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Future Perspectives & Global Challenges:
Resource Efficiency

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Industry 4.0,
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Hybrid Materials, processes and systems

Product category: Polyetheretherketone (PEEK)

VICTREX™ PEEK Polymers - The Foundation of Victrex Innovation

High performance polyaryletherketones offering high quality and versatility

VICTREX™ PEEK polymer is regarded as one of the highest performing materials in the world. Its product portfolio is the broadest range of polyaryletherketones on the market today and helps customers improve application performance, realize greater design freedom and achieve systems cost savings.

Victrex’s advanced polymer product family includes several different types of polyaryletherketones, as well as dozens of blends and compounds. VICTREX PEEK polymer, in addition to granules and powder, is readily available in finished forms such as stock shapes, fibers, films (APTIV™ film) and coatings (VICOTE™ Coatings).

Meeting customers high performance requirements

The VICTREX™ PEEK polymer standard, or general purpose, product range meets the needs of customers in a variety of industries. This product line provides a unique combination of properties including mechanical strength and high temperature performance to help customers improve part functionality, gain long-term reliability and cost savings. Available in unfilled, depth-filtered, glass-filled, carbon-filled, and wear resistant grades.

Benefits of VICTREX PEEK polymer:

Excellent strength, stiffness and dimensional stability in high temperature and harsh environments
Easy to process and lightweight compared to steel, aluminum and titanium
Low coefficient of friction and high wear resistance without lubrication
Chemically resistant and insoluble in common solvents including acids, salts and oilFeatures low outgassing, low particle generation and inherent purity for reduced contamination

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Future Perspectives & Global Challenges:
Resource Efficiency

Digitalisation of the value Chain:
Functional integration

Product category: Polyetheretherketone (PEEK), Films

APTIV™ Films - Delivering Unparalleled Performance in a Thin Film Format

APTIV film provides unmatched durability and reliability in the most demanding application environments. It incorporates all of the outstanding properties of VICTREX™ PEEK polymer in a thin-film format. Its balance of properties makes it the highest performing, most versatile thermoplastic film available on the market.

ACOUSTICS - Thinner, smaller, smarter film solutions

Trends in portable consumer electronics are driving the need for improved sound quality, clarity and performance, with enhanced user functionality in thinner, lighter and smaller products. To satisfy these demands and improve consumer satisfaction with their devices, more design engineers are turning to APTIV DB to achieve the optimal combination of reliability, acoustic quality and compact design.


- Enhance speaker lifetime by 300% due to improved reliability and durability
- Increase output power in micro electro-acoustic devices and maintain excellent acoustic properties
- Optimize resonant frequency and minimise total harmonic distortion
- Design custom speaker diaphragms using unique processing flexibility
- Reduce product failures with the ability to design waterproof (IP-rated) micro-speakers

ELECTRICAL INSULATION - Enhanced efficiency and lifetime in demanding conditions
As operating conditions become more extreme and space more of a premium, APTIV film enables technology and performance enhancements in electrical drive and generator systems. With unparalleled electrical, mechanical, chemical and humidity resistance properties in a single, thin-film format, automotive and energy engineers are choosing APTIV thermoplastic film as a reliable technical solution.

- Increase power density by maintaining performance in high breakdown voltage after ageing
- Design 60% thinner insulation that can handle a high power density
- Reduce your total system cost for e-motors
- Enhance efficiency and product lifetime through better thermal management
- Improve the manufacturing process with thin, tough film
- Reduce integrity losses with excellent humidity and chemical resistance
- Improve safety and reliability with an electrical relative thermal index of 240°C (464°F)

BARRIER - Next-generation thermal acoustic insulation systems

Commercial aircraft manufacturers have fully adopted lightweight, thermal acoustic blanket (TAB) insulation systems constructed with APTIV cover films. The insulation system meets the FAA’s latest flame-spread performance requirements whilst giving the airlines a lighter weight solution compared to traditional cover films.  APTIV film is capable of providing similar performance to the mass transit and HVAC markets as well.

