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  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.02  Machinery and plant for processing
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Extrusion lines for blown film

Our products

Product category: Extrusion lines for blown film


More than a five layer

CMG 5 layers coextrusion lines satisfy the increasing request of production of plastic film with “barrier” effect for food packaging and packing of medical instruments and liquid or powder chemical products, as well as of polyolefin films normally produced in three layers.

The lines are equipped with the new blowing head type CBH 600/5S, manufactured according to the solid technologic basis of the CMG extrusion heads, representing their natural evolution.

Characterised by an extremely compact central feeding and by an ideal equilibrium between outputs and intuitive easy use, this head enables the end user to feel himself sure facing a technically sophisticated and engaging production.

Thanks to the so reduced dimensions and mass the CBH 600/5S allows quick production changes, while the very short flux conducts with circular section grant absence of risks of stagnation or material overheating

zones and minimal residence times.

The extruders configurations and the layers distribution are designed depending on the final application.

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Product category: Extrusion lines for blown film


High performance, up to date technology, cost effectiveness in a Customer oriented coextrusion line

The increasing request for machines dedicated to the production of innovative plastic film,technologically advanced and economically advantageous, is the basic criterion for the development of the new INNOEX Coextrusion Centre machines. The production of high-quality film requires:

- a continuos avant-garde evolution of the basic technology regarding screws and extrusion heads, cooling rings and systems for internal bubble cooling, haul off and winders;
- an always more complete and efficient process control;
- the details’ care in every production phase: from the project choices up to the selection of the materials’ components and treatments, from the assembling up to the installation, from the start-up to the assistance service all along the machine’s life.

These elements, all together, guarantee the production of planar and smooth film, with controlled thickness, with severe and repetitive optical and mechanical features, with defined and constant width, winded up layer per layer at the correct tension in order to produce reels with cylindrical geometry, planar sides and without creasing.

Process controlThe operator’s interface is graphic, intuitive and multilingual.

Every component is continuous(ly) monitored through a PLC.

Set Point of temperature and speed, gravimetric dosing, linear weight control, thickness profile, start-up and turning-off ramps, recipes management, reports, management of events and alarms are the typical performed functions.

The remote connection through LAN is standard.

LSW winder

Today the LSW winder is available in various useful widths, motorizations and configurations.

The classic disposition is double winder back to back. On choice, the machine can be supplied single or front to front.

Peripheral winding, peripheral with assisted centre and gap.

The reel formation takes place on horizontal guides so that the contact pressure is not influenced by weight’s components of the reel itself.

A dancer system grants the constancy of the winding tension and the speeds’ synchronization.

CR400/650 air rings and IBC

The dual lip technology allows to obtain big air volumes without jeopardising the bubble stability, resulting in an increase of hourly output and improvement of thickness profile. When adding the IBC internal bubble cooling system, the cooling efficiency will result to be improved, giving to the film a major transparency.

Hourly production per diametrical mm of die : 1,3 - 1,4 [Kg / (mmxh)].

Bubble stability with blow ration from 1,2 up to 3,5 and more.

(Special inserts on demand for specific dedicated productions).

Optional thickness control system with closed air ring.

The points of strength of the machine

- 3 layers extrusion head CBH 500/700 with radial distribution;
- Employment of forged materials to prevent deformations due to thermal cycles;
- Project of channels and spirals assisted by a program of flows calculation for the employment of a wide range of materials. Shear rate optimized to prevent the incrustations, reduce the residence time and speed - up the structure ‘s changes. Uniform flow’s distribution inside the spirals in order to obtain a reduced variation of the film thickness.
- Surfaces of slide chromed to thickness.
- Interchangeable male. Warming male.

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Product category: Extrusion lines for blown film


The new utility for coextrusion

“Evolution” is born to satisfy the market’s increasing demand for coex lines

dedicated to the processing of multilayer films made of polyolefins and biodegradable materials with increased quality and technological standard, easy to install, with the capability for rapid production changes, efficient in various application fields, and with limited overall dimensions and power consumption.

In a word: with high profit.

The strong points of the “Evolution” line are the extrusion components which are at the top end of technology: extruders with A/C motors driven by inverter, screws with barrier profile, 3 layers extrusion heads with radial distribution and chromed internal surfaces, dies with interchangeable male.

