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  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.03  Post processing machines and downstream equipment
  • 03.03.005  Winding equipment

Our products

Product category: Winding equipment


Prestretch is the process that allows stretch film to be stretched before being applied to a load. Finished product thickness depends of raw material and could be only 5 pm - 6 pm. Still keep some power and tear resistance, enough for packaging. In case of the pre stretch, less film is required to wrap a pallet than in case of any standard products. As much lower quantities of the product are used to wrap the load, this provides for substantial financial savings and possibility to calculate film consumption per month, for example. The main advantage of the machine is pre stretch effect while winding. According to technical tasks film tension may reach 400%. The machine enables stable work and average output of 50 ton per month. It is the best choice for getting hand and machine pre stretch film rolls.

Pre-stretch rewinder technology allows to use thin wall paper cores, which reduces cost of final products and transportation. One more advantage of pre-stretched film rewinder is less garbage after using film, because the weight of pre stretched film in several times less than standard film.

Our company offers high-performance, reliable machine with easy electronic tension adjustment and 2 stages pre stretch rewinder system, which allows to reach maximum possible speed for your material.

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Product category: Winding equipment


Fully automatic machine "PSF CORELESS 250" is designed special for rewinding stretch film from jumbo roll into small rolls without core at high speed. Coreless is a process that allows to reduce the cost of production due to absence of cardboard cores, simplify logistics solutions of company. The rewinder enables stable work and average output of 100 ton per month.

It is the best choice for getting hand and machine coreless stretch rolls.

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Product category: Winding equipment


SAR is semi-automatic slitting and rewinding machine for stretch film. It slits film into 2 and more of webs. This semi- automatic rewinder for stretch film is available in two variants: SAR-600 (600 mm - max working width) and SAR-1000 (1000 mm - max working width).

It is compact and easy in usage rewinding machine which can be applied for different types of film: PE and PVC stretch film, PP, HDPE, LDPE, shrink film, etc.

Reliability and reasonable cost makes this stretch film slitter-rewinder is ideal for manufacturers who process small volumes of material.

Main advantages: Simple control/ Reliability! Longitudinal web cutting/Possibility to use for hand, machine, mini rolls.

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About us

Company details

Class Engineering LTD. develop equipment for rewinding and cutting various roll materials, print the logo on the adhesive materials, as well as for the production of cardboard core. Through constant innovation today our company is a manufacturer of high-speed and very high-yield rewinder stretch film around the world marked the certificate of conformity of the European Union.

We have many patents and certificates, and by experienced designers and engineers are constantly improving each model of equipment, making it a reliable and cost effective. Fast, professional technical support 24 hours a day, allowing customers to achieve continuity of the production process and ensure a planned production volume of the finished product.

The growing competition in the market of packaging hardware requirements of high efficiency and rapid return, fully comply with these requirements rewinders stretch film released by Class Engineering LTD., as evidenced by 12.5% of the world Stretch rewound with these machines.

In recent years,we are focused on caring for the environment, so the combination of equipment such as high technology, and reducing energy consumption, pollution and waste in the production of customer.

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