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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Semi-finished products,parts and reinforced plastics
  • 02.01  Processing technologies
  • 02.01.010  Parts made by injection moulding

Parts made by injection moulding

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.06  Moulds and dies
  • 03.06.001  Injection and compression moulds

Injection and compression moulds

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.06  Moulds and dies
  • 03.06.004  Standard parts for moulds

Standard parts for moulds

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.07  Integrated automation
  • 03.07.002  Material handling
  •  Dosing and metering equipment
  •  Volumetric dosing and metering equipment

Volumetric dosing and metering equipment

Our products

Product category: Injection and compression moulds

Injection molds

At first glance, each ELMET injection mold is a prototype. Viewed in detail, however, to implement customers’ requirements, well-proven components and assemblies are always newly composed over and over again, and in this way create a very solid basis. If there is still missing something for a perfect solution, this will be tailor-made.

For process stability and minimized material consumption, ELMET uses its own cold runner system. Depending on part weight, viscosity of the elastomer material and injection point concept, the best nozzle size and open or valve gated technology is implemented.

ELMET is the professional whenever the production of technical parts out of LSR, HCR or rubber as well as parts production in 2K process requires highest quality and a big output.

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Product category: Parts made by injection moulding

Parts production

The throughput time from development to serial production of elastomer parts is a long one. Still, it is exactly towards the end of a project that time usually becomes scarce. ELMET therefore offers a service to start a pilot run production with the mold and production cells straight after acceptance. Transportation and start-up on customer's end are not needed and valuable days and weeks can thus be saved.

Whenever ELMET customers find themselves in a bottleneck situation, they will be provided with a special service. ELMET can take over production in the short term and will thus secure the delivery capacity of its customers.


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Product category: Injection and compression moulds

Cold deck

When producing elastomer parts of silicone or rubber, the raw material is injected into the hot cavity in the LIM process (liquid injection molding) and the temperature-dependent linking process is thus activated. Using a cold runner guides the unlinked material to the injection point cooled and prevents the formation of sprue or vulcanised distributor strands.

When using valve gate nozzles, the needle tip as such forms part of the shaping cavity that can be adjusted to any surface, leading to a hardly recognisable perfect gate point in the produced part.

ELMET valve gate cold runners are designed as tool-bound components and permit individual setting of every single nozzle. The long needle guide and the patented infinitely variable setting mechanism of the pneumatically powered opening stroke ensure a low-wear and highly precise function. The flat material supply to the nozzle shaft and shaping of the nozzle-needle-combination ensure the lowest shear of the elastomer that is possible in the material guidance.

The sophisticated cooling water distribution prevents temperature influences in the cavity plate and warrants best stability in parts production process.


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Product category: Volumetric dosing and metering equipment

Dosing system

For years, ELMET had been using conventional dosing pumps within its own operations for sampling tools and for pilot series productions. The disadvantages brought about by similar machines were reasons enough for ELMET to develop its own system that would set new standards in terms of mixing accuracy and utilization of material.

Along with a sophisticated and robust mechanics that was substantially shaped by the experience gained by staff, the control technology consisting of two matching control loops represents a genuine innovation patented all over the world.

ELMET follows its own modular product philosophy, even in respect of dosing systems: The use of standardized components and assemblies creates a reliable basis and allows for maximum flexibility in adapting to customers’ requirements. The control technology employed is permanently being advanced and now, in the second generation, it is adapted even better to the needs of the operating staff.

In the development of the ELMET dosing system, particular attention was also turned to keep operation costs as low as possible. The weekly inspection recommended lasts a few minutes only, and maintenance once every three months can simply be carried out by the customer’s trained staff. The particularly economic consumption of electricity and compressed air amounts to less than 2 eurocent per kilogram of material consumption.

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About us

Company details

Development and manufacture of high-quality equipment for the production of silicone and rubber components has been the focus of activities of the founders of ELMET from the very outset. Constant advancement of the range of products and of technologies has now turned ELMET into the FULL-SYSTEM-SUPPLIER.

As a small and committed team with a lot of experience in the areas of tool-making and the automation of the LIM (liquid injection molding) process, the founders’ dreams of being one day independent have come true. ELMET customers were thrilled from the beginning by their open communication, extensive know-how, and the tireless drive to expand the knowledge and try out new things. The knowledge gained on striking new paths has currently materialized in the form of high-quality products that are implemented by very well trained and motivated staff. Due to the permanent development cycle applied to products, production processes, and staff, ELMET assures its global customers to meet the highest demands of full system solutions in the production of silicone components.

In the year of foundation 1996 ELMET applied for patents of its first technological developments. ELMET was then very quickly associated with high-quality tools, and the success and resultant growth necessitated the construction of the new building in Oftering, as early as 2000 already. In 2003, ELMET followed customers’ needs for high-precision dosing systems to ensure stable and cost-effective LIM processes by introducing the TOP 3000. One year later already, standardized cold-runner valve-gate-technology and ELMET LIM peripheral components completed the FULL-SYSTEM offer.

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