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Product categories

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.05  Welding machines
  • 03.05.004  Ultrasonic welding machines
  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.05  Welding machines
  • 03.05.006  Friction welding machines

Friction welding machines

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.05  Welding machines
  • 03.05.008  Laser beam welding machines
  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.05  Welding machines
  • 03.05.009  Infrared welding machines

Infrared welding machines

Our products

Product category: Ultrasonic welding machines

New system for ultrasonic welding of plastics

For welding plastics when there are defined process specifications or when high-precision ultrasonic welding of sensitive components is required, Branson Ultrasonics has further enhanced its successful 2000X welding system. Its successor, the 2000Xc with its completely new control design was released in June 2015. By separating the integrated actuator for start-up and shutdown of the sonotrode as well as the build-up of power during the welding process, the new 2000Xc systems can be used much more flexibly and allow shorter cycle times.

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Product category: Ultrasonic welding machines

New Power Supply Generation for Ultrasonic Welding of Plastics

Coffee pads, drinks cartons, water bottles – in the packaging industry, plastics and composites have to be welded quickly, safely, and reproducibly. These are precisely the fortes of ultrasonic welding. Branson Ultrasonics has integrated a series of functions that improve process stability and weld quality into its new F models of DCX power supply that offer even flexibility to potential applications. Equipped with a PROFIBUS or Ethernet/IP interface, the new DCX-F power supplies can communicate with PLC systems in real time. Especially in complex automation systems, requirement for monitoring functions, parameter changes, and documentation can be coordinated from a central point.

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Product category: Laser beam welding machines

New Laser Welder GLX-3

The new GLX-3 Laser Welders from Branson Ultrasonics, a business of Emerson, delivers clean, high speed laser welding of large-format plastic parts with more complex geometries to meet the growing needs of automotive, appliance, medical, filtration, and other applications that require particulate-free welds with superior aesthetic quality.

The new GLX-3 laser welder incorporates advanced features, including Branson’s patented Simultaneous Thru-Transmission Infrared (STTIr) process, which heats, melts, and joins the entire weld line of two or more parts simultaneously. Compared to scan or trace laser welding processes, which must travel the entire length of the weld line to accomplish heating, Branson’s STTIr results in a significantly faster weld cycle on large parts, and more precise melt of the weld line.

The GLX-3 welder is designed for large-format parts that require greater laser and clamping power. It offers an expansive (1333 mm x 600 mm) high-speed, servo-driven lift table with a high overhead clearance, capable of accommodating single- or multi-cavity tooling with combined weights (upper and lower) of up to 500 kg. The GLX-3 offers four levels of laser power (1250W, 1500W, 1750W, and a maximum 2000W) a wider range of clamping force (1-25 kN), plus closed-loop, clamp-force control to meet the most demanding parts-welding requirements.

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Product category: Laser beam welding machines

Contoured Laser Technology - Laser Welding System 3G/3I

As one of Branson’s leading-edge clean joining technologies, Contoured Laser Technology meets the growing trend toward applications using performance engineered materials with increasing geometric complexity. CLT allows designers to incorporate visible, virtually

particulate-free weld lines into the product design for superior aesthetics, maximum product integrity, and enhanced production efficiency. It is capable of high-volume production of small to medium parts with excellent weld-to-weld uniformity using rapid weld times of 0.5 to 5 seconds.

The key advantage of the Contoured Laser Technology has over other laser welding systems on the market is its ability to melt the entire weld zone simultaneously and very quickly. Other process characteristics in favour of this method:


- Short cycle times
- Particulate-free weld joints
- Axial and radial weld joints possible
- Welding depth for quality control

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Product category: Friction welding machines

GVX Vibration Welder

Clean vibration welding is one of three Branson clean joining technologies, providing advanced, energy-efficient options for joining 2- and 3-dimensional contoured parts. These joining methods employ a method of preheating before the joining process begins, virtually eliminating particulates and “angel hair” that can cause inferior aesthetics and downstream manufacturing delays.

Branson continues to innovate and provide solutions with its next generation of vibration welders that deliver unprecedented welding performance.

The new GVX Series welders set a whole new standard of performance for vibration welders, including:

- Improved weld quality & consistency through continual feedback from closed loop sensors that ensure   accuracy and repeatability

- Lightning-fast, 2-second cycle time to support high-speed, automated applications

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Product category: Infrared welding machines

Contoured Infrared Technology (CIT)

The IR-80/50 Si is a compact welding machine especially designed for infrared welding of medium-sized plastic parts. It enables production of neat and clean joints with low-viscous polymers, which are difficult to obtain by means of conventional hot-plate welding due to adhesion of molten material to the heated element.

In comparison to existing drive technology, the servo drive of the infrared emitter and lower / upper tooling axes enables fast, highly precise and flexible kinematics. This results in short tool changing time periods and significantly improves consistency and reproducible results.


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About us

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Your welding application - our solution.

As a global trendsetter of joining technologies for plastics, Branson, a business of Emerson, offers  unsurpassed industry experience that helps you get to market quickly, with quality products, manufactured with the highest efficiencies.

Branson  has expertise in ultrasonic, vibration, clean-vibration, infrared and laser welding technologies – serving the automotive, packaging, textile, electronics and medical industries. With a global network of technology labs, manufacturing facilities and sales offices throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia, Branson can effective successfully meet your local or global manufacturing needs.

Show us your plastics application, we will show you a solution!

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