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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.04  Machinery and plant for finishing, decorating, printing and marking
  • 03.04.001  Printing equipment for plastic and rubber products

Printing equipment for plastic and rubber products

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.04  Machinery and plant for finishing, decorating, printing and marking
  • 03.04.004  Laminating plant

Laminating plant

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.04  Machinery and plant for finishing, decorating, printing and marking
  • 03.04.005  Coating plant

Coating plant

Our products

Product category: Printing equipment for plastic and rubber products



The X12 incorporates a number of important innovations aimed at remarkably optimising the machines productivity and efficiency, requirements which are demanded more and more in today's market when selecting new potential investments of this level of technology.
Infinite combinations of colours, special primer coatings required on certain substrates or printing motives with sophisticated graphic artwork and the demand of a finish over-lacquer can all be achieved on the X12 without jeopardizing production speeds.
To assure the utmost flexibility in using 12 print units combined with a drastic reduction of the press downtime, the X12 also incorporates the SSC system (Safe Sleeve Change) developed by Flexotecnica to allow the make-ready of idle print units while the others are in print in the safest and most practical way.
The X12 features consolidated direct drive technology in addition to the numerical control system for monitoring the print process using friendly designed Touch screen and Icon interface with remote controlled wireless keypads of new generation (WI-FI technology).
The design of the print deck is further enhanced by a new "Pipeless" doctor chamber design that removes all ink piping from the operating area to outside the machines substantial side frames.

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Product category: Printing equipment for plastic and rubber products



The PRISMA 6 colour C.I. or stack type machine is a gear-driven basic heavy duty flexopress conceived for a wide range of applications giving high print quality and rapid changeovers on long and medium runs with reduced operating costs.
Each of the print elements can incorporate Flexotecnica's fully enclosed chambered reverse angle doctor blade system and features rapid changeover of plate cylinders and anilox rollers with no tools required to open the hinged housings of the supports of plate cylinders and anilox rollers.
The FAST 1 operating system controls the print elements motorised positioning as well as automatic pre-registering with manual gear mesh.
Longitudinal register is remotely controlled and the print elements have a two-stage locking system which automatically comes into action as the press speeds up.

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Product category: Printing equipment for plastic and rubber products

Flexo Combined


If we look at modern flexographic installations you often find machines with complex designs that meet every kind of market requirement. These demand the research and development of many different combined machine configurations with on-line flexo or gravure operations.
These combination presses are designed either to tackle problems related to the nature of particular critical printing materials which require coating before printing (primer) or to produce sophisticated graphic structures of some packages, mainly for foodstuffs, which require brilliant or protective over lacquering of the printed layer both in the flexible and rigid packaging market.
These operations of coating before printing or lacquering after printing, either in continuous or registered pattern to the print, both on the front or reverse of the web, can be performed in flexo with a downstream flexo unit equipped with independent vertical drying hood which allows additional operations without jeopardizing the maximum performing speed of the machine.
If for specific products you need to apply a cold seal, wax or PVC coating, then you have to utilise one or more gravure units in-line with the flexo machine.
The majority of the flexo lines for printing and converting folding carton feature in-line flexo units to perform additional product forming operations in register to the print on the C.I. drum. These lines for folding carton production are then completed by platen or rotary die cutters produced by the Cerutti Group.
The introduction of the direct drive technology has undoubtedly favoured the engineering of these combined lines as it provides a quick and precise digital synchronization through a digital axis between the print and all the online additional equipment which follow after the C.I. printing section.
The commitment pursued by Flexotecnica in the projecting and manufacturing of these combined lines produced for the market worldwide witnesses the development of flexography which has allowed this process to achieve high quality standards.

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Product category: Printing equipment for plastic and rubber products



If the true advantage against competition is the coordinated integration between the consolidated production experience of the end user and the proven know-how of the machine manufacturer, the highly engineered printing press MEGAS fully meets this challenge.
In fact where the requirements of finished specialty packed products demand very wide web printing presses and for big printing repeats it becomes imperative to search solutions which maximise their usage to achieve profitability.
Suited for longer runs, this printing press is equipped from 2 to 8 print decks, either with central impression or with independent impression cylinders (stack type); the MEGAS is ideal where the dimensions of the package require to design a large format supporting structure with extremely robust mechanical solutions, in addition to a high standard of automation to gain efficiency and reliability.
The total automation, extended to all press areas and functions, features the entry of a printing job and its computerised information management through the numerically controlled FNC-3000 system linked with a quick and safe change of print cylinders and anilox rollers assisted by the robotised SAFELINK® system.
Another area where press automation becomes essential to gain efficiency is the inking system with the application of on-press automatic wash-up system SPEEDY CLEAN which provides auto cleaning of all inking units thus assuring faster ink changeovers.
Only significant developments taking place in the field of robotics and CNC deck positioning, digital drives and controls can help gain constant profitability for flexo producers who rely on this type of wide web presses for the production of their big packaging sizes.

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Product category: Printing equipment for plastic and rubber products



The series "XG" (Formato Grande) gearless press has been designed to meet the demand of industrial printing packages of big repeat, assuring high production performance even on wide web and offering quick change of print and anilox sleeve in the press.
Due to the maximum print repeat provided and the higher profile of the printing section, the machines of this range are further equipped with the "SRS" (Smart Ride System) composed of special trolleys with mobile lifting platforms for safer and more comfortable change of heavier sleeves and adaptors.
A number of optional devices such as the pneumatic ejectors for printing and anilox sleeves as well as the patented "SSC" (Safe Sleeve Change) which allow the preparation of idle units during machine run in the safest and most comfortable way, are available among the optional accessories of the XG.
As an additional option the print deck can be further equipped by a new "Pipeless" doctor chamber design that removes all ink piping from the operating area to outside the machines substantial side frames.

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About us

Company details

FLEXOTECNICA was founded in 1979 but started its production in 1980.
In an industrial concern of approx. 8,600 sqm covering an area of approx. 25,000 sqm Flexotecnica employs on average 120 people.

Flexotecnica is specialised in the manufacture of reel-to-reel flexo printing presses from a minimum print width of 600 mm. to 3,200 mm., both with central impression drum (c.i. version) or with independent impression rollers (special stack version), from 1 to 12 printing elements, suitable for printing all flexible materials used for packaging industry, paper and cardboard as well.

Besides a wide models of flexo presses, this Company has available combined lines allowing for additional processes such as coating of special glues on gravure downstream units or solvent-based /solventless laminators as well as platen/rotary die-cutters for the production of carton boxes.

The products of Flexotecnica are strongly characterised by their heigh technical nature, still increasingly developing and by the constant search for solutions aimed at safeguarding the internal and external enrivonment of each printing house.
Since1994, when OMG Cerutti of Casale Monferrato entered the majority shares, the presence of Flexotecnica on the flexo foreign markets has been further strengthened especially in USA and in the Far East.
Cerutti is a world leader in the production of printing presses for publishing magazines, catalogues, inserts as well as rotogravure presses for packaging.

Flexotecnica exports world-wide over 85% of its production and through Cerutti sister companies can offer technical and commercial assistance worldwide.
High technology with products, flexibility in engineering and dynamism of its staff jointed with an outstanding capability of meeting or anticipating the market needs, has placed FLEXOTECNICA among the leading companies in the world manufacturing flexo presses for packaging.

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