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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.03  Post processing machines and downstream equipment
  • 03.03.004  Cutting machines

Cutting machines

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.03  Post processing machines and downstream equipment
  • 03.03.011  Bag and sack making equipment

Our products

Product category: Bag and sack making equipment

Bag Machines: Flat Belt

Bag Machines: Flat Belt
Built with heavy-duty construction, the Flat Belt is designed for rugged, reliable and  long-term operation for the production of side weld or mixed weld (twinseal) bags. With the options of plain or printed side weld, bottom seal or twin seal bags, a variety of bag styles can be produced.

Machine Widths:
30" (762mm) seal widths
42" (1066mm) seal widths
56" (1422mm) seal widths

Various Machine Options:

Heavy-duty construction designed for rugged, reliable, long-term operation
Plain or printed side weld, bottom seal, or twin seal bags
Hot wire or metal to metal
Servo driven draw rolls
Split or single lane
Patented two-way print registration
Side weld seal head
Bottom seal/twin seal attachment optional
Variety of unwind stands and attachments for many different bag styles
Optional Indexing Conveyor

Bag options include:

Pouch Seal
Fin Seal
Slider—Open End
Valve Bag

Attachments and Accessories


Various Machine Widths

30" (762mm) widths
60" (1,524mm) widths
80" (2,032mm) widths

Shaft driven
Surface driven
Inverse V-board
Strap Handle


Gusseters including disc style, stand-alone, rail mounted
Handle insertion
Longitudinal sealer
Angle sealers
Cross sealers
Handle cut-out
Patch handle, glue and heat seal
String and flanged zipper attachments
And many more!

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Product category: Bag and sack making equipment

5750W High Speed Servo Wicketer

The 5750W High Speed Servo Wicketer is a high performance wicketer designed to combine value and versatility. This innovative machine can cycle over 400 cpm, offers fast changeovers, low scrap, and consistent bag quality for high speed automatic packaging lines.

 Multiple Wicketing Bag Options include:

* Bread bags
* Vegetable bags
* Merchandise bags with patch handle
* Diaper bags
* Incontinence product bags
* Female napkin bags.

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Product category: Bag and sack making equipment

750SGBS Pouch Machine

The 750SGBS Pouch Machine is configured to large format, side gusset bottom seal (SGBS) pouches. Hudson-Sharp has extensive experience with SGBS pouch machines in the pet food and lawn & garden markets both in the United States and globally. The 750SGBS Pouch Machine efficiently produces side gusseted pouches from a single web with precise seal control. This machine can be equipped to produce pouches with Inno-Lok®, Pour & Lok™, and Zip360™ reclosable features.

Available continuous edge sealing addresses a wide variety of web structures (PE/PE, PET/PE, etc.), short set-up times, and pouch lengths in excess of 1000 mm.


Precise seal control with independently driven sealers
Servo driven web tension control
Side gussets forming from a single web
Upper and lower moving seal bars to protect seals
Light curtain guarding
Skip Cycle capabilities
Dynamic web guiding

Optional Attachments

Bottom Fold & Glue Module
Angle Sealer
Handle cutout
Inno-Lok®, Pour & Lok™, and Zip360™
Dual Blade Flying Knife
Bag StackingTrim Removal
Continous Edge Sealing
Rotary Edge Trimmers

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Product category: Bag and sack making equipment

Rotary Bag Machines: Bottom Weld, Draw tape Bag-on-a-roll

Hudson-Sharp Continuous Motion

Designed for high speed continuous production of high quality, interleaved, or connected bags-on-a-roll. Reliable and high efficiency production allows for easy maintenance and quick product changeover times.

Various Machine Widths:
 33" (840mm)
51" (1300mm)
87" (2200mm)

Various Machine Options:

Bottom Seal or Twin Seal
In-line with an extruder or out-of-line operation
Perforated (connected) or interleaved (loose) bags-on-a-roll (with or without core)
Individually folded and stacked bags
Optional clip feeder & taper units
Up to 600 feet per minute (190 meters per minute)
Draw tape capability
Suitable for a wide variety of bottom weld and twin seal applications including:

Bag Styles:
Trash bags and liners
Industrial bags/sacks
Tall kitchen can bags
Pedal bin bags
Swing bin bags
Dustbin bags
Freezer and point-of-sale bags
Clothes collection bags

Attachments and accessories for a variety of applications.

Contact your Hudson-Sharp Area Sales Manager today to review your specific application needs

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About us

Company details

About Hudson-Sharp Machine Company

Leading worldwide in the design and manufacture of plastic bag and pouch making machinery, Hudson-Sharp offers high quality solutions and service.

For over a century Hudson-Sharp provides converters with the best solutions for value-added high quality bags and pouches. Hudson-Sharp is renowned for its wicketers. This type of plastic film converting equipment produces a wide variety of plastic bags for the food industry and hygiene market in particular.

Our pouch making equipment with optional re-closable packaging solutions is ideally suited for the production of pre-made pouches, such as side gusset bottom seal pouches and stand up pouches. This type of pouch is widely used in the food, pet food, garden and feed industry. The Inno-Lok® pre-zippered roll stock and the Pour & Lok™ re-closable packaging solutions for pouches are exemplary of the high level of innovation at Hudson-Sharp

With manufacturing and sales facilities all over the world, Hudson-Sharp can respond quickly to any demand. The Hudson-Sharp Machine Company is located in Belgium, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, the Philippines and the USA.

Hudson-Sharp is a Thiele Technologies company, a leader in the design, manufacture and integration of high-speed packaging and converting equipment. Thiele Technologies is a division of the Barry-Wehmiller Group, a global supplier of manufacturing technology and solutions serving a diverse platform of industries--packaging, paper converting, sheeting, corrugating, engineering and IT consulting.

Hudson-Sharp machines can produce a wide variety of plastic bags and pre-made pouch styles including:

* Bread bags, vegetable bags
* Merchandise bags
* Hygiene bags, such as diaper bags, female napkin bags and incontinence product bags
* Deli bags
* Stand-up pouches
* 3-Side seal pouches, side gusseted bottom seal pouches
* Security pouches
* Bags-on-a-roll
* Folded and stacked trash bags
* Inno-Lok® pre-zippered roll stock
* Pour & Lok™ reclosable packaging

Our innovative team of engineers and support staff can also custom design machinery for your specific flexible packaging application. We support Hudson-Sharp, RO-AN, Amplas, FMC, Simplex and Printex.

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