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Our products

Product category: Granulates


Product name:

• trade name - liquid ammonia synthetic,

• name in the IUPAC Nomenclature – ammonia,

• trade name in English- liquid ammonia synthetic,​

• trade name in French - ammoniac liquide synthetique,

• trade name in German - Ammoniak flussig synthetisch.

Degree of purity:

• Technical


• Liquid

Chemical formula:

• molecular: NH3,

• molecular weight: 17,0304 (1977r).

In accordance with Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 of the European Parliament and The Council of the 18 December 2006 concerning Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) ammonia shall be registered. Registered of ammonia is required.


Liquid ammonia synthetic is used in chemical industry, mainly in production of nitrate fertilizers, and/or refrigeration and metallurgy.

Technical requirements:

• Form: colourless liquid, acrid in smell,

• Ammonia content, % (m/m): not less than 99,85,

• Dry residue after vaporization, % (m/m): max 0,15.

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Product category: Granulates

Granulated Caustic Soda

Granulated Caustic Soda is manufactured from soda lye under a Swiss license from BERTRAMS. Owing to its parameters, it is convenient for bulk shipments and transport. It is also safer and more hygienic in handling:

• low hygroscopicity (spherical shape gives the smallest surface per unit of weight),

• low caking tendency (the smallest surface per unit of weight reduces the contact between particles to a minimum thus reducing the possibility of agglomeration),

• low dustability (spherical shape is resistant to crushing, does not crack or break as a result of vibration during transport);

• high internal strength (minimized occurrence of chippings),

• low chute angle (the products travels along the surface by itself without being pushed out),

• very good water solubility (homogeneous mixture).

Packaging and transportation:

• Granulated caustic soda is available in bags of 25 kg and in the so-called big-bags of 1000kg.

• Granulated caustic soda transportation is subject to ADR and RID regulations.

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Product category: Granulates

Caustic soda lye

Caustic Soda Lye is manufactured under the license of the German company "UHDE GmbH" (membrane method).

Sodium hydroxide is one of the basic chemical raw materials and it is used in nearly all branches of industry. It is used as raw material (sodium carrier) in a variety of syntheses in the production of surface active ionic agents, in pharmaceutical industry (in the production of aspirin, salicylic acid, sulfaniloamids, among others), for aluminium winning in bauxite processing, for extracting water-glass from silica, in the production of fats and soaps, and in a number of other organic and non-organic syntheses.

The material has also found wide application as a supportive material in cellulose - paper industry, used for pulp bleaching. It is used for bleaching, dyeing and dye fixing in textile and viscose industries, and also for crude oil processing in oil refining procedures, in petrochemical processes, in synthetic dye manufacturing, in the processing of liquid products of coking, in industrial-purpose water conditioning, in sewage treatment, in food industry (at dairies, breweries, meat processing and sugar factories) as a cleansing and disinfecting agent.

Basic packaging
Railway tanks of about 50 ton carrying capacity

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Product category: Granulates

POLANVIL S polyvinyl chloride is a flagship ANWIL product

POLANVIL S polyvinyl chloride is a flagship ANWIL product.

It combines advanced Japanese technology by SHIN ETSU and unique ANWIL care to maintain the highest production standards. A stripping plant removing the unreacted vinyl chloride, a computer aided production control and reactor size with high production repeatability are a guarantee of the highest product quality.

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Product category: Granulates



Dielectric properties of cable compounds (POLWINIT), its thermal resistance and good mechanical properties make it an ideal material for insulation and sheathing cables and conductors.

The plasticized compounds, can be used for both extrusion and injection moulding process for many applications like for example soft strips, furniture profiles, wires coating  and others.

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Product category: Granulates


RIGID ANWIDUR® sheets are manufactured by ANWIL.

Excellent plastic surface properties of ANWIDUR® sheets make them ideal for heat treatment, varnish and film application. ANWIDUR® sheets have a hygiene certificate for contact with drinking water and a Health Quality Certificate.

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Product category: Granulates


ANWIPOR® sheets are manufactured by ANWIL using a free foaming extrusion process and feature a regular, closed-cell internal structure and smooth, hard surface.

ANWIPOR® sheets are an ideal substrate for printing, varnishing and film application.

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Product category: Granulates


RIGID PVC COMPOUNDS AND BLENDS from ANWIL are perfect material for manufacture of various profiles and strips because of very good extrudability and good mechanical properties.  

When producing fittings for different systems, rigid injection moulding compound seems to be indispensable. The low weight of final product  can be reached by using foamed compounds or blends.

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About us

Company details

ANWIL S.A. is one of the biggest companies in Kujawsko-Pomorskie region and the country’s leading one in the area of Great Chemical Synthesis. This is the only Polish producer of suspension polyvinyl chloride and also one of the major producers of nitrogenous fertilizers and other chemicals.

For 50 years ANWIL has strengthened its position on both domestic and foreign markets largely through the quality of its products, customer care and striving for constant development. In drive to ensure a long-term growth the company has been pursuing the policy of balanced development by implementing the „Responsible Care” programme and the environmental management system, quality management system as well as just implemented processing and work safety management system which help to wed business activity with the environment protection.

The course of the Company’s development and activities undertaken in ANWIL S.A. have won wide recognition supported by numerous awards and honours of which the most prestigious are: Business Innovation Award 2015 of Polish Market and the title of „The best exporter in Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship” honoured by the Polish national daily Rzeczpospolita and the Ministry of Economy. ANWIL S.A. has gained in 2015 also a CSR Leader title in the „Diamonds of Polish Chemistry”  competition organised by Executive Club and a consultative company PwC Poland.

ANWIL S.A. is a part of PKN ORLEN S.A. Capital Group – the largest and the most modern industrial group in Poland.

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