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This company is co-exhibitor of
TEKU GmbH Fluorkunststoffe


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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.01  Thermoplastics
  • 01.01.070  Polyetheretherketone (PEEK)

Polyetheretherketone (PEEK)

  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.01  Thermoplastics
  • 01.01.097  Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)

  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.01  Thermoplastics
  • 01.01.098  Polytrifluorochloroethylene (PCTFE)

Polytrifluorochloroethylene (PCTFE)

  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.01  Thermoplastics
  • 01.01.114  Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF)

Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF)

  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.01  Thermoplastics
  • 01.01.127  Tetrafluoroethylene/perfluoroalkylvinylether copolymers (PFA)

Tetrafluoroethylene/perfluoroalkylvinylether copolymers (PFA)

  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.01  Thermoplastics
  • 01.01.128  Tetrafluoroethylene/perfluoropropylene copolymers (FEP)

Tetrafluoroethylene/perfluoropropylene copolymers (FEP)

  • 02  Semi-finished products,parts and reinforced plastics
  • 02.04  Product groups
  • 02.04.001  Semi finished products
  •  Semi finished products of polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE)

Semi finished products of polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE)

  • 02  Semi-finished products,parts and reinforced plastics
  • 02.04  Product groups
  • 02.04.003  Technical parts
  •  Parts from engineering plastics

Parts from engineering plastics

  • 02  Semi-finished products,parts and reinforced plastics
  • 02.05  Products
  • 02.05.011  Sealings/Sealrings


  • 02  Semi-finished products,parts and reinforced plastics
  • 02.05  Products
  • 02.05.016  Bellows, expansible

Bellows, expansible

  • 02  Semi-finished products,parts and reinforced plastics
  • 02.05  Products
  • 02.05.050  Parts for pumps

Parts for pumps

  • 02  Semi-finished products,parts and reinforced plastics
  • 02.05  Products
  • 02.05.068  Technical films

Technical films

Our products

Product category: Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)

Polytetrafluorethylen (PTFE)

The molecular structure of PTFE is similar to a long chain of carbon atoms which are completely “protected” from fluorine atoms which by their nature reject any interaction with other atoms, this particular molecular structure determines a series of chemical and physical characteristics which are of great interest in the industrial field.

Total chemical inertia (except for alkaline metals in melted state and fluorine)
Biocompatibility and suitability on contact with foodstuffs (FDA Cert.)
Non-adhesive (but with the possibility of making the product adhesive using the correct treatment)
Extremely low friction coefficient
Totally waterproof
Excellent electrical insulation
Excellent resistance to ageing (even under UV rays)
Good heat insulation
Very wide range of operating temperatures
Excellent tool workability

The already excellent performance of PTFE can be further modified with the addition of the correct fillers which improve one or more properties intrinsic to polymer itself going as far as, where required by the final application, modifying the colour, the mechanical characteristics and even the electrical behaviour. The constant monitoring of the productive process of its usual standards, but also the research and development of customized formulations designed to satisfy even the most demanding requests, is guaranteed by the presence in the company team of an independent specialized structure in the pre-treatment of resins just as in the production of the compounds.

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About us

Company details

Born from experience. Fluorseals was founded in 1976 by a group of PTFE specialists with a good twenty years of experience in the transformation of this extraordinary polymer.

It has constantly developed and renewed the finished and semi-finished product production area over the years with cutting edge plant and today it is distribution leader in all world markets.

Excellence, flexibility, attention towards the client and the environment are the main guidelines in which the Fluorseals team believe today as they did in the past.

The Fluorseals quality philosophy finds its roots in the long experience it has gained in the service of an exacting and qualified client base and expresses itself through fully respecting established operating procedures.

The achievement and maintenance of high qualitative levels is the constant objective of a work group which is strongly integrated and which has been operating with the management system of the ISO 9001 quality certification since 1994.

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