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Product category: Extrusion lines for blown film

IBC Control System

D. R. Joseph, Inc. provides the latest in Internal Bubble Cooling (IBC) Control Systems.
Our latest 3rd Generation IBC system can improve production rates 25 to 50% when adding IBC control to a blown film
line, and 8‐15% in production over competing IBC systems on the market. The 3rd Generation System guarantees such
rates by providing extremely tight layflat control, optimizing your systems inlet and outlet airflow, and allowing for
higher exchange rates while maintaining precision control of your layflat

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Product category: Extrusion lines for blown film

Machine Direction Sealing Unit

High Quality Seal‐Cut Technology

Some applications require stronger, cleaner and more reliable seals. The D. R. Joseph Seal‐Cut provides a solution for
high‐speed, machine directional sealing. The innovative approach of this unit reverses the traditional slit seal process
and creates a stronger seal you can trust. That means no more returns from customers due to failed seals. Designed for
“2‐up” applications, there are various sizes and mounting solutions that you can make work in line, or attached to
winders, bag making machines, printers and rewinders. The result is a bullet proof seal that you can count on.

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Product category: Extrusion lines for blown film

LF Sizer, Automatic Width Control for non IBC Blown Film Lines

The LF-Sizer layflat control system reduces runaway resin produced when layflat is oversized to compensate for gradual size loss common when no width control system is present. In addition, by attending to the width automatically, bubble drops (losing the bubble entirely because of a hole) are minimized resulting in up to 7% more production per month (based on an actual case study).

By measuring the bubble soon after the frost line, the system can achieve the proper bubble size quickly. The LF-Sizer control system is flexible and comes with the widest variety of configuration options available in the industry. The system can be used on small dies and large dies alike. 

Some of the configurable features include automatic startup, on-the-fly size changes, process alarms, bubble break output, statistical reporting and industry standard communication interfaces (including RS232 and Ethernet). Installation is quick and easy, no electrical terminations required. Standard compressed air of at least 70psi (~5 bar) is required. The three speed (fast inflate, slow inflate and deflate) pneumatic control box is separate from the control system electronics. This ensures the electronics are not exposed to wax and oils pulled from the bubble during deflation.

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Company news




Jun 16, 2016

DR Joseph Announces New Control Features for the 3rd Generation IBC Control System

In early 2010, D.R. Joseph announced their 3rd Generation IBC Control System.  It included many new automated control features in a smaller package than previous versions.  

In the spirit of continual improvement and better serving their clients, D.R. Joseph is excited to announce a host of new features recently added to the 3rd Generation IBC Control System, now currently available to their customers.

The new features include: Tri Mode IBC / nonIBC / GEO Control, Cage Height Management, Neck Height Control, Integration with the new Kundig FE-8 Measurement Bar,  Extruder Stop, Enhanced Bubble Break, and temperature controllers for Air Ring and IBC air. 

The new Tri Mode feature is ideal for customers who run IBC and nonIBC products on the same extrusion line. Alternatively, for customers who run Ag and GEO products on the same line.   

Customers can run IBC and nonIBC on the same line when either there is an issue with inner layer compatibility and internal cooling or if they simply run an IBC die and a nonIBC die on the same line for specific product reasons.  Either way, one system now runs both processes.  To switch to nonIBC, a configuration button is pressed and control switches from IBC blowers and bladder valve to a special pneumatic box which inflates or deflates the bubble through the use of a special air diffuser which reduces inflation times by radially distributing air flow.  This prevents the inflation air from pulling the bubble off the air ring from the venturi effect caused by vertical flow of compressed air into the bubble.

Customers who need to run Agricultural (AG) film or Geomembrane (GEO) film typically have a very wide range of widths and thicknesses to run.   When running AG film standard IBC algorithms are used for control, but when running the very heavy gauge products common for GEO films, IBC sensors must be located very close to the air ring and an entirely different control algorithm is used to quickly get the bubble on to size well before the film has reached the winder.   Typical GEO films are run at a BUR close to 1:1, but with the 3GIBC1 system, a BUR range of 1:1 to 1.5:1 is possible.

Cage Height Management is a handy feature which allows users to preselect various cage height positions (per running conditions of various jobs or even for line maintenance) and later send the cage to the predetermined height with the click of one button on the IBC touch screen. Six total positions are supported (including the pre-programmed maintenance position).  Especially in the case of high stalk bubbles, this feature saves time and frustration of training an operator to set the cage height properly, particularly when a clear line of sight is not always present.  

After nearly 15 years of absence, Neck Height control is a feature once again offered by D.R. Joseph that uses a dedicated sensor to measure and regulate the neck height on high stalk bubbles.  Control is via air ring speed regulation or air temperature regulation and is also particularly useful for those running high-stalk bubbles or those who have precise requirements for frost line height.

