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  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.09  Measuring and test equipment
  • 03.09.007  Measuring and test equipment for optical properties
  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.09  Measuring and test equipment
  • 03.09.009  Accelerated weathering equipment

Accelerated weathering equipment

Our products

Product category: Measuring and test equipment for optical properties


The motor-driven SCRATCH HARDNESS TESTER 430 P is a universal testing instrument designed for carrying out a wide range of tests on varnished and plastic surfaces to determine their resistance to scratches and cuts. Single cuts, parallel cuts and - by turning the specimen by 90° - cross-cuts can be applied to test panels of various thicknesses.
The SCRATCH HARDNESS TESTER 430 P is particularly provided for adhesion tests using the cross hatch cut method (in accordance with all mostly required standards) and for specific plastics tests according with Opel (scratch resistance and writing effect). For these as well as for further tests numerous setting possibilites on the basic instrument and a large variety of test tools are available.
Using the SCRATCH HARDNESS TESTER 430 P, series testing can be conducted with much greater ease.
The results of testing are reproducible and well-defined.
The SCRATCH HARDNESS TESTER 430 P is power-driven and obtainable in two versions - with manual or with motor-driven force regulation. On the manual version it is a simple matter to adjust the test force to the exact pressure. The instrument with motor-driven force regulation provides the additional benefit of conducting a trial run with gradually increasing force. In this way, the force required to achieve a through cut can be automatically ascertained in the course of a "trial cut".

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Product category: Measuring and test equipment for optical properties

Wall Thickness Gauge MiniTest 7400 FH - 7200 FH

Professional, Wall Thickness Measuring Device for non-destructive measurements of up to 24 mm. The devices are suited for thickness measurement of non-magnetic materials such as glass, synthetic materials, stainless steel and composites and even complex component geometries can be measured.
The SIDSP sensor ensures high measuring precision and repeatability and compensates for temperature influences of the measuring environment and the measurement object. The sensors are equipped with carbide metal tips making them highly wear-resistant.
Thickness is determined by measuring the distance of a reference ball to the sensor tip.
A powerful magnet attracts the reference ball which holds it exactly over the sensor tip.
The Wall Thickness Gauge MiniTest enables non-destructive wall thickness measurement of:
·       Non-magnetic materials like synthetic materials, glass, ceramic, non-ferrous metals...
·       All kinds of hollow items like bottles, aluminium cans, glass and plastic containers with
        complex geometries...
·       Thermo-moulded parts like cups, cans, bowls...
·       Die-cast and moulded plastic parts, fibre compound materials, non-ferrous metals etc.,
        for e.g. in the automotive field (gear casing, body and interior components), in avionics
        (turbine components, combustion chambers, high-pressure pipes), in the medical field...

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Product category: Measuring and test equipment for optical properties

Abrasion Test Instrument Original TABER ABRASER 352

Resistance to abrasion is one of the most significant mechanical properties of any surface. The use of the TABER® ABRASER is counted among the most commonly used and best-known methods for testing durability and resistance to wear. In numerous national and international standards specific reference is made to this test equipment.
The Original TABER® ABRASER enables abrasion testing to be conducted on paint and other coatings such as rubber, paper, leather, ceramics, textile surface structures and metals. The equipment is suitable for use in research and development and for in-process and quality assurance controls.
The wearing action is caused by two abrasive wheels which are applied at a defined pressure to the material sample which has been mounted on a rotating specimen holder.
The selection of the most appropriate abrasion wheels or sandpaper strips is a further important prerequisite for practice-oriented abrasion
testing. There is a wide range of abraders available to suit the most varied specimen materials.

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Product category: Measuring and test equipment for optical properties

Material Testing Machines UNIMAT® BASIC

The compact material testing machines of the UNIMAT® BASIC serie have been specifically designed to facilitate quality checks simple and fast.
The  machines  are  available  with a capacity of 3 kN, 5 kN, 10 kN or 20 kN (higher forces on request).
The robust construction of massive aluminium and stainless steel makes these testing machines suitable for in-process controls.
For driving the cross-arm the Universal Testing Machines are equipped with electric motor drive (microprocessor-controlled, recirculating ball screw
and bellows).
The motor including controls as well as the measurement and control system are integrated into the desktop housing.
The force is measured via a strain gauge load cell.
All testing machines can also be operated as a stand-alone version (with internal software) - without a PC - or with an external Windows program.
The testing machines operated via control panel with foil keypad (LCD with 2-line display).
(at models 050/052 – integrated into housing;
at model 054/056 – side mounting or by remote control)

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Product category: Measuring and test equipment for optical properties

