting in a business that is positioned to be our customers' preferred partner for their bromine and phosphorus flame retardant and brominated performance product needs, both today and far into the future.

We provide materials and services for use in electronics, electrical components, building and construction, fine chemicals, agriculture, power generation, transportation, water treatment, the oil and gas industry and more. Great Lakes Solutions is dedicated to providing flame retardants, bromine and bromine derivatives that are the most innovative and reliable while minimizing the impact on our environment and human health.

For close to a century, we have helped our customers to meet their current needs with a broad portfolio of products and solutions. We are proud of our history, and look forward to helping our customers meet future performance, safety and compliance requirements by refining and redefining our portfolio with new and improved products that maximize sustainability. Our passion to be the best partner to our customers dictates that we deliver solutions that improve the safety of consumer products and enhance production efficiency while keeping a constant focus on sustainability.

Positioned for the Future
Our management team is experienced and committed, and our business is strong and tied to the same principles as when the Company was first established.

Great Lakes Solutions has financial strength and the support of our parent company, and we have aggressive goals for growth. To achieve this growth, we will continue to make sound investments and attract top talent. We will also continue to add innovative, new products to meet market needs while upholding the highest standards of health and safety. However, we realize that producing good products isn't enough. We listen to and partner with our customers to develop solutions that fit their particular needs and also provide a variety of services including a range of programs targeted toward:

Training in Chemical handling
Product Stewardship
Product Advocacy
Optimization of Supply Chains
Process Safety Management
Because we listen to our customers, we are in an excellent position to develop new products and new services. This also puts us in a position to know what customers need in terms of compliance with regulators and advocacy programs. But what really makes Great Lakes Solutions the superior company we are today is our people. We continue to attract and retain the most experienced people in the industry. We continually invest in our people and have assembled a global, world-class team of professionals starting with senior management and running throughout all levels of our organization.

Great Lakes Solutions builds on our strong heritage and is well-positioned to deliver solutions that perform to your needs, but that also improve the safety of consumer products and enhance production efficiency while keeping a constant focus on sustainability.

We are committed to strong performance—for ourselves and for our customers—and to providing for the safety of our employees, our customers and their customers, as well as meeting industry and environmental sustainability standards and goals. The areas of performance, safety and sustainability permeate our organization and are closely related to make Great Lakes Solutions the business it is today.

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