- Reduce fuel costs and CO2 emissions due to significant weight reductions compared to competitive films
- Improve reliability with materials that have a proven track record in the aerospace industry
- Process to custom specifications with films manufactured in widths that meet all aircraft insulation formats
- Increase durability with films that meet FAA FAR 25.856(a) flame propagation requirements
- Deliver weight savings with excellent moisture permeation properties in both metallised and unmetallised formats
- Extend service life with installation and repair adhesive tapes manufactured from APTIV film

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Digitalisation of the value Chain:
Functional integration

Lightweight Construction:
Hybrid Materials, processes and systems

Product category: Polyaryletherketone (PAEK), Polyetheretherketone prepregs

Victrex Composites - Game-Changing Technologies for Demanding Applications


Delivering mechanically-demanding application performance, as well as lower weight, reliability, durability and reduced manufacturing costs through PAEK-based composite application development—that’s future performance.  Victrex are employing innovative PAEK-based composites to accelerate and expand markets within its focus industries, working with customers to define solutions to address specific unmet needs.


VICTREX™ PAEK-based composites are the solution of choice for applications that demand the performance of PEEK combined with increased mechanical properties.  The results are a material that offers comparable performance with metals and additional benefits.

Specify Victrex composite solutions when your application needs:

- Fatigue resistance and strength comparable to metals, but a metal alternative is needed
- High strength and stiffness to weight ratio 
- Improved damage tolerance compared with thermoset composites
- Tailored mechanical properties, including localised reinforcement, within the component


Applications made with Victrex composite technology are being adopted as metal and thermoset replacements due to the increased demand for better performance, higher mechanical properties and cost reductions. 

Through a combination of Victrex’s novel hybrid-moulding processing technology and in-depth product and application development support, Victrex continuous fibre-reinforced thermoplastic composites deliver an unmatched combination of design freedom and strength, among a range of other benefits, to Aerospace customers. 

- Up to 60% lighter than metals and metal alloys
- Up to five times higher specific strength than metals and alloys
- Part manufacturing cycle times measured in minutes compared to the hours it could take for a thermoset or metal equivalent

- Aerospace brackets, clips, clamps and fasteners
- Structural components and systems in the aircraft


Victrex has worked in partnership with Magma Global to develop PEEK composite capability,  expertise  and solutions which has enabled Magma’s to create m-pipe®, the most reliable subsea pipe for jumpers and risers.

- More than ten times higher impact strength and damage tolerance than thermosets
- Greater durability in harsh chemical environments compared to metals
- Long-term reliability due to excellent fatigue and creep resistance
- Up to 60% lighter than metals and metal alloys


A leader in PAEK based composite materials and solutions

With unrivalled PAEK capacity, and integration into major raw monomer materials, Victrex leverages its market-leading PAEK manufacturing capability, along with significant R&D resources to provide a combination of:

- Complete composite turnkey solutions
- Composite hybrid-moulding material and process technology
- Innovative composite material manufacturing capability
- Hybrid Moulding Technology 

The novel hybrid moulding technology, developed exclusively for the Aerospace industry, allows engineers to overmould a VICTREX™ PAEK-based composite with fibre-reinforced injection moulding PEEK polymers. With this enabling technology, components can be manufactured faster with greater functionality and durability - even under high loads. Additional benefits include:

- High specific strength
- Part consolidation
- Elimination of secondary operations and scrap
- Ability to use existing manufacturing infrastructure
- Less energy requirements during processing
- Fully-recyclable materials

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Product category: Polyetheretherketone (PEEK)

Victrex Pipes

Explore a World of New Possibilities

VICTREX Pipes have made their inroads into commercial aviation, having been specified for the cargo drainage system on the Airbus A350 XWB. The robust, lightweight tubes are a compelling metal replacement solution for low-pressure fluid handling systems, cable conduits and protective sheathing, enabling airframers to boost the efficiency of existing and new commercial aircraft.


Up to 70% weight reduction vs. equivalent stainless steel tubing
Ability to bend and form allows for complex tube system design
Aerospace-approved polymer at major aircraft OEMs with a track record spanning 25 years
Non-corrosive and excellent resistance to aerospace fluids
Smooth interior surface allows for minimal fluid friction loss in service
Vibration dampening features
High ductility and robustness, tolerating a high degree of deformation without breaking

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Company news




Jul 27, 2016

Victrex at K 2016: PAEK-polymer specialist to showcase an enhanced range of products and services

Guiding themes: Reliability, total cost-efficiency and impressive performance supports innovation in the aerospace, automotive, electronics, and energy industries

Victrex, a leading provider of high-performance PAEK*-polymer solutions, is to present its significantly extended portfolio at K 2016. In addition to new types of VICTREX™ PEEK polymers and their various applications, the focus will be on forward-facing integrated offerings and, in particular, new technologies. These will include the new VICTREX AE™ 250 composites, developed for the aerospace industry, whose manufacture utilises hybrid moulding technology. Solutions for gears and e-motors are to dominate the automotive section of the stand, whilst new types of PEEK polymer and a record length PEEK structure for composites will be the highlights in the oil-and-gas industry section. 

