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  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.03  Post processing machines and downstream equipment
  • 03.03.008  Punching and perforating machines

Punching and perforating machines

Our products

Product category: Punching and perforating machines

Laser Perforation Ø 0,05 - 0,2 mm

Laser Perforation Ø 0,05 - 0,2 mm
Production of laser systems to allow a calibrated breathability of the film, particularly suitable for packaging of IV and V range.

The LASER-μ units allow to operate with more perforation lines simultaneously, with a maximum frequency of 1 kHz.

The solution can be installed on existing lines or in stand-alone stations, reaching operating speeds of 140m / min.

The application of laser technology in the perforation of thermoplastic film allows to induce a calibrated transpiration, reducing the ordinary maintenance only to a sporadic cleaning and removing any extraordinary maintenance.

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Product category: Punching and perforating machines



LP is the smallest model of punching units of Laserpin range. It’s able to realize a perfect hole on moving web of all kind of film up to a maximum thickness of 800 microns. It’s foreseen to operate as a “host” unit applied to an existing film transport line. To obtain the best results, the speed of this last must be well controlled and constant, just like the film strain.
The possibility to move the punching tools along the structure, allows an easy installation and adaptability to all hosting machines.
The punching tools are controlled pneumatically through especially designed valves. The pressure and the power is individually adjustable. The alignment of the tools is extremely easy and quick. The alignment position of the hole is adjustable.

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Product category: Punching and perforating machines



It’s between the Microtex / s and Star_1. The easiness of interchangeability of the pin cylinder makes the Thermoperf "dynamic"; the best solution for those who need a frequent spare, due to the production of different types of microperforation pattern. The heating is done inside and outside of the pin shaft.

The internal heating is performed by an armored resistance element, while the external heating is obtained with ceramic infrared radiators, distributed around the shaft needle (both controlled by thermoregulatory PID logic).

Installing the internal heating, it adds the function of "pursuit", which allows to the pin shaft to adapt it to the speed of the film, the Thermoperf is the answer for "delicate microperforation", for shrinking film with thickness of 6 -8 μ, with low or high pin density.
The Thermoperf can reach 200 m / min.

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LaserPin - Perforation Equipment

Laserpin excels in its ability to understand their customers’ requirements.
Well-founded with many years' experience in the industry, we can offer our off the shelf solutions or provide a custom engineered solution.

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