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Our products

Product category: Talc

Finntalc Is Consistent

The name says it all: Finntalc comes from Finland. It has become the benchmark for the production of paper, paints, polyester putties and cordierite ceramics. All Finntalc grades are purified in a cascade of multiple flotation cells. This process results in a tight definition of the talc composition, making this natural product similar to a synthetic chemical product in this respect. In combination with a precisely controlled particle size distribution, this ensures exact reproducibility in formulations. This is an essential requirement for high-tech applications such as tinting robots or automotive catalytic converters.
Where reproducibility is the limiting factor, Finntalc is the answer.

Finntalc D30E

Characteristics: Flotated, medium sized, double air classified, laminar talc with low oil absorption.

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Product category: Talc

Microtalc Is Pure

Microtalc grades are based on the highest purity talc ores, known as "pink lump". Its low alkalinity makes Microtalc suitable for food and personal care applications. Sterilized grades are available for pharmaceutical use. One ultra-fine, jet-micronized product acts as a titanium dioxide spacer in specialized deco papers.

Microtalc IT extra

Characteristics: Very pure, ultra fine, laminar talc with very high brightness.

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Product category: Talc

Plustalc Is White

Plustalc grades are very white, macrocrystalline and exhibit low loss on ignition. Their low iron content makes them ideal for plastics, especially in household appliances such as washing machines.

Special double classified "D" grades are available for high solid coating products with low volatile organic compound (VOC) content.

New low oil absorption Plustalc grades

Mondo Minerals has developed three new talc grades for paint, industrial coatings and unsaturated polyester putty applications:

Plustalc D30E
Plustalc D40
Plustalc H50

These grades are all targeted at high solid systems with low viscosity impact. All the grades are based on pure, platy and high whiteness Asian talc raw material. The features, target applications and benefits of these grades are listed in the table below.

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About us

Company details

MONDO MINERALS is a leading, multinational producer of innovative talc products with own talc mines in Finland. We provide the trademarks Finntalc, Plustalc and Microtalc. Being founded in 1967 as Suomen Talkki Oy we can look back to a long tradition of producing high quality talc. Our products can add value to a range of industrial applications - please visit us at the K! at our booth to discuss possible options for your application!

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Raw materials, auxiliaries

Target groups
  • Plastic product manufacturing
  • Rubber manufacturing / processing
  • Packaging / distribution
  • Vehicle construction / aerospace
  • Other industries
  • Universities, technical colleges