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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.06  Moulds and dies
  • 03.06.006  Moulds

Our products

Product category: Moulds

Cast Moulds

A dedicated in-house foundry able to manufacture large high quality aluminum castings for large moulds with simple and/or complex geometry, such as boats, sprayer tanks and underground septic tanks.

Special effect can be achieved to replicate the look of wood, rock, terracotta and leather.

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Product category: Moulds

CNC Moulds

Persico’s 5-axis CNC milling machines produce high-quality moulds in much less time.
CNC milling means greatly reduced milling and delivery time.
Higher quality, tighter tolerances and improved aluminum properties for large moulds.
Extremely precise flange assembly and internal surface profile.
Better surface finish from aluminum block than cast aluminum.
The greater the complexity, the greater the benefits of CNC-machined moulds compared to cast moulds.

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Product category: Moulds

Light Moulds

An innovative CNC mold concept, focused to increase the exposure to heating and cooling.
An innovative CNC mold concept, focused to increase the exposure to heating and cooling thanks to the minimized framing structure which normally generates shielding, energy absorption and additional useless weight.

There are specific clamps designed to be installed directly on flanges, and thanks to integrated ribbings into the mold shells, the clamps pressure generated is equally distributed along the mold flanges.

Drastic weight reduction and enhanced heat exchange are the key advantages offered by this technology.

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Product category: Moulds


Our customers can choose from a variety of mould surface finishing and texturing options


Finishing and Texturing
Our customers can choose from a variety of mould surface finishing and texturing options, including polishing, shot peening and sand blasting.

Moreover, moulds can be textured in such a way as to faithfully reproduce the look of real materials, such as wood, rock, terracotta and leather.

Persico offers diverse surface treatments and finishes that extend the useful life of moulds and enhance the look of moulded plastic parts.

A hardening treatment can be used on mould flanges or the whole mould to help minimize damage and the amount of maintenance required.

Different treatments in different colours.

Green: Coating Treatment 1
Black: Coating Treatment 2
Brown: Coating Treatment 3
Dark Blue: Coating Treatment 4
Aluminium Grey: Hardening Treatment P550
Black: Flange Hardening


Persico can design and develop a wide range of accessory solutions to meet every special need.

Guiding systems
Drop boxes
Pneumatic clamps
Venturi blowers
Vacuum valves
Cooling jigs
1:1 Scale models

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About us

Company details

Persico was established as a wood moulding factory in 1976 by Pierino Persico and in a few years became one of the most skilled and versatile mould engineering companies worldwide. Today the company consists of the following divisions:

Automotive: manufactures aluminium and steel moulds for the production of interior upholstery, heat and sound insulation systems, and composite body panels for cars and industrial vehicles.

Rotomoulding: manufactures aluminium rotational moulds. In addition, Persico provides know-how, equipment and development from idea to finished product.

Marine: undertakes all types of nautical projects, from concept design to finished product, and shares the same mission as the other divisions: to ensure full customer service.

Engineering: provides complete automation processes and systems. At first the division was dedicated to meeting automotive market demands, then it expanded to include the rotational moulding industry with Leonardo - the fully automated rotational machinery; and now just about every fi eld, with a focus on the aeronautical, railway and wind power sectors.

Aerospace - Aeronautics: specializes in advanced composite moulding for the aeronautics and aerospace industries. In the space fi eld, the company boasts a history of excellence in developing and producing added-value aluminium, titanium and carbon equipment for the manufacture of civilian and military satellite components.

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