Victrex’s objective across its focus industries is to support its customers with the development of reliable, highly durable applications even under extreme conditions, and whose implementation involves the shortest possible development period at a competitive total cost. The Victrex stand at K 2016 – Hall 5 Stand B09 – will showcase such new PAEK-based solutions, technologies and services and examples of their growing use in critical applications. Having started out, more than 35 years ago, as the first commercial producer of the high-performance thermoplastic PEEK, the company today applies a targeted approach, utilising material expertise on integrated offerings and downstream products on the industries that they offer the most impact. 

Focused research and development, combined with targeted investments, most notably in Victrex’s industrial and medical mega-programmes, also allow the company to forge strategic partnerships, such as that with Magma Global Limited in the oil-and-gas industry. 

Oil and gas: Magma delivers longest PEEK-based pipe
Recently, the world’s longest structure based on VICTREX™ PEEK was developed in the form of spoolable m-pipe® from Magma Global Limited, which provides a reliable, cost-efficient underwater intervention pipe. This flexible composite pipe can be used in extreme conditions at depths of up to 3,000 metres (10,000 feet) and can withstand pressures of over 1,000 bar (15ksi). Meanwhilst, Victrex is investing in a production facility specifically for composites. Furthermore, Victrex presents new polymers for the Oil and Gas industry, including a thermoplastic that offers a unique range of properties for sealing systems at cryogenic –196°C temperature and up to 200°C , and the VICTREX OGS™ 125, that has been specifically developed to optimise the compression moulding of large seals. 

Aerospace: new Victrex composites
Requirements are high within the aerospace industry also, where, for example, exact specifications have to be met for the weight-bearing brackets in aircraft. A paramount objective, in addition to reliability, durability and lightness, is the reduction of overall costs. Cost savings achieved in the production and assembly of individual components – based on new design and manufacturing options, for example – may contribute to this. 

This is precisely where the recently introduced VICTREX AE™ 250 composites, in various prepreg forms, offer great potential for the aviation industry. In combination with hybrid moulding technology, mounts, clamps, clips and housings for primary and secondary structures can be manufactured in minutes, whereas metallic or thermosetting materials might take hours. In 2016, Victrex will present these new PAEK composites for the first time at a K trade fair.

Automotive: cost efficient, high-performance gears and e-motors
The full PEEK-based gears package, which the automotive industry has been able to access at Victrex since last year, will also be featured at the K stand. The company has built-out its expertise through the acquisition of a US gear specialist, with the aim of offering both efficient custom and complete services for the precise and rapid design, development, testing and production of gears, right along the delivery chain.

Another forward-looking solution for e-motors, namely APTIV™ film, moves into pole position in the automotive sector. Used as a so-called slot liner, for electrical insulation, the ultra-thin PEEK-based film allows 5% more copper to be used, compared with the materials used to date. This enables an increase in the power density of the same size motor or reduces the amount of space it occupies and reduces costs by up to US$20 per motor. 

Victrex’s APTIV films have been used successfully in aircraft production for some time; however, they have also been used in the electronics industry, as the membrane in more than a billion micro-loudspeakers for mobile devices. Here, they ensure accurate sound reproduction – despite the demand for ever higher performance – over a service life that is more than 300% longer than that of other materials. 

*) PAEK, Polyaryletherketone, a family of high-performance thermoplastics, such as VICTREX PEEK
Supporting information for performance claims in this press release is available on individual request from Victrex.

