IKV Innovative Kunststoffveredelungs GmbH

Grisutenstr. 13, 14727 Premnitz
Telephone +49 3386 243193
Fax +49 3386 243188

This company is co-exhibitor of
Industrie- und Handelskammer (IHK) Potsdam


Hall map

K 2016 hall map (Hall 8b): stand E61

Fairground map

K 2016 fairground map: Hall 8b

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.01  Thermoplastics
  • 01.01.017  Compounds (Polymer blends)

Compounds (Polymer blends)

  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.01  Thermoplastics
  • 01.01.032  Granulates
  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.01  Thermoplastics
  • 01.01.037  Masterbatches
  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.01  Thermoplastics
  • 01.01.049  Polyamide PA 06

Polyamide PA 06

  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.01  Thermoplastics
  • 01.01.064  Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT)

Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT)

  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.01  Thermoplastics
  • 01.01.077  Polyethylene PE-HD

Polyethylene PE-HD

  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.01  Thermoplastics
  • 01.01.078  Polyethylene PE-LD

Polyethylene PE-LD

  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.01  Thermoplastics
  • 01.01.085  Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)

  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.10  Additives
  • 01.10.047  Color Masterbatches

Color Masterbatches

  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.10  Additives
  • 01.10.049  Color Blacks (s. 1.10.99 Carbon black)

Color Blacks (s. 1.10.99 Carbon black)

  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.10  Additives
  • 01.10.115  UV stabilizer

UV stabilizer

Our products

Product category: Granulates

Flakes clear & colored

mono-material, high quality, metal-free
minimal content of other materials, high purity
excellent pourability
manufacturing according to customers specifications
cut geometry similar to granulated material
Perfectly suited as granulate substitute

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Product category: Granulates

Applications & Inspections


films, foils and sheets (also for food packaging)
bottles (non FDA)
bale straps
non-woven fabrics
special products


filter-pressure test
Evaluation of spinning properties (laboratory spinning)
Evaluation according to colour shading and saturation
textile processing

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Product category: Masterbatches

Polyester Masterbatch black

based on PET and PBT
extreme high purity
longer processing cycles possible
high stretchability of the end-products
finer final products possible
available in valve bags (25kg) and big bags (1000kg)

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About us

Company details

The young company IKV – Innovative Kunststoffveredelung (innovative improvement of plastics) is situated in the industrial park of Premnitz, a city 70 km (50 miles) west of Berlin.

We are manufacturers of black master-batches based on PET and PBT carriers in different commercial qualities. Our core product range is offering first grade materials which are above all suited for fine denier / dtex types of polyester fibres and for mono- and multi-filaments. We are also producing high quality standard types for less demanding applications.

Besides this we are also manufacturing according to given specifications or samples. Our technologists will always be glad to help with special modifications and adjustments and offer technical advice in case of special requests.

Our products have been approved and successfully applied for more than two years in the production of Maerkische Faser, one of the leading European polyester fibre manufacturers and other companies in the EU.

This excellent reference gives us the confidence to introduce our products to the world markets.

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