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Product categories

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.09  Measuring and test equipment
  • 03.09.001  Measuring and test equipment for rheological properties

Measuring and test equipment for rheological properties

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.09  Measuring and test equipment
  • 03.09.003  Measuring and test equipment for thermal properties

Measuring and test equipment for thermal properties

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.09  Measuring and test equipment
  • 03.09.004  Measuring equipment for melt tempeature

Measuring equipment for melt tempeature

Our products

Product category: Measuring and test equipment for rheological properties


The ARES-G2 is the most advanced rotational rheometer for research and material development. It remains the only commercially available rheometer with a dedicated actuator for deformation control, Torque Rebalance Transducer (TRT), and Force Rebalance Transducer (FRT) for independent shear stress and normal stress measurements. It is recognized by the rheological community as the industry standard to which all other rheometer measurements are compared for accuracy.

The ARES-G2 platform offers an array of incomparable features including:

Unrivaled data accuracy
Unmatched strain and new stress control
Fully integrated fast data sampling
Separate electronics
New Smart Swap™ environmental systems
Patented Active Temperature Control
Advanced accessories
TRIOS Software providing extreme testing flexibility
Large Amplitude Oscillatory Shear (LAOS) and Fourier Transform (FT) Rheology Analysis Software package
NEW Orthogonal Superposition (OSP) and 2 Dimensional Small Amplitude Oscillatory Shear (2D-SAOS) techniques
NEW DMA mode for measurements of solids in bending, tension and compression

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Product category: Measuring and test equipment for rheological properties

Automated Hardness Tester

The AHT Automated Hardness Tester streamlines the measurement of Shore A hardness for cured rubber materials. This fully programmable, automated system measures the hardness of cured rubber materials according to all international standards for Shore A hardness. Each measurement involves the determination of a user-defined number of single point Shore A values. The individual readings, mean and median of this set are reported for each sample.

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Product category: Measuring and test equipment for thermal properties, Measuring equipment for melt tempeature

Differential Scanning Calorimeters

Differential Scanning Calorimeters (DSC) measures temperatures and heat flows associated with thermal transitions in a material. Common usage includes investigation, selection, comparison and end-use performance evaluation of materials in research, quality control and production applications. Properties measured by TA Instruments’ DSC techniques include glass transitions, “cold” crystallization, phase changes, melting, crystallization, product stability, cure / cure kinetics, and oxidative stability.

TA Instruments’ patented Tzero™ DSC technology, is a revolutionary and fundamentally more accurate way of measuring heat flow. It provides significant improvements in baseline flatness, transition resolution and sensitivity. Tzero™ technology allows direct measurement of heat capacity, and makes Modulated® DSC experiments both faster and more accurate.

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Product category: Measuring and test equipment for thermal properties

Q600 SDT

Simultaneous Thermal Analyzers measure both heat flow & weight changes in a material as a function of temperature (or time) under a controlled atmosphere

A simultaneous DSC-TGA can be used in a phases of research, quality control, and manufacturing operations. TA Instruments offers the Q600 for DSC-TGA measurements up to 1500°C.

Sensitive, rugged and reliable are words that describe the TA Instruments SDT Q600, a second generation simultaneous TGA / DSC that provides research quality results on a broad range of samples over a wide temperature range. Its strong performance, ease-of-use, and our unmatched support make the Q600 an excellent investment for any laboratory.

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Product category: Measuring and test equipment for thermal properties

DXF 500

The Discovery Xenon Flash (DXF) source module employs a High Speed Xenon-pulse Delivery source (HSXD) which has considerably higher efficiency, lower costs and less maintenance than equivalent systems. A reflective optic configuration of our design effectively harnesses the power of a Xenon flash tube and, with the aid of proprietary wave guides, delivers it to the specimen inside the Environmental Module. DXF 500 produces a pulse width of 400 μs to 600 μs and uniformly concentrates the power from the flash source directly on the entire face of the specimen. Due to this optimized optical arrangement and the broad light spectrum, specimens as large as 25 mm in diameter can be illuminated with sufficient energy to make a high-accuracy measurement. The use of large samples diminishes errors associated with inhomogeneity and permits representative measurements of poorly dispersed composites.

DXF 500 covers the most common range of temperatures, from Room Temperature to 500°C. It is suitable for research and development programs as well as production control.

