Riverdale Global UK Limited

Unit 5 Easter Court Europa Boulevard, Westbrook, WA5 7ZB Warrington
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Telephone +44 1925 717321
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  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.10  Additives
  • 01.10.054  Liquid dyes

Our products

Product category: Liquid dyes


To achieve the highest quality colors, we blend our colors from pre-milled SPDs. Riverdale has made color this way for more than 30 years. Colors blended from SPDs are stronger, brighter, and assure consistent quality for better repeatability and performance. The SPD process assures the highest possible color quality.
SPDs are quality controlled to assure uniform blends worldwide. Produced at one location from "single source" pigments, then shipped worldwide to our blending satellites, SPDs allow us to provide colors that are consistent and repeatable regardless of customer's plant locations. "Single Source" pigments ensure the identical color can be reproduced anywhere in the world.
SPDs for quality in-house coloring. Companies that wish to develop their own color blends in house can now do so easily with Riverdale SPDs. Colors blended from Riverdale's pre-milled SPDs are stronger, brighter, and assure consistent quality.
Riverdale offers hundreds of pigments as well as multiple carrier systems. Riverdale will select the best pigment and carrier system for your process and application. No one offers a wider choice of solutions for your process demands.

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Product category: Liquid dyes


We can pre-blend additives with your color, or use separately. Pre-blending the additives with your color assures they are metered into the process at correct rates. If you see the color, you know the additives are in the product.

Our +GlobalPlus™ sealed additives allow for low and precise metering rates, improved dispersion, all while satisfying your sustainable objectives. These include less resin per part, better product recyclability, and energy savings.

+GlobalPlus™ sealed additives can also be used to improve your manufacturing process. They can speed up cycle time, remove sink marks, as well as make part assembly easier.

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Product category: Liquid dyes


Riverdale Global's proprietary, Sealed Color™ technology in milling, metering, and maintaining color brings our customers all the savings and sustainability benefits of liquid without the mess. Liquid provides higher color loading, improved recyclability, faster cycle times, less torque, lower temperatures, energy savings, and reduced warehouse space. We also offer a proprietary blend of natural carriers.

We provide a sustainable, RETURN for REFILL service for empty containers when an order is placed for the same color. Color remaining in an "empty" container is returned to you with each refill. You save when every drop is used. Containers no longer go to your local landfill, helping you achieve your goal of Zero Waste. "Gaylord" style containers are eliminated.
Obsolete colors may be returned to Riverdale Global, which we then direct to an EPA approved disposal facility. There is no mark up for this service; it is available at the cost charged by the outside facility. Quotes upon request.

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About us

Company details


Riverdale Color and Maguire Products have combined nearly a century of experience serving the plastics industry to form Riverdale Global.

Riverdale Global brings something truly new to the Plastics Industry- the opportunity to finally enjoy the economy of liquid color in a clean, sealed delivery system that yields substantial savings and sustainability for our customers.

Riverdale Color has supplied liquid color to the plastics industry for more than 45 years. Years of experiences, and our highly skilled staff are why Riverdale consistently out performs competitors in both color development and performance. Equipment is designed, manufactured, and supported by Maguire Products, exclusively for Riverdale Global. Maguire's reputation in the plastics industry is unmatched. Maguire's level of reliability, performance, quality and service is your assurance that your delivery system is the best available.

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