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Our products

Product category: Single screw extruders

Extrusion Lines

The extrusion division includes a wide variety of plant for the transformation of PE, PP, PA and PET polymers.

All our lines are conceived to offer our costumer the optimum combination of quality and flexibility, based on half century long experience.

The Extrusion Lines are designed to ensure the smallest investments compared with their high productivity, to cover the requirements of many markets sectors, maintaining at the same time a high level of reliability and efficiency, not to mention the top quality of the final products.

Click on the plant of your interest to find out all the technical information.

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Product category: Single screw extruders

Compact System T20

This new extrusion line represents an important novelty in the field of extrusion of plastic material. The name it self is self-explanatory, in fact, in one-bloc unit, with a basement of 2100x5750mm, 6 tons of technology are installed, wich are a basic system for the production of 30 tons per month of final product or , in other terms, where a production up to 50 kgs/h can be obtained on a space of 20 feet.

As the system is placed by SIMA GROUP on a basement, the installation is the easiest and most immediate that can be done. In fact, for the whole equipment there is an electrical plug, a water plug and one for the compressed air and, after these simple connections the system is operative.

We could say: "give me three connections and the rest is at SIMA care". Then, to obtain the final product, the line could be completed with winder or accumulator plus twister following the proved concept of "In Line System" from granule up to the final product.

The Compact extrusion line is mainly designed for small production of Raphia for twines and ropes, tape for weaving, monofilament and straps.

Compact System T20 containes all basic phases and the whole technology of the industrial lines as: melting, meetering, dosing, quenching, stretching, annealing, cooling and can be personalized following the customers request.

This application-oriented concept is directed towards different market situations:

Laboratory line.
Line for research according to new raw material, new additives, new master batch etc.
Line for development on new personalized final products.
Line for "niche products" uneconomic for industrial lines.
Line for small production lots.
Line to be used directly in the yard or in the consuption site and finally to produce 50 kgs/h in non stop operation.

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Product category: Single screw extruders

Techno Artificial Grass

Complete Extrusion Line for Artificial Grass Yarn


Artificial grass is the last wonder application of the pastic textile sector having worlwide demand with double growing trend. Polypropilene, polyethylene, nylon are the basical raw material mainly used for producing yarn for sports, leisure & landscaping applications.

The artificial grass industry is a deep B2B market with a supply chain involving a broad range of process: polymer supplier, yarn producer, handling, tufting, up to field installation and maintenance. All of these process are strategic to realize a first quality product and service.

In the artificial grass sector, SIMA put in place its wide experience on extrusion and handling process to develop complete turn key solution producing twisted bobbin yarn ready to be tufted. Fibrillated ape, various shape monofilament mono and bi color/material, having technical features comply with sport associations standard (FIFA/UEFA) or simply accordindig to specific customer requirements, can be produced on SIMA synthetic grass equipments.

PROCESS SIMA artificial grass production process means:

User friendly touch screen interface to allow easier leading production process. High technology to keep under control the process then the product; this is SIMA way to have a constant quality level in the time: dimension, shrinkage, elongation, color distribution, denier constancy.

from 600 up 3.500 Tons/Year capacity, SIMA Extrusion lines are all tested in house before to be delivered in assembling condition ready to produce suddenly. Small consumption of spare parts and energy due to the tailor made design of the line.

From fibrillated tape to monofilament, artificial gass last generation yarn can be produced by the same technology to meet different market requirements just changing set up in few minutes.

Precision in dosing raw material and additive in feeding process by gravimetric unit. Extruder designed for a wide range of applications and equipped by metering pump to keep constant the yarn weight. Dedicated solution for new cross section to enhance some performance like elastic memory or co-extrusion technology for more natural look.

Streatching unit equipped by combinated air/water oven to perorm the softness and shine. Different technology to control the relaxation of the different shape.

Flexible multi-position winder with "no yarn loops" technology guarantee perfect package form and same length in collected filament. Oiling unit available in or out of line.

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Product category: Single screw extruders


From the close co-operation between a polimer producer and SIMA, a new polyethylene product able to achieve characteristics not possible before, is born. HE 1908 from Borealis is a new high density modified polyethylene developed by the Danish Company in close co-operation with SIMA. A material finalised to the monofilament product, generally used for fishing nets and ropes sector. Thanks to Polytit, the new extrusion solution developed by SIMA which is able to go beyound the standard HDPE treatment, it has possible to obtain very special results. Among the fishing nets and ropes applications, the market is focused mostly on HDPE grades able to reach two key properties: tenacity and elongation at break. For tenacity, the best values from standard products and lines today set about 7.5 gr./D (66.8 cN/tex): these values do already establish an high level of material tenacity. The new polyethylene and the special extrusion line studied by SIMA, increase this property, reaching 11.5 gr./D (102.3 cN/tex). It is thus possible to appreciate about 50% of growth if compared with traditional products actually considered high tenacity. Furthermore the new system is able to obtain high output. The high elongation at break could be negative for fishing nets and ropes. Generally these vakues set around 22-25%, while the market asks for 16%. HDPE 1908 from Borealis and the new extrusion line from SIMA, can supply values of 14-16%. Both tenacity as well as the elongation at break results, have been obtained after 30 different tests. << We are particulary satisfied of these results, >> said Sergio Brina, Technical Products Manager at SIMA, << not only because we are able to supply material with special properties not possible before, but also because the valuation cost/performances of the system is particulary convenient if compared to the existing ones. >> In fact, the new extrusion technology by SIMA, has been focused on a careful study of transformation parameters which brought to an excellent flexibility up to an almost double output capacity (till 150 m/min, thet means 180 Kg/h) without affecting the excellent properties results obtained and with total cost similar to those of standard productions. The extrusion lines show some peculiar properties such as: 600 deners, 0.3 mm diameter yarn for a total quantity of 300 yarns. The final product can be used for fishing nets and ropes and also for hail protecting-gridsused in agriculture.

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About us

Company details

Since 1947 SIMA is a leader in the field of extrusion lines for fibers with a high technological content, rope and twine making machinery, producing high tenacity monofilaments, multifilaments, fibrillated tapes, tapes for bags, tapes and monotapes for artificial grass, PP and PET straps (from 100% PET bottle flakes), packaging and fishing industry.
Complete know-how is supplied together with the Extrusion lines TECHNOSTRAP , TECHNOROPE , TECHNOFIL/POLYTIT, TECHNOPOLYSTEEL, TECHNOTAPE, , TECHNOSPIN/TECHNOYARN and Compact line Mini Genius COMPACT T20, an important novelty in the field of extrusion of plastic material.

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