New Thickness Measuring Instrument PAINT BORER 518 USB

The PAINT BORER 518 USB operates in accordance with the standardised wedge cut method in which the specimen is cut in a defined angle.
With a high-resolution digital microscope (50 x magnification) with integrated light (8x white LED, adjustable), equipped with a 2 million pixels CMOS image sensor and scalable precision measurement, a direct image capture directly from the object is made.
With the new 518 USB, connectable to a PC, laptop/WINDOWS-tablet, a convenient digitally supported way is given for visual recognition/ detection/measurement and documentation.
An appropriate software is included.
The PAINT BORER 518 USB is a very compact instrument. All the principal components - the drilling device, the digital microscope, the specimen illumination and the battery - are enclosed in a sturdy housing.
A slide moving on horizontal slide-ways houses the drill and microscope and gives the PAINT BORER 518 USB its particular feature: the instrument itself does not have to be moved for measuring after drilling.

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Product category: Measuring and test equipment for optical properties

Ultrasonic Coating Thickness Gauge QuintSonic 7

Precision coating thickness gauge based on the ultrasonic pulse run-time method.
The QuintSonic 7 enables measurement of up to 5 coatings in a single operation.
It is possible also to measure polymer coatings like paints, varnishes and synthetic materials as well as glass, ceramic or metallic coatings on virtually any substrate. Varnish on synthetic materials, copper on ceramic, synthetic materials on wood, or glass on metal form the typical coating systems that can be measured by the QuintSonic 7.
As the first equipment of its sort, the QuintSonic 7 makes it possible to measure coatings on fibre-reinforced plastics, e.g. GFRP, CFRP, WPC.
The intelligent evaluation of the ultrasonic signal reading allows rapid recording of measured values of over 40 measurements per minute.
Simple calibration and graphic display of the test results on the A screen of QuintSonic 7 enables quick operability and versatile use.

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Product category: Measuring and test equipment for optical properties

Measuring System PHYSIMETER 906 USB

The Measuring System PHYSIMETER® 906 USB is used for the acquisition of mechanical parameters based on wire strain gauge sensors.
Two versions are available:
PHYSIMETER® 906 USB with an integrated force sensor and
PHYSIMETER® 906 USB to connect an external sensor.
The ergonomically designed housing made of anodised, high-strength aluminium, is provided with threaded bores at the front side so that an unproblematic connection to the ERICHSEN Testing Machines is guaranteed - as it was also the case with the preceding models of tensile and pressure measuring devices.
The data transmission of PHYSIMETER® to PC is made via USB interface (USB cable included in scope of supply).
The measuring and evaluation software PHYSISOFT 906 USB is available free of charge.

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Product category: Accelerated weathering equipment

Accelerated Weathering Instrument BANDOL WHEEL 532

The BANDOL WHEEL® 532 is a reliable accelerated weathering instrument in a compact design for acceleration of natural weathering.
Two versions are available:
BANDOL WHEEL® 532/I – designed for "Dry" weathering cycles, has been developed for the simulation of purely dry climates, to reproduce the photo oxidation process without influence of water.
BANDOL WHEEL® H 532/II is the „Wet / Dry“ version and is based on the classical version of the equipment in which an immersion phase of the samples has been added.
To achieve this, a tank has been installed in the lower part of the test chamber. The regulation of the solution’s level in this tank allows to adjust the proportion between „Wet or Dry“ cycles from a very precise, sure and reproducible way.
To complete the weathering cycle, a mask can be added in the equipment which permits the introduction of obscurity phases without switching off the light source (increase of the lamp lifetime).
A mean pressure mercury lamp, whose bulb is enclosed in a borosilicate shell, was  selected as the light source. The main advantages are: excellent efficiency of UV radiation (3 times more than Xenon lamps); negligible emission of UV C; balance UV A- UV B similar to the global radiation on the Earth surface; long lifetime and a very weak altering of the spectrum during the lifetime of the lamp.

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About us

Company details

Our company, ERICHSEN GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1910.

We research, develop, design and manufacture testing equipment and machines for the following fields of application:

Sheet Metal Testing,

Surface Testing,

Corrosion Testing,

Materials Testing.

As the world’s leading manufacturer of well-known and proven testing machine sand instruments for the coatings industry, we ensure that our experience and knowledge is incorporated into the development of our products. This results in perfect and innovative high quality products. These products meet global requirements on testing technology and exceed international demands on accuracy.

Within the control and monitoring of measuring devices we offer a calibration service for our testing machines and instruments as well as for machines and instruments from other manufacturers.

Our most important strength is the realisation of special test requirements from our customers. Together with our customers we develop either a standard solution or an individual version for their application.

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