High efficiency air ring with dual lip technology, bubble stability achieved over a wide diameter range with an internal bubble cooling system using cooling fans controlled via inverter.

The TA winder, characterized by its “user friendly” simplicity, is available for different line speeds up to a maximum of 150 m/min.

The operator’s panel is a graphic intuitive and multi-language interface driven by PLC.

The line configuration enables to limit the overall dimensions.

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Product category: Extrusion lines for blown film


Technology and compactness: floor space optimization and reduced installation times

The range of blown film extrusion lines for polyolefins and biodegradable materials has been studied in order to optimize floor space and to reduce installation and start up time.

The extruder and dosing system, the extrusion head and dual lip cooling ring, the control cabinet and the cabling, the cooling air and water distribution, constitute a uniquely functional pre-assembled block which is pre-tested on a modular basis.

The remarkably compact characteristics and the quality of the RotoCompact lines are confirmed by the technological level of the different components:

a.c. motors for extruders and various components, provide the best compromise for energy consumption, investment and maintenance cost;

extrusion screws with variable lead barrier profile, give production flexibility over of a wide range of raw materials including the most recent polyolefins and biodegradable materials;

extrusion head with centralized feeding and dual lip air ring ensure a high productivity of uniform film with optimal thickness tolerance and without creasing;

modern and functional rotating haul off, a must for the production of lay flat or tubular film with high quality rolls;

models of winders available with various configurations and production speeds, able to satisfy the highest performance requirements ranging from the simplest products to the most complex sophisticated ones.

RotoCompact is a widely tested machine that meets the highest demands from the market. This is confirmed by the large number of installations widely diffused throughout the world.

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Product category: Extrusion lines for blown film


Up to date technology minimum investment

The production range Utility meets the requirements of Customers looking for simple and versatile extrusion plants with a limited investment budget, however with the added value of Italian know-how and accuracy.

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About us

Company details

CMG Srl saw the daylight in 1963, starting as a job shopping engineering company specialised in components for the helicopter industry, with as main client Agusta.

Having gained a reputation almost from the very beginning as being a highly reliable, quality oriented supplier, CMG was soon approached by various suppliers of machines for plastics processing to manufacture components to drawing.

When a deep crisis hit the aviation industry in the early 1980’s, the owners decided to abandon completely the aeronautical market and to concentrate 100% on the plastics industry, designing and manufacturing ever more components for Italian and foreign machine suppliers.

Mid 1980’s CMG then started to design, manufacture and market complete blown-film lines under its own name, initially limited to mono-layer. In the early 1990’s also co-extrusion, mainly 3-layer, was added to the program.
Today CMG has installed in excess of 1.200 machines all over the world with new markets in full development.

In the last years 60% of the lines sold were 3-layers machines, even more sophisticated in terms of winding and cooling technology and automation.
At present CMG operates out of two sites with a total area of 10.000 sqm employing 80 people in various disciplines. The output capacity is 40 complete lines per year, depending on size and complexity, each of which is thoroughly tested before being shipped.

The plans to move to a new bigger site to be able to digest the ever increasing demand have been recently realized with the purchase of the company MAM, also manufacturer of blown film extrusion plants and specialized in HDPE processing. By this operation the building sited in Olgiate Olona, the brand and the technological know-how of MAM have become property of CMG, so enlarging the production capacity of the company and strengthening the leader position in extrusion.
 The production of our lines is completely performed inside the plants of our society, by articulating in the phases of project, production, assembling and testing, this last one always preceding the delivery of the line to the customer. After delivery, it follows an activity of assistance “after-sale”, representing the “qualitative” characteristic of CMG products, with specialized technicians able to directly assist the customer, that is through a “customer service” on line.

An ample network of agents follow our clientele world-wide, many of them being able to offer technical assistance and consulting related to processing problems and development of new films and to recommend the customers during the pre-sale phase regarding the most suitable lines for the production type to be obtained, especially in the remote markets.
After the realization of the plan of the past three years during which CMG revisited certain technologies and introduced a fairly innovative approach in some specific areas the trend of the company is more and more orientated towards a highly specialized output and a growing efficiency, always characterized by quality and flexibility.

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