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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.08  Ancillary equipment
  • 03.08.010  Electrostatic systems

Our products

Product category: Electrostatic systems


There is not ONE single killer-product solving all the different electrostatic problems in the manufacturing processes. Within our carefully assembled prouct portfolio you will for sure find THE solution to your problem. We have categorised the products according to the following criteria:

required residual charge
area to be discharged
air support/cleaning
power supply, location of HV generation

Our domain experts are happy to analyse your specific problem on-site and advise you on possible solutions.

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Product category: Electrostatic systems


To deliberately use the adhesion generated through electrostatic charge as “temporary glue”, ion clouds are produced through highvoltage and emitted on electrode tips, like in the neutralisation. We have categorised the products for the different applications according to the following criteria:

Requested adhesive area dimension
Strength of charge to cater for distance and material type

Visit our product categories: Generator Bars Pinner & Spot Type Generators HV Generators

Depending on the application and case, either 1 generating ioniser (e.g. edge trim adhesion) or 2 generator bars with opposite polarity on each material side are used (e.g. several layers to be blocked). Our domain experts are happy to analyse your problem and needs on-site and give you best advice on potential solutions.

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Product category: Electrostatic systems

F740 Surface Resistance Checker SRM

For the measurement of the resistivity of material surfaces as indication for chargeability and conductivity e.g. when changing material or at non-specifiable material.

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About us

Company details

With our expertise, we at IONTIS have created a highly efficient portfolio of products for the measurement, elimination or controlled use of electrostatic charge – with the aim to optimise your production processes. Every day, thousands of our products are proving their practical value.

Our Domain Experts are happy to analyse your specific issues on site, to find the most effective solution.

We manufacture innovative components in Germany. Our focus is on continuously detecting and closing the functional and performance gaps of the current offering in the market. We carry potent products of carefully selected partners in our offering. To that end we have a close international partnership with Fraser Anti-Static Techniques Ltd. (UK) in development, sales and maintenance/repair.

Contact us today and benefit from thorough advice of our experts.

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