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Who is SPE Today?

The Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) is the leading technical society for the global

plastics industry. It is a community of individuals involved in the technical and

commercial aspects of the plastics and polymer industry. It is a place where individuals

can interact, learn and develop skills to meet their personal and professional goals. This

community fosters technical innovation and industry competitiveness through scientific

development and commercialization.

With over 20,000 members from 84 different countries, SPE is the largest, most

well-known plastics professional society in the world. Celebrating our 75th

anniversary in 2017, we are the “go to” place for technical information, training,

networking and knowledge sharing for plastics professionals who want to advance

their knowledge and their careers


What is Our Mission?

The Society represents all types of professionals involved in the plastics field from

student to retired professional. Its mission is provide and promote scientific and

engineering knowledge related to plastics around the world.


Why is Our Mission Important?

SPE provides the only global forum that brings individuals working in the industry

together to review and discuss technical issues on plastics and polymers. This forum

of open discussion and debate advances the science and technologies that drive

innovation for the plastics industry. SPE’s role in connecting these individuals and

spreading this knowledge is important to the health of the global industry. Why?

Technical innovations and advances in one part of the industry or in one market

have an immediate impact on all globally.

These advances within our industry help to contribute to the changes and improvement

in our lifestyles and also help with economic growth. It promotes advances in our health

through things like medical products and food safety, reduces of waste, helps to solve

energy issues (e.g. starch based polymers, fuel cells, insulating materials), addresses

global warming (e.g. lighter weight vehicles) and economic development. SPE, through

the forums it provides, helps to reinforce sound technologies and practices, and helps

to promote both individual and corporate responsibility.


What are SPE’s Main Goals?

Be the most visible and prestigious technical society for plastics in any part of the world.
Be the preferred supplier of engineering, scientific, and business knowledge required by SPE’s members.
Sustain thriving communities of individuals working in plastics technology around the globe.
Have the financial and other resources needed to sustain SPE’s operations on a global scale.


Why Are Our Members Important?

SPE’s individual members are at the center of the Society’s activities.

Almost all of SPE’s technical content is generated and consumed by

them. With a robust membership, SPE’s relevance to the industry

and the ability to fulfill its mission are possible. SPE supports

membership through a variety of activities that seek to enrich each

individual’s knowledge, expertise, and contribution to our industry

and the world. Activities are mostly technical in nature, but also include

opportunities to develop leadership, network and other business skills.

SPE Members allow SPE to understand the industry, therefore, SPE can

serve the industry and its communities through programs, products and

services better.


How Does SPE Educate?

SPE serves the industry by providing quality educational experiences for

its members and others in the industry. These experiences do more than

convey information; they allow for important networking opportunities.

SPE's goal is to provide both practical and advanced theoretical

information, and to promote discussions that link individuals to others in

the plastics community.

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About us

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The objective of the Society is to promote the scientific and engineering knowledge relating to plastics.

SPE is the largest, most well-known plastics professional society in the world. We are the professional “home” for nearly 20,000 plastics professionals around the globe. For more than 70 years, we’ve been the “go to” technical information, training, networking, and knowledge-sharing source for plastics professionals who want to advance in their knowledge and their careers.

Wherever you are in your plastics career—from student through retired—SPE should be part of your professional life.

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