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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Semi-finished products,parts and reinforced plastics
  • 02.01  Processing technologies
  • 02.01.010  Parts made by injection moulding

Parts made by injection moulding

  • 02  Semi-finished products,parts and reinforced plastics
  • 02.05  Products
  • 02.05.028  Rubber / plastics / metal combinations

Rubber / plastics / metal combinations

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.06  Moulds and dies
  • 03.06.001  Injection and compression moulds

Injection and compression moulds

  • 04  Services for the plastics and rubber industrie
  • 04.05  Subcontracting

Our products

Product category: Subcontracting

Machining & Stamping

Model Solution’s CNC machining capabilities enable to produce the finest, highly accurate visual design models, full-functioning engineering prototypes or master patterns. Modern equipment including 5-axis CNC machine is capable of excellent service speeding up manufacturing and also increases the accuracy over highly complex geometries meeting the tight tolerance demands. Materials for Machined Parts include but not limited to ABS, MC Nylon, Polycarbonate/Glass filled PC, Ultem, PEEK, Polypropylene, HDPE, Acetyl, Aluminum, Stainless Steel Magnesium, Titanium and so on.

The available finishes are chrome plating, anodizing, powder coating, E-coating, PVD, NCVM, Blckening, brushing, bead-blasting, spun texturing, etc.

Stamping is also another line of business which covers a variety of sheet-metal forming manufacturing processes, such as punching using a machine press or stamping press, blanking, embossing, bending, flanging, and coining. Model Solution is in a position to offer various stamping, forming parts which are manufactured at high quality, competitive prices in fast turnaround.

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Product category: Subcontracting

Quick-Turn Tooling

Model Solution has extensive knowledge and expertise on manufacturing of quick-turn tools as well as production tools to suite customers’ project characteristics. Tool materials vary from aluminum to pre-hardened steel being selected based on particular complexity of each component and their expected tool’s life

Model Solution’s quick turn tooling system consists of a master unit die (MUD) frame and block with details such as the sprue and runner systems, leader pins, water lines and ejector returns already part of the system. You pay for only the mold cavity and core details. Model Solution can build dedicated quick turn-tools to fit into MUD units or inserts to be put into our quick-turn tooling system.

Quick-turn tools have lots of advantage in terms of tool manufacturing lead-time and its economy. The mission of 5 to 7 days turnaround time, however, is considered as great benefit that Model Solution can offer outstandingly. Cosmetic surface texture level can be achieved as defined by Mold-Tech or SPI.

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About us

Company details

“Who is Model Solution?"

Model Solution dates back its history to 1993 when Steve Lee started up model making business and through excellent job performances Model Solution has grown as one of the top class model shop.

In addition to model making, Model Solution has also been engaged in the business of Tooling & Molding along with other precision products, which made Model Solution to become virtually the firm position of “One Stop Source” from prototyping up to low volume production in the various industries including medical industry.

Highly experienced engineering teams as well as fully automated modern equipment have the capabilities to work out high level of accuracy meeting tight specification and are always prepared to dedicate themselves to provide fast execution and insightful problem solutions that customers always seek for.

All operations are carried out to the standards of ISO 13485/14000/9001 to ensure target qualities.

In pursuit of the principal objective, High Quality on Time within Budget, Model Solution is always doing the utmost efforts in upgrading its services and creating new value for the customers’ satisfaction to the maximum.

Type of Company: Co., Ltd.
President & C.E.O.: Seung Soo Park
Total Employee: 280 people

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