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  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.03  Post processing machines and downstream equipment
  • 03.03.008  Punching and perforating machines

Punching and perforating machines

Our products

Product category: Punching and perforating machines


Cutting System

Our CUTTERTEC machine range proposes cutting systems that are innovative, versatile and able to process a wide variety of materials. They can be used both on line, at a rate of up to 30m/sec, or off line. For any need, we offer a dedicated, customised solution ensuring quick, top quality cutting processes, by means of disks, bayonet mechanisms, rotary blades. All the machines in this range adopt an operator panel with a touch screen for parameter setting on user-friendly graphic pages. The machines are also equipped with an innovative self-adjustment function, whereby, by entering the actual values of the first cut performed, the machine is able to cut the rest of the output, from the second piece on, with the utmost precision. For improved cutting quality, disk cutters are fitted with a clamp, operated by a pneumatic cylinder, that blocks the profile in the desired position during the cutting process. The clamp has housings to facilitate the use of dedicated cutting jigs for each individual profile, resulting in improved cutting efficiency. Furthermore, Tecnofive supplies unloading belts of the desired length as well as material coil unwinding systems for off-line cutting operations. A cutting machine for every need


for gaskets in:

Reinforced rubber
Thermoplastic materials

for gaskets in:

Plastic materials
for gaskets in:
Non-reinforced rubber pipes
Plastic materials

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Product category: Punching and perforating machines


Semi-automated off-line finishing system

New dual-blade cutting system specially designed for huge production volumes. It consists of a bearing structure that can house different, fully automated processes:

Double cutting of rubber and reinforced rubber profiles


Polyurethane injections into the bulb for profile bending zones



Gaskets are cut to size in a single operation.

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Product category: Punching and perforating machines


Line drilling machine

The sponge bulbs are drilled directly on the extrusion line by means of an orbital drilling system synchronised with line speed: Max speed of 30 m/minute without line stops during drilling operations. Drill spacing programmable from a minimum of 100 mm to a maximum of 500 mm. Possibility to have from one to three drilling units as a function of the bulbs to be drilled. In systems using two or three head, the drill heads are mounted on a single base, mechanically connected by means of cardan joints or electronically connected by means of a double brushless motor ensuring the synchronisation of the two drilling units.


Holes are drilled without stopping the line

Flexible system that makes it possible to use different processing units in alternation

Possibility to work along different axes and at different inclinations

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About us

Company details

Tecnofive srl specialises in the construction of automation systems with a high technological content for processing extruded rubber parts with and without reinforcement.
All systems are produced according to the applicable EC safety standards and are supplied with the relative use and maintenance manual, wiring diagrams, pneumatic diagrams, lists of spare parts and the warranty of long-term after-sales service.
To meet complex market requirements, Tecnofive srl relies on an automatic and semiautomatic machine design centre and is constantly engaged in research and development activities regarding new projects and innovative solutions to improve and speed up the production processes.
Our vision is to be “First in Class” at international level in all performances affecting the satisfaction of our customers, shareholders, employees and suppliers.

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