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  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
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  • 03.07.001  Process control technique
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Computer software services

  • 04  Services for the plastics and rubber industrie
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Science and consulting

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Product category: Computer software services

Injection Molding Guide

In the plastics processing industry the sampling process is often regarded as a secondary issue. However, the sampling process is the base for an economic injection molding process.

The IMG Injection Molding Guide is an innovative industry solution with modular architecture.

Developed from the practitioner for the practitioner. Tailored to all needs and requirements for companies in the field of injection molding technology.

The IMG supports you with a systematic approach and guides you through the sampling process of molds as well as through the optimization of an injection molding process.

With the help of an intuitive and guiding user interface, checklists and templates, the employees who are involved in the sampling process are quickly led to a stable process point in the middle of a process window that is as large as possible.

For a fast performance of the sampling process with an effective reduction of problems, time and cost, a MySQL database is in place. Within that database a variety of information such as plastics, machines, peripherals, process parameters and much more can be stored.

All information based on the internal database as well as the contents of the IMG are protected by password.

Through the structured and analytical approach of the IMG, the entire sampling or optimization process can be documented without any gaps.

Advantages and benefits of the IMG-Injection Molding Guide

• Reduction of execution times and costs
• Increased process reliability and quality
• Consistent and simple usability
• Program execution can be individually expanded (eg checklists)
• Professional document management
• Workflow management (common and centralized handling and information exchange for all process steps in the company).
• Program can be changed from German to English language with one click
• A learning software with specially protected databases
• Integrated calculation operations for fast process assessment and optimization
• Your own documents / templates can be individually integrated into the program
• Many links between data ensure fast documentation
• important documents can be obtained in PDF format
• Images, texts and photos can be integrated
• Sampling data sets can be quickly provided by email when generated in external sampling trials, for example abroad in China
• IMG can be used for data transfer by any member of a project, for documentation and communication or activities/actions
• An automatically updated project status quickly shows all open tasks and actions and their actual implementation status
• A self-generated life cycle for tool and moldings gives an overview of all activities/actions that have been carried out in the project
• and much more...


Integrated guide functions:
The guide will lead you through all the steps of the sampling and optimization process with instructions and support offerings.

Injection Molding Doctor®:
A doctor for a fast and systematic defect detection with purposeful definitions of tasks and optimization strategies.

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Product category: Software, Computer software services, Science and consulting


Designers, engineers and analysts improve plastic parts, injection molds and manufacturing processes with Autodesk Moldflow injection simulation.

Autodesk Moldflow helps to avoid potential product defects and assists to bring innovative products to the market more quickly.

Autodesk Moldflow Adviser helps to identify, communicate, and resolve any manufacturing defects at an earlier stage in the entire product creation process with a broad range of functions.

Autodesk Moldflow Insight provides detailed validation and optimization of plastic parts and injection molds as well as analyzes of current injection molding processes. Leading manufacturers use Autodesk Moldflow Insight to reduce costly tool rework and reduce the number of physical prototypes. Autodesk Moldflow Insight provi

des qualitative and quantitative analysis procedures for a huge range of different injection molding technologies and material types. This also includes impeccable data exchange with all relevant CAD systems and the capability for integration into the important PLM systems.
Autodesk Moldflow Synergy is the graphical user interface for Autodesk Moldflow Insight. In addition to the functions of analysis preparation and execution, it offers easy-to-use wizards for the creation of multiple cavities, gate systems, cooling circuits, mold boundaries and inserts.

Autodesk Helius PFA provides easy-to-use functions to transform complex meshes with variable material properties between Moldflow and Ansys or Abaqus.

ComputerComplett ASCAD offers:

- Sales of the entire Moldflow product range including Helius for the mesh transformation to FEM programs

- Training for specialists, project managers and developers

- Consulting by our specialists with decades of experience in development, simulation and production of plastic parts

- Support by use of a tracking system with guaranteed response times by our experienced support engineers.

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About us

Company details

ComputerKomplett ASCAD develops IT strategies to optimize your company’s product creation processes and maximize value creation at all stages of the product life cycle.

The simulation of the injection process of plastic parts is an important point in the development process.

ComputerKomplett ASCAD is a specialized sales partner of Autodesk for the Moldflow product family and for the Helius transformation product for meshes and mechanical properties.

Experts with decades of Moldflow experience are available for advice and support.

ComputerKomplett ASCAD is the only Autodesk sales partner to advice on the entire product design process from design to simulation, tooling and production, supported by PLM and ERP systems.

For the sampling of injection molds and the optimization of the injection molding process, ComputerKomplett ASCAD presents the world novelty Injection Molding Guide.

ComputerKomplett ASCAD offers all essential systems for the design of plastic parts, the tool design, the simulation with Autodesk Moldflow and the production optimization with Injection Molding Guide.

ComputerKomplett ASCAD offers:

- Sales of the entire Autodesk Moldflow product family, including Helius, for the mapping of  mechanical properties to the FEM programs Ansys or Abaqus

- Sales of Injection Molding Guide

- Training for specialists, project managers and developers

- Consulting by our specialists with decades of experience in development, simulation and production of plastic parts

- Support by use of a tracking system with guaranteed response times by our experienced support engineers.

- Integration of Autodesk Moldflow into the PLM systems Teamcenter, Windchill and SAP / PLM

Further information:

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