The 3rd Generation IBC Control System can now be integrated with the new FE-8 Kundig Flat Width Measurement Bar, in addition to the previous FE-7 model.  The advantage of this integration is that operators can now see real world layflat as measured near the winder, making layflat calibration on the IBC system safer and easier.  The layflat information is also visible on the DRJ IBC Touch Screen with this integration.

WinIBC is a family of 3 solutions that add multiple operating or monitoring points for the IBC Control System. WinIBC Viewer adds a second PC based operating point for remote viewing of the IBC System for supervision, or even for training purposes.  WinIBC Operate is a good solution for replacing the IBC touch screen completely and moving the IBC operations to a PC based platform which mimics the touch screen itself.  This is an ideal solution when users want all line controls on the same main operator panel. WebView adds remote alarm monitoring via an RSS feed.  With this feature, maintenance can keep track of multiple IBC System faults from one point via RSS feed.  In addition, our IBC and nonIBC products support MultiPoint operation which means we can have multiple operator control touch screens for a single system.  Large extrusion lines benefit from this feature.  The maximum distance between touch screens is only limited by Ethernet cable length limitations.  All operations are coordinated and the system ensures countermanding operator entries are avoided.  Another convenience feature we’ve added is screen capture to a memory stick.  This allows operators and technicians to record their running conditions which includes a date time stamp.  For those without sophisticated extrusion control systems it provides quality control evidence of how a particular production run was processed.

Extruder stop is a new time saving feature which shuts off the IBC blowers and automatic IBC controls when the extrusion line is stopped by the operators.  This was developed to allow operators a single stop operation on the extrusion line which then also shuts down all IBC operations.  This prevents the IBC system attempting to control a bubble that left on the die after the extruders are stopped.

Enhanced Bubble Break is an improvement to the existing bubble break feature which will shut down the IBC System in a preconfigured time span if an unstable bubble is present and loosing size.  With Enhanced Bubble Break, when an unstable bubble is detected, users can configure the system to flash a warning beacon, giving operators the opportunity to acknowledge the condition without having the system shut down IBC processes.  This feature adds flexibility to account for circumstances where the bubble may still be recoverable, that the automated system may not necessarily account for.

Temperature Control is now a possibility on the 3rd Generation IBC Control System for the IBC air and the Air Ring air.  Having access to air temperature on the IBC control screen not only simplifies adjusting a similar set of parameters for control, but it saves time localizing the controls in one convenient work location. 

D.R. Joseph is the North American Representative for Gammatec Sizing Cages of Milan, Italy.  Gammatec cages represent a bench mark for sizing cages throughout industry and are synonymous with quality.  Recent developments include the addition of the Extreme No Stick Carbon Fiber rollers.  These rollers are optimized for contact with extremely sticky films.  Standard Silicone, Wool, Teflon, Foam and Food Grade Compliant roller coatings are available.  Roller Bearings are of the highest quality and engineered in a protected position to ensure long life, and consistently smooth operation.  To accommodate large bubbles, the new Gammatec Roll08 BIG013 cages can stabilize bubbles up to 41.5 feet layflat widths. A strong, reinforced design assures a solid, long lasting cage to stabilize large bubbles.  

All of these features and more will be on display at K-2016.  Stop by the D.R. Joseph booth in Hall 13, stand B91-32 to learn more about how your operation can benefit from any of the new features added to the latest 3rd Generation IBC Control System.  Additionally, D.R. Joseph will be displaying the LF-Sizer nonIBC layflat controller, Gammatec Sizing Cages, and will be discussing the new DRJ Blown Film Lab.

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DR Joseph is the industry’s leading innovator for Internal Bubble Cooling (IBC) Systems.  DRJ manufacturers, supplies and services the system globally and works closely with many major Blown Film OEMs.  The system is also ideal for retrofitting to old lines to increase production rates, as well as maintain the tightest layflat width tolerance on the market.

The latest 3rd Generation IBC Control System being shown at K2016 is the culmination of over 27 years of dedicated experience with IBC control.

DRJ also offers a simple to use automatic width control device, the LF-Sizer, for blown film lines without IBC capability.  The LF-Sizer layflat control system reduces runaway resin produced when layflat is oversized to compensate for gradual size loss common when no width control system is present. In addition, by attending to the width automatically, bubble drops (losing the bubble entirely because of a hole) are minimized resulting in up to 7% more production per month.

DR Joseph is based out of Arlington, Texas and works closely with agents globally to ensure the highest of service standards, and quick, thorough support.

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