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Apr 26, 2016

Highest PEEK achieved: Magma and Victrex partnership breaks record of longest m-pipe® subsea intervention line

Largest ever VICTREX® PEEK-based structure designed to deliver subsea pumping reliability in today's extreme subsea Oil & Gas operations

Thornton Cleveleys (UK), 26 April 2016 – To reduce exploration and production costs and risks in subsea oil and gas systems, Magma Global Limited has developed the flexible m-pipe® technology. Their latest lightweight continuous pipe is both the largest and longest VICTREX™ PEEK-based structure ever, achieved with the support and expertise of Victrex. It can be deployed to depths of 10,000 feet (3,000 metres) and handle pressures of up to 15ksi (kilopounds per square inch). The composite pipe combines VICTREX™ PEEK, high-grade carbon fibre and S-2 glass fibres to form a reliable subsea intervention line that meets the demand for a hydraulic pumping system that can handle high pressures and high flow rates.

Charles Tavner, Commercial Director at Magma Global Limited, explains in the run up to the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston: “Thanks to partnering with Victrex, we have been able to successfully develop our 10,000 foot solution for hydraulic pumping and light well intervention in the Gulf of Mexico. VICTREX PEEK polymer’s high performance, and their material and processing expertise, has supported the new record-breaking flexible and spoolable m-pipe® for the oil and gas industry.”

Magma is offering its m-pipe® and integrated deployment package as a vessel back-deck system for rapid hydraulic light well intervention. The Magma deployment system has a modular reeler with m-pipe® intervention line pipe handling system, built-in tensioner, level wind, controls cabin, hydraulic power unit, installation platform and winch, for rapid pipe deployment and retrieval. The m-pipe® is a composite material based on VICTREX™ PEEK polymer, carbon and glass fibres that delivers low fatigue, improved buoyancy in fluids and high resistance to corrosion compared to steel pipe.

“In oil and gas exploration the continuous need to extend scope and efficiency motivates us to develop reliable solutions further. In close collaboration with customers we consequently contribute to solve the toughest challenges”, explains Tom Swanson, Energy Director at Victrex. By specifying high-performance PEEK composites and polymers that Victrex has developed for this program, the m-pipe® in the new Magma deployment system offers:

- Capability to handle high temperatures
--Ability to deal with pressures up to 15ksi
--Deep water capability down to 10,000 feet (3,000 metres)
--Excellent fatigue life for thousands of reliable deployments
--Light weight for ease of installation and reduced pipe stress
--Smooth PEEK bore for efficient and rapid flow of intervention fluids
- Resistance to well completion and stimulation fluids and gases for operational reliability
- Cost reduction and efficiency increase

“Our VICTREX PEEK-based m-pipe® and deployment system offers regular, reliable low-cost hydraulic well intervention, and can be rented as a complete deployment package from Magma, on either a short-term campaign or annual contract basis. m-pipe® reduces the cost of intervention at a time when the oil and gas industry is extremely challenged on operational costs, and is also striving to achieve efficiency and reliability. The Magma system is designed to minimise mobilisation time and maximise vessel utilisation by reducing hydraulic pumping time, reducing intervention costs by up to 30%,” says Tavner.

Magma’s ‘integrated package’ approach provides the ability to intervene in subsea completions continuously and efficiently, to maximise their ongoing productivity. The Magma system and high performance m-pipe® allows for flexible high pressure and high-flow-rate pumping of intervention fluids into subsea wells from small vessels.

Victrex and Magma at OTC

At the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) – May 2-5, in Houston, Texas, a Magma sample will be on display at the Victrex booth, No. 5423. The display will also include solutions for high-temperature subsea connectors in the form of VICTREX ST™ polymers. The thermoplastic has been used as an insulating material in subsea connectors for several years, particularly where a combination of high-temperature mechanical performance and dimensional stability is required. The unfilled polymer offers improved mechanical and electrical performance compared to VICTREX PEEK 450G™ polymer, especially in the temperature range of 150°C (302°F) to 200°C (392°F), whilst reinforced grades enable performance up to 383°C (720°F).

To learn more about Magma m-pipe performance, please visit

m-pipe® is a registered trademark of Magma.

VICTREX™, ST™, 450G™ and the Triangle (Device), are trade marks of Victrex plc or its group companies.

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Feb 9, 2016

Changing the Equation in Aerospace Composites

Thornton Cleveleys (UK) – More than 35,000 aircraft are predicted to be needed worldwide over the next 20 years. It's in this context that manufacturers are fiercely competing to increase the speed of manufacture and reduce the cost and weight of their aircraft, focusing in particular on the use of composites. Their intense interest in this class of solutions is now set to be given an additional boost by the newly developed VICTREX AE™250 Composites, a PAEK*-based product family. The unidirectional tapes (UDT) and laminate panels offer clear benefits in terms of speed of component manufacture and installation. This new Victrex product group will be on display for the first time in Europe at the JEC World Composites Show in Paris in March, and its proven potential for use with hybrid moulding technology is the key theme at the stand of the leading global PAEK-based solutions provider.

