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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.07  Integrated automation
  • 03.07.005  Packaging technology for moulded parts and semifinished products
  •  Equipment for palletizing

Our products

Product category: Equipment for palletizing


The PALLETISER TABLE is a machine that operates in semi-automatic mode, which sets up thermoplastic bottles, arriving from a conveyor belt, on surfaces consisting of parallel rows of bottles to be arranged overlapping on pallets.

The bottles are accumulated on the conveyor belt to form rows of a pre-set number of bottles. A pushing unit, located next to the belt, shifts the completed row on the table allowing the formation on the belt of a new row.

The total number of rows per layer is programmable.

Once the programmed number of rows has been loaded onto the table, the operator is notified by visual and audible signals of the completing of the layer.

Once completed, the layer is shifted manually by the operator on a pallet placed inside the palletiser, which is raised to the same height as the accumulation table. Once the layer is positioned, it is brought down to allow the deposit of the next layer.

The layer of bottles is moved by shifting a carriage through the dedicated handle. After the accumulation table has been cleared the machine starts the formation of new rows with the pre-set number of bottles.

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Product category: Equipment for palletizing

Collecting table

The pallet collecting table is a semi-automatic device for positioning thermoplastic bottles so that they can easily be arranged in parallel rows and then packed in boxes or pallets.

The machine operator simply inserts the empty box, closed on three sides, under the collecting table.
When the rows previously set on the operator panel are full, the pneumatic pusher does another run to expel part of the box positioned previously and create the space necessary for the new bottles so the operator can close the full box and position a new one.

This type of collecting table can also be used to cool the bottles before dropping them into the boxes, which can be positioned at the end of the table, on the ground, or on a conveyor belt, with piece counting and box changing.

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Product category: Equipment for palletizing

Cartesian axes palletizer

This machine consists of three main groups:

A system for automatically loading pallets
A motorized-roller transport system
A four-axis manipulation system

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About us

Company details

Thanks to the know-how gained in over 40 years of experience in industrial automation, and in collaboration with the leading manufacturers and users of equipment for the transformation of plastic materials, we are able to offer a vaste range of equipment and accessories that are the necessary requirement for the automation of all industrial processes. We are specialized in the following activities:

Provision of equipment and accessories for industrial automation
Automation of pre-existing equipment and subsystems
Design and construction of equipment for industrial automation "turnkey"

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