Commodore Technology, LLC

26 Maple Ave, 14469 Bloomfield, NY
Telephone +1 585 6577777223
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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.02  Machinery and plant for processing
  • 03.02.005  Machinery for foam and reactive resins
  •  Machinery for processing/post processing of foam and parts

Machinery for processing/post processing of foam and parts

Our products

Product category: Machinery for processing/post processing of foam and parts

Foam Thermoformers

Commodore foam thermoformers are specifically designed to produce expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam trays, plates, and hinge lid containers at the lowest possible cost. The machines are easy to operate, and thanks to the lack of proprietary components, inexpensive to maintain. All of the features of the machine and tooling are designed to change quickly between items being produced. Molds are easy to access; removal and installation times are measured in minutes, not hours.

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Product category: Machinery for processing/post processing of foam and parts

EPS Foam Extruders

Commodore EPS foam extrusion systems are designed especially for the production of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam sheet. We start with the highest quality iron, built in the USA by Davis-Standard. Next, we engineer and build the extrusion system to stand up to the rigors of 24/7 operations. Our systems’ design simplifies the complex process of making foam. We currently operate five of these foam extruders in our own foam plant, so we are aware of the potential problems that foam producers can face on a day-to-day basis. Commodore’s systems are designed to meet these challenges.

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Product category: Machinery for processing/post processing of foam and parts

EPS Foam Grinders

Commodore foam grinders are designed and built with simplicity in mind, ensuring low maintenance and consistent performance for the long term. The area grinder and the under press grinder both offer simple, rugged construction, which allows for easy maintenance. All of the features are designed with one thing in mind – productivity. Your foam grinders need to be running full time, with no unscheduled maintenance. Why use a grinder that is complicated and unreliable, when you can have one that works, day in and day out? Specifically designed for EPS foam, these grinders excel in 24/7 production.

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About us

Company details

Commodore is the only company in the world that manufactures polystyrene foam products as well as the machines that produce them.

Based in western New York, we are a customer-oriented business that has been owned by the Braddon family since 1981.

Why Choose Commodore?

Here's why companies from around the world have chosen to do business with us:

ONE STOP: No other company offers a one-stop shop in foam packaging and technology. We make foam products and the equipment to make foam products.

FAST: We help you cut the time to market by training your personnel in our plant before your new equipment arrives at your facility.

FLEXIBLE: Unlike larger manufacturers, we can act quickly to accommodate custom orders and ensure on-time delivery.

EXPERIENCED: We can answer any questions about your new equipment because we've been testing and improving it in our own foam plant for 25 years.

HIGH-QUALITY: Our industry-leading technology enables us to produce stronger, better-quality foam. '

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