Employing nichrome heaters and an aluminum air-cooled shell, DXF 500 operates from Room Temperature up to 500°C in air or inert gas purge and is vacuum-tight to 10-2 torr. The Xenon-pulse induced temperature change is measured from the rear surface of the specimen using a liquid nitrogen-cooled IR detector. The four positions sample-holder accommodates a variety of specimen sizes in round or square shapes

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Product category: Measuring and test equipment for rheological properties

ACQUITY Advanced Polymer Chromatography System

The Next Generation in Polymer Separation

◾Highest-resolution, size-based separations for chromatographic polymer characterization
◾Improve data consistency and quality by enabling fast, daily calibration
◾Automate method development with advanced system technologies
◾Get more information about your polymer, faster than before

Drive your innovation with better polymer characterization

Research in the polymer industry has accelerated in recent years, resulting in a wealth of new and innovative polymers. The ACQUITY APC Systems delivers the ultimate in size-based characterization of these polymers, with analysis times 5-20X faster than was possible with traditional GPC/SEC technology. By taking advantage of columns packed with highly efficient, rigid, sub-3um particles and an ultra-low dispersion chromatographic system capable of harnessing the separation potential, polymer scientists around the world have gained unprecedented insights into their polymeric species with ACQUITY APC technology.

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Company news




Aug 15, 2016

TA Instruments Introduces 3 New Discovery TGA Systems

New Castle, Delaware, USA. August 15, 2016 – TA Instruments is pleased to introduce a new line of Thermogravimetric Analyzers, the Discovery TGA 5500, TGA 550, and TGA 55. These instruments feature an all-new system design resulting in unprecedented performance in sensitivity, temperature control, atmosphere control, and baseline drift. This new line again affirms TA’s position as the technology and global leader in thermal analysis.

At the core of every new Discovery TGA is the exclusive TA proprietary Tru-Mass™ balance system, which delivers the highest sensitivity and most accurate real time weight data in the industry. A new app-style user interface is standard with each model. Combined with powerful new TRIOS software, automated calibration and verification routines work seamlessly to dramatically improve laboratory workflows and productivity.

The Discovery TGA measures sample weight changes under controlled conditions of temperature, time, and atmosphere. It is used to characterize the thermal stability and composition of a wide range of materials including polymers, elastomers, composites, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and inorganics. It excels in both research environments and production control processes.

Commenting on the introduction, Terry Kelly, President of TA Instruments said, “The new features of our Discovery TGA systems provide compelling reasons for current TGA users to upgrade to the latest in TGA technology. Its performance is unrivaled. The new user interface and powerful TRIOS operating system make it easier than ever to get great TGA data. It is the perfect complement to our new Discovery DSC systems.”

The TGA 5500 comes standard with all options including TA’s exclusive and patented IR Furnace that provides the fastest heating and cooling rates in the industry. Also included is a new 25-position autosampler that allows for ultimate flexibility in programing experiments, as well as auto calibration and verification routines. It includes TA’s patented Modulated TGA™ as well as Hi-Res™ TGA, enabling the highest performance and productivity of any TGA on the market.

The TGA 550 is a flexible and configurable research-grade TGA that is well equipped to satisfy the most demanding researcher. The TGA 55 is a cost-effective, easy to use, general purpose TGA with performance superior to competitive research grade systems.  The TGA 55 is ideal for research, teaching, and quality control laboratories that require a rugged, reliable, basic TGA.

TA Instruments – a subsidiary of Waters Corporation (NYSE: WAT) – is the leading manufacturer of analytical instruments for thermal analysis, rheology, and microcalorimetry. The company is headquartered in New Castle, Delaware, USA, and has direct operations in 26 countries.

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TA Instruments reputation for high technology products, quality manufacturing and unbeatable after sales support is why more customers recommend TA products to their colleagues around the world. Headquartered in New Castle, DE, TA Instruments prides ourselves in the technical competence and professionalism that our sales force offers. We are the only thermal analysis, rheology, microcalorimetry, and mechanical analysis supplier recognized worldwide for our prompt, courteous and knowledgeable service staff, the hallmark of our company.

Our technical support group is committed to handling all of your thermal analysis, rheology, and mechanical testing needs, and is available by phone, email and through the internet.

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