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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.06  Moulds and dies
  • 03.06.005  Hotrunner systems
  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.07  Integrated automation
  • 03.07.001  Process control technique
  •  Control equipment
  •  Closed loop control equipment for temperature

Closed loop control equipment for temperature

Our products

Product category: Hotrunner systems

activeGate Controls

Gloss level, evenly textured surfaces, color uniformity and aesthetics are all determinants for the visual quality of modern plastic parts. In addition to these factors, today's parts also require optimum dimensional stability and perfect surfaces in the gating area. Molding quality parts is more challenging than ever, and common molding processes often are not sufficiently meeting these requirements. activeGate® patented technology can easily mitigate these problems by precisely controlling the flow and pressure spikes into the cavity, ensuring consistent high quality molded parts.

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Product category: Hotrunner systems

SVG+ Hot runner systems

SVG+, the New Standard for Sequential Valve Gate Molding

SVG+ systems boast the latest patented hot runner advancements, providing the optimum and most reliable molding solution for large part applications

Synventive - the leader in sequential valve gate applications, is pleased to announce the SVG+ hot runner systems. The SVG+ features numerous patented design enhancements offering superior performance, efficiency and reliability for sequential molding of large parts:

Simple designs: No cooling lines or plates required – delivering increased reliability in the molding process.
Easy set up and troubleshooting: Features that provide significant time savings by providing monitoring and diagnostics tools from outside of the machine. This results in less downtime, less scrap and increased reliability.
Allows for easy upgrade to activeGate® technology for lower operating costs and improved quality. High quality Class A part surface finishes, and the ability to mold parts with complex geometries and high dimensional stability are easier to achieve in less time.
The SVG+ actuated systems are equipped with new modular actuators and the patent pending SynCool3 technology. SynCool3 provides indirect cooling of the actuators without the need for separate cooling lines.

SynCool3 provides these important benefits:

Preheat without damage to actuator or seals
No more clogged or leaking cooling lines
Prolonged actuator seal life with less service
By removing cooling plate, manifold temperature uniformity is improved
Facilitates quick mold changes by eliminating need to cool down hot runner
Prevents overheating and degrading of hydraulic fluid
For easy set up of sequential valve gated applications these systems are delivered with a Valve Monitoring Interface (VMI) for monitoring, diagnostics and troubleshooting from outside the molding machine. VMI provides measured individual pin movement data and opening times and allows operators to check that the valve pins are moving as intended. VMI offers:

Real time valve gate status
Trouble shooting (of open/close issues) from outside of the machine
Check that the piston is traveling as intended
Read actuator opening times, during the molding process
For even more control, the SVG+ actuators are equipped with sensors that facilitate an easy upgrade to an activeGate control technology. activeGate is a scalable technology that provides greater control for the molding process and improves part quality. By controlling the flow of plastic out of each gate, activeGate control technologies have minimized or eliminated a variety of part surface defects. The technology provides precise control of each valve pin, which includes position, acceleration, velocity and stroke.

Benefits include:

Higher quality part surface finishes
Ability to mold parts with complex geometries and high dimensional stability
Higher production rates
Clamping force reduction
Ideal for family or modular molds
Decreased scrap
Quicker start ups

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Product category: Closed loop control equipment for temperature

Temperature Controller G24

The G24 hot runner temperature controller  is designed to be understood with 5 minutes of training, and programmable to automatically operate according to the industry’s best practices. An optional Sequence Start can be activated to only power the manifold zones, wait until they reach temperature, start a soak period countdown timer and finally heat the smaller, faster heating nozzle zones. This practice is always recommended but seldom done in the industry. The primary benefits include maintaining the integrity of the manifold seal by controlling heat expansion and preventing material degradation caused by excessive nozzle heater material residence time. 

Smaller: Each control module has a 15 amp per zone output rating. Up to 24 zones can be placed in a single control block. When compared to the Synventive TTC product line, this specific 128 zone controller has a 48% smaller footprint.

Faster: The G24 utilizes industrial USB connectivity for up to a 0.1 second screen update rate. Streaming real-time control numbers to the screen allows the user to better see what is happening inside the tool so they can diagnose difficult to understand issues.

More Flexible/Standardization: The standard two zone 15 amp per zone output module easily controls both nozzle and manifold zones making the controller easy to use across a range of molds for effortless production scheduling. The G24 is even able to control up to 30 amp zones with a 15 amp module by restricting the maximum output to 15 amps

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About us

Company details

Synventive Molding Solutions is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hot runner systems and hot runner components. With a focus on providing high quality products and value added services, Synventive delivers complete solutions for all types of injection molding applications. The company offers a wide choice of standard products and has the ability to produce fully customized hot runner systems on demand – all backed by a dedicated after-sales service team.

Since the 1970s, Synventive and its predecessors have served customers in the automotive, electronics, telecommunications, packaging, medical and consumer/industrial markets. Today Synventive operates with manufacturing in Asia, Europe and North America and service and support operations in 26 countries.


Company History

2012          Synventive becomes a business of Barnes Group Inc.

2008          Turkey and Korea offices established.

2007          Established its subsidiary company in Japan.

2006          Germany becomes the new European Headquarters.

2006          Poland office established.

2005          China operations established.

2001          Dynisco HotRunners changed its name to Synventive - a combination of the words "synergy"  and            "inventive".            

1998          Kona Hot Runners and Eurotool merged to form Dynisco Hot Runners

1978          Kona Hot Runners is founded in Gloucester, USA.

1971          Eurotool is founded in 's-Gravendeel, the Netherlands.

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