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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.10  Additives
  • 01.10.002  Additives, other

Our products

Product category: Additives, other

Air Conditioning

Bacteria present in the filters of air conditioners find an ideal place to settle and develop, with moisture and temperature favorable for their growth. The lack of adequate and constant hygiene causes these bacteria to circulate along with the airflow, causing contamination to the environment and increasing the occurrence of cross contamination.

 Avoids cross-contamination
 Eliminates bacteria and fungi
 Reduces unpleasant odors
 Extends the period between the washings of the filters
 Facilitates the cleaning of the materials
 Healthier environments
 Active surface in combating the microorganisms

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Product category: Additives, other

White Goods

White goods are classified as larger appliances, such as refrigerator, stove, microwave and freezer, which historically have as main purpose to meet the basic needs of a residence. By being part of the process of storage, food preservation, these sites are ripe for the development of mainly bacteria that accelerate the decomposition of foods, release of bad odor and contamination of other foods present there.

 Increased shelf life of stored products 
 Reduces unpleasant odors 
 Does not alter the taste of food 
 Prevents the formation of fungi and bacteria
 Facilitates cleaning of equipment 
 Active surface in fighting bacteria 
 Does not change the transparency and the production processes

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Product category: Additives, other

Paints & Varnishes

The architecture and interior design make up the esthetic and visual part of a medical or dental clinic. In it, the study and to compose preference for color that compose the environments are worked in the subconscious of people to attain the expected results, for example, an environment with a color that calms people.
Environments such as residential, gyms, schools, malls, and especially hospitals, require a greater concern with the antimicrobial protection in order to reduce and prevent cross-contamination. Applying the antimicrobial NANOXClean® through the paint and varnish to protect these sites is enhanced and becomes more effective, combined with the cleaning protocol.

 Reduces the possibility of cross contamination
 Prevents formation of bacteria, fungi and molds
 Increases the security of environments
 Reduces odor
 Facilitates cleaning
 Eliminates "dead spots"

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About us

Company details

NANOX™ S/A was created in 2005, it was the first nanotechnology Brazilian Company. In 2006, it received investment of a venture capital, the NOVARUM FUND. In 2007, NANOX™ was the winner of the Innovative Enterprise Award granted by FINEP. Attentive to the world’s trend in the usage of natural actives to combat microorganisms, NANOX™ develops, produces and commercializes silver based inorganic antimicrobials (safer and more efficient), which can be incorporated into a wide range of materials, making them free bacteria and fungi.

The main target markets of the company are: Plastics and Paints/Varnishes.

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