The new VICTREX AE™250 composites open up a whole new dimension for the aerospace industry, hence the confident motto of the Victrex stand at the JEC show: “Changing the Equation in Aerospace Composites”. “We believe that our materials and technology solutions will continue to tilt market share in favour of composites in the aircraft construction industry. They help to reduce costs, achieve weight savings, offer more design freedom and provide durability and fast production times”, explains Tim Herr, Aerospace Director at Victrex, in the run-up to the trade show.

Time and cost savings

Specifically designed for the aerospace industry, VICTREX AE250 composites enable the production of continuously-reinforced components that perform extremely well under load. Components manufactured in this way include brackets, clamps, clips and housings used throughout the aircraft in primary and secondary structures, from the cabin – including seats – to the engines and fuel tank. 

In addition to providing up to a 60% reduction in weight compared with metals, the main advantage of the next generation high-strength, continuously-reinforced composites is the reduction of manufacturing time and system costs. This is the result of smarter designs and semi- or fully-automated mass production using a new kind of hybrid moulding technology. The innovative PAEK composites bridge the gap between composite materials and injection moulding and enable the production of complex composite components that were previously impossible to manufacture. 

Lighter, better, cost-effective: VICTREX PAEK invites glowing comparisons

The hybrid moulding process enables VICTREX AE™250 composites in the form of inserts analogue to metals, to be overmoulded with short-fibre reinforced VICTREX PEEK polymers. This allows engineers to combine the mechanical properties of the composites with the design flexibility and fast production times of the injection-moulding process. It is not necessary to pre-heat the VICTREX AE™250 organosheets nearly up to the melting temperature before inserting them into the injection-moulding press. The benefits resulting from the use of the Victrex composites include improved cycle times, reduced energy consumption, elimination of secondary process steps, reduced amount of scrap and also savings in installation expense, all of which can make a substantial contribution to reducing overall system costs. “This technology paves the way for components which can be manufactured more cost-effectively and with increased functionality and reliability", adds Herr.

Composites made from Victrex high-performance thermoplastics are up to 60% lighter than AISI 4130 steel, a tough chromium-nickel-molybdenum alloy widely used in aviation applications. They can also achieve significant weight advantages over lightweight metals, including TA6V titanium, 7075-T6 aluminium or ZK60A-T5 magnesium. The high-performance composites are not only lighter than these metals, they also outperform them. For example, the specific strength of the composites is five times that of AISI 4130 steel.

Established high-performance thermoplastics for aircraft construction solutions

PEEK solutions from the UK-based international company have been used in the aerospace industry for over 25 years and have been certified by well-known aircraft manufacturers. For example, Airbus used the first VICTREX PAEK-based primary structural component in the door of the Airbus A350XWB. The Chinese aircraft manufacturer COMAC (Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China) is using VICTREX Pipes™ instead of metal pipes to protect high-voltage cables in the lead-up to launch of its first commercial aircraft. 

Further information on VICTREX AE250 composite solutions for the Aerospace industry is available with below link.

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The World Leader in High Performance Aromatic Polyketone Solutions (PAEK)

For more than three decades, Victrex has collaborated with customers to help turn their toughest challenges into tangible benefits. As a product leadership company, our proactive approach in monitoring the trends of the industries we serve and engaging in open dialogue with industry leaders enables us to deliver what is required to maximise performance today and tomorrow.

Victrex is largely integrated into its key raw material supplies, alongside complementary supply from non-Victrex sources. This is a unique position as a PAEK manufacturer and allows us to ensure security of supply for our customers, as well as consistent and technically advantageous products, meaning high-quality products that will be delivered on time and in-full. 

A company with cutting-edge polymeric solutions, streamlined production facilities, application development expertise and unmatched technical support – that’s a future performance partner.

VICTREX™, APTIV™, VICOTE™, VICTREX PIPES™, VICTREX HT™, VICTREX ST™ , VICTREX WG™, PEEK-ESD™ and the Triangle (Device), are trade marks of Victrex plc or its group companies.

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