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Our products

Product category: Apparatus and parts

Alupress Alucore Cots Tube

The Rubber cots manufacturer are using Aluminium Precision Drawn Tube as a core to make Alucore cots.

The advantages using Aluminium tube as a core is :

Dimensional Stability
Permanent Grip on Spindle
Higher life
Ease of mounting and demounting
Excellent ductility of Aluminium material
Consistent quality of Yarn through out life of cot
The following sizes of Aluminium tubes are available which are used to make Alucore cots.

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Product category: Apparatus and parts

Cops, Bobbins, Pirn for Yarn Winding Steel Cops, Bobbins

SAMRUDDHI ENGINEERING an ISO 9001 : 2000 certified company from RWTUV Certificate of Germany, is India's prominent exporter of Aluminum and Steel Cops. All these cops are manufactured with the state of the Art Technology. Being one of Siddhi Group Company, Samruddhi Engineering could establish quality from the very first day of production. As a result of constant quest for quality it became the largest Indian manufacturer exporter of Cop / Bobbins / Pirns since its inception. The Cops offered by Samruddhi Engineering are equivalent to any other Cops from World's leading suppliers either from Europe, Japan or Korea.

The Cops are used for Draw Twister. Two-for-one Twister or Rewinding machine. The Cops are available in various sizes and specifications as per the requirement of Textile Yarn Spinners, Tyre Cord Yarn and Fish Net Yarn manufacturers

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Product category: Apparatus and parts

ABS Plastic Sleeves, Tubes, Rods & Profile

SAMRUDDHI ENGINEERING engaged in manufacturing ABS antistatic Sleeves for Cops has commenced its operation in 1993. Company was producing good quality sleeves and started exporting sleeves from the very first year as a supporting manufacturer of Siddhi Engineers.

Company has captured very good market in India & started exporting ABS antistatic sleeves to South East Asia in 1996. Now company has started manufacturing ABS Tubes, pipes ranging from out side diameter 6 mm to 160 mm, thickness from 1 mm to 6 mm & length may be as per customer requirement but maximum up to 6 meters, for easy transportation. Company also produces ABS Rods up to 50 mm diameter. As ABS is an engineering plastics, Machine work like turning, drilling, milling, shaping etc. is possible as can be done on metal. Even Electroplating is also possible.
ABS has good inherent properties such as :

Good resistant to diluted organic acids bases and salts
Excellent impact strength
Good thermal properties
Non conductive, nontoxic.
Can be used at sub zero temperatures up to -40° C and pressure up to 9 bar to 15 bar (85 lbs/in2) depending upon temperature.
ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) Tubes


Size Range :Outside Diameter : 15mm to 165 mm
Thickness : 1 mm to 7 mm
Length : Upto 6 Meter
UV Stabilized, Antistatic, Fire Retardant Grade available.

Applications :Antenna
Chilled Water Pipes
Vacuum blow gun

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About us

Company details

Siddhi Group started its journey in the year of 1988 with strong vision and innovative approach to growth. Perfection in process and adherence to quality products enabled us to enjoy fast growth and development. They soon marked strong foot print in international market and became one of the leading suppliers of Aluminum Precision Drawn tube with more than 14 different alloys as product portfolio.

Aluminum Precision tube Drawing is a process including various steps. We at Siddhi Group put our efforts in adding value at each process and thus making the entire manufacturing process extremely almost a zero defect process. Core steps involved in the process are:

Passing of tube through die and plug
Reducing dimensional variations
Improving surface finishing
Improving mechanical strength
Reducing diameter as well as thickness of tube

Along with our standardized products, we also strongly support customization of our products as per client’s requirements. We have developed several new Aluminum Tubes as special requirements from our clients, a few of them are:

Pneumatic Cylinder barrel
Alupress, Alucore cots
Roller Tube
Telescopic tube for mast
General Engineering Applications

We aspire to be one of the most preferred solution providers for Aluminum Precision Drawn tubes all across the globe. Our focus on research & development and quality management are our back bone support to reach our goals. We also have hired best talent pool available in the industry to give best products to our clients.

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