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Product category: Hoses


FiltraSan™ by TECNICA is the new frontier for air filtering in air-conditioning plants. This is a new fibre made in conjunction with Sanitized® developed by TECNICA for a new line of airfiltering products. With FiltraSan™ hazardous particles transported by the air inside air-conditioning plants are STOPPED. Dust mites, mildews, bacteria, micro organisms and pollens, all sources of disease for human beings, are trapped by the special FiltraSan™ fibre used to make the new filtering media.
Yet another step forward by TECNICA towards the efficiency of indoor air quality systems, with prevention measures and products which, without giving off chemical compounds harmful for human health, help sanitize plants.

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Product category: Hoses

MasterSan ™

MasterSan ™ is a new line of patented air-conditioning ducts with high performance for antimicrobial and antifungal air sanitation.
Recommended installation in public and private buildings:
Hospitals – Banks – Community – Laboratories – Nursing Homes – Schools – Childcare – Public Buildings

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Product category: Hoses


PlenuSan™ by TECNICA is the new plenum for air distribution/diffusion in conditioning systems. This product is made in conjunction with Sanitized®, by coupling inside the plate a new patented polyolefin resin film with antibacterial and antifungal action.With PlenuSan™, Tecnica presents a plenum with all inner walls protected by a layer of sanitizing tissue. The air, before being distributed by the diffuser, creates a flow upon arrival inside the plenum and inevitably touches the walls. Contact with the plenum coating film sanitizes it. PlenuSan™ has been tested for the following bacteria and moulds: Staphylococcus, Escherichia…(the same ones abated by MaterSan™). The plenums can be made in all sizes, both in insulated and bare versions.
With PlenuSan™, TECNICA provides a complete sanitizing solution, adding a further element for the sanitizing of pipes through the abatement, at the point which anticipates the diffusion, of harmful particles conveyed by air in systems. In fact, together with the MasterSan™ line of flexible hoses and the FiltraSan™ filters, it provides protection inside ventilation systems by intervening at the three strategic points where moulds are most likely to form and therefore where the largest quantities of bacteria build up.

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About us

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TECNICA is innovation and efficiency at the service of Indoor Air Quality. Over twenty-five years of experience and know-how with the aim of upgrading the quality of life with good air distribution in workplaces and shops, and the application of industrial manufacturing solutions where the need exists to introduce or extract air. A universe today extremely topical which has to address regulations and which involves customers, designers, manufacturers and plant engineers in an integrated way. We are talking about Distribution, Diffusion and Filtration.

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