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  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.06  Moulds and dies
  • 03.06.004  Standard parts for moulds
  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.06  Moulds and dies
  • 03.06.005  Hotrunner systems

Hotrunner systems

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.07  Integrated automation
  • 03.07.004  Mould changing
  •  Mould changing systems

Mould changing systems

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.07  Integrated automation
  • 03.07.004  Mould changing
  •  Mould fixing devices (power operated)
  •  Mechanical mould fixing devices

Mechanical mould fixing devices

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.10  Parts and components
  • 03.10.004  Nozzles


Our products

Product category: Standard parts for moulds

HASCO Techni Shot

The range of Techni Shot hot-runner nozzles has been extended with open torpedo tips also for needle valve applications.

With these nozzles, available both as mono nozzles for simple applications and for injection moulding tools with hot runners, immersion depths up to 300 mm can be achieved<0} and medium-sized mouldings up to approx. 1700 g shot weight per nozzle can be produced.

In addition, a variety of tried and tested tip geometries, materials and screw-on gate chambers are available, enabling optimum heat conduction in the gate area to be combined with excellent resistance to abrasive wear even for high-grade filled plastics.

Another new addition to the Techni Shot nozzle range is the Type 20 size, designed for small shot weights and small cavity-to-cavity distances. A defined sealing surface on the locking nut ensures low heat transfer.

As for all new developments, special emphasis has been placed on maintenance friendliness. This is ensured through full replaceability of all the relevant components such as the heating unit, thermocouples, nozzle body, tips and locking nut.

A special design feature allows the thermocouple to be changed without removing the nozzle tip. This considerably reduces the work involved in maintenance. The nozzle is suitable for all material applications, particularly for engineering and reinforced plastics.

The new heating system ensures uniform temperature distribution, resulting in a homogeneous heat profile along the entire flow channel. Due to the optimum positioning of the thermocouple on the nozzle tip and the titanium insulation, accurate temperature regulation is ensured.

Our technical consultants and application technicians will be glad to support you in your choice of the optimum nozzle and nozzle tip for your specific application needs.

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Product category: Standard parts for moulds

HASCO clamping fixture A8001

Minimal set-up times and increased productivity through the use of the HASCO clamping fixture A8001.

The user-friendly HASCO clamping fixture A8001 permits the cost-efficient clamping of standard system plates (K-plates and ejector plates). Set-up times during the clamping process can be considerably shortened, and productivity of the processing machines can be clearly boosted.

Precision bored positioning holes permit both rapid and secure variable clamping of different mould sizes with very high repeat accuracy, in a range of just 10µm. Horizontal and vertical processing of all the standard mould dimensions can be carried out without any problems.

Positioning/locking washers used in conjunction with a special expanding collet system ensure that a friction-locked and keyed connection is achieved through the system holes and that the plate to be processed is securely positioned even when intensive machining is carried out with high load limits.

In conjunction with specially designed distance elements, processing can be conducted on five sides from just a single clamping position.

Sealing plugs prevent undesirable metal chips from making their way into the unused positioning holes, thus avoiding the need for elaborate cleaning during mould changeover. User-friendly handling is ensured through coloured sealing plugs, which indicate the hole positions for commonly used positions, and separately equipped plug-in modules for accessories, which are sorted according to system diameter.

With corrosion-resistant clamping plates in stainless steel and DLC coated functional elements, minimal wear is guaranteed as well as a long service life for the system.

The multifunctional HASCO clamping fixture A8001 offers economic advantages thanks to the rapid and high-precision processes it permits during clamping, as well as through the feasibility of processing more than one side. Special customer wishes, such as alignment to your zero point clamping system or round base plates, etc., can be implemented in a very short time by way of special solutions.

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Product category: Standard parts for moulds

HASCO small series mould K3600/…

Innovative small series mould saves time and costs in mouldmaking and tooling design

The innovative small series mould K3600/… has been coordinated exclusively by HASCO to the new Clever Mold System CMS (B&R) and developed for the cost-effective production of practical small production runs. K3600/… allows users to change the mould quickly and efficiently on all conventional injection moulding systems equipped with the respective clamping system.

In the CMS it has been possible to integrate many standard components of a conventional injection moulding tool into the clamping device. This offers far more possibilities than a traditional quick-clamping system, for example a fully functional area of the selected mould size, no restriction through inserts and no reduced ejector assembly areas.

The small series mould K3600/… offered exclusive by HASCO is a "clever standard product package" consisting of mould plates, ejector assembly and all associated components. It offers a perfect supplement to the CMS. The standard plates are available in the materials 1.2767 and Toolox 33. The four available conventional mould sizes are compatible with the K‑range.

An average mould change on a medium-sized conventional injection moulding tool with conventional clamping using a clamp and screws takes approximately 30 minutes.

Through the use of the Clever Mold System with the small series mould K3600/…, the setup times can be reduced to 10.5 minutes and the mould costs lowered significantly. More than 250 such injection moulding tools are already being successfully used in permanent operation.

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About us

Company details

As the world's largest supplier of standard mould units and an acknowledged hot runner specialist, HASCO is your expert partner for mould making and tooling design and for the plastics processing industry.

The company's success story began back in 1924. Today we are represented at 35 sites around the world and, with our extensive product portfolio of 80,000 individual items, are able to offer innovative, reliable and economical solutions to improve your productivity and competitiveness.

Our core business skills are

Mould Base Division:

- Innovative product development in the field of mould


- Outstanding steel / machining expertise

- Proven precision and quality

- Fast delivery

- Personal, customised support

Hot Runner Division:

- Extensive expertise in the field of injection moulding

- Design of complete hot runner system solutions including  

   instrumentation and control

- Worldwide application support

- Support with mould design

Our international service network guarantees rapid availability of the globally recognised HASCO standard units anywhere in the world.

Around 20,000 customers in Germany and abroad put their trust and confidence in our know-how, precision and quality of our products, and the reliability of our employees.

We are passionate about setting new standards in perfection and innovation.

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