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Our products

Product category: Science and consulting

PIE - Plastics Information Europe

Strengthen your position in business negotiations!

PIE – Plastics Information Europe strengthens your position in business negotiations with customers and suppliers. Our polymer price indices are accepted as neutral market reports throughout the industry and embedded in countless supplier contracts. With PIE‘s wellfounded market analyses and forecasts you are always well-prepared for your price negotiations, and enjoy transparency and calculability in your daily business. As one of the most successful information partners for the European plastics industry, we have been supplying reliable business news for more than 44 years!

Market know-how, polymer prices, industry news

PIE provides you with up-to-date and reliable information about the plastics industry: from polymer prices to market reports, company news and product launches. Benefit from the professional expertise of our highly qualified and experienced editorial team, which prioritises the news and provides you with independent and objective market information. PIE researches and reports the market price of all important polymers, drawing on one of the largest networks in the industry. Prices are based on information gathered from converters, distributors, traders and producers, assuring a high degree of quality and reliability.

PIE – Plastics Information Europe offers

European market reports for standard and engineering thermoplastics, polyurethanes, recyclate, composites/GRP and feedstocks – more than 100 grades of polymer covered
time series and price indices ”MyPrices” 
individually configurable reports and e-mail alerts
detailed analyses and predictions based on well-founded background information
several comparative and analytical tools (chart generator, Excel downloads)
regular polymer price reports for North America, China and Russia

MYPRICES – Your personal price Report page

”MyPrices” offers you the chance to create your own report – and save it permanently to a personal page. All pricing information will be automatically updated and ready to call up whenever you need it:

individualised price reports you can put together yourself
the latest numbers at your fingertips
quick set-up in three easy steps
price information customised by and for you

One service – many possibilities

It is our goal to provide you with precise and independent market information at the right time, to offer you the greatest measure of support for your business decisions, thereby raising your chances of success.


The experts‘ online portal at www.pieweb.com. PIEWeb provides you with the facts and details that go beyond the printed newsletter:

daily news, on demand by e-mail
real-time polymer price and market reports
comparative and analytical tools (chart generator, Excel downloads)
polymer price reports for North America, China and Russia
archives containing all articles published since 1994, and much more.


PIE mobile is the perfect choice when you are on the road. At mobile.pieweb.com you can access the most important sections of PIEWeb – optimized for smart phone usage.


PIE print – on your desk or on the way: PIE‘s biweekly newsletter provides concise news and insights for busy plastics industry executives. For thousands of decisionmakers, the newsletter is a must-read.

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Product category: Science and consulting


Secure and optimise your purchasing strategy

The growing complexity of global markets is making life increasingly difficult for plastics buyers. In this reality, access to reliable, up-to-date information on the supply situation, readily available whenever required, has become indispensable.

However, data gathered in expensive market studies is quickly out of date and offers no evaluation flexibility. In addition, individually procuring this information is not only very time-consuming, but also rarely complete. With Polyglobe, all plastics players are kept reliably and quickly informed of both the present and medium- to long-term capacity situation at all times.

Online capacity database

Polyglobe contains global information on plastics and feedstock producers, production facilities and capacities. It is updated daily by PIE’s editorial team and its network. Polyglobe offers optimum market transparency, including in cases of forces majeures and availability, and provides comprehensive statistics and forecasts. You can select and present all the information quickly and easily with precisely the amount of detail you need.

In addition, further background information to many of the statistics is readily available to help you with your decision-making.

”Best in class” information – at prices everyone can afford

Say goodbye to the days of procuring expensive studies and spending hours selecting and processing data: With Polyglobe you can obtain all the information you need at the click of a button – and at a sensationally low price!

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Product category: Science and consulting

Spot Price Monitor

The trend indicator for your monthly price negotiations

With the price trend for European PE and PP spot material becoming increasingly important to the market in general, the lack of information on the trade in small and medium-sized volumes of top-notch European material has become ever more apparent.

The market realities tend to be obscured by existing international price service providers, whose reporting is limited to bulk volumes paid for by large producers, making it difficult to assess the real value of smaller lots. To shine some light into this darkness, PIE has complemented its monthly contract reporting by a weekly service highlighting the spot market developments of the most important plastic types.

Plastic types covered

LLDPE (C4) Film
HDPE Injection Moulding
PP Homo Injection Moulding
PP Copo Injection Moulding

What Type of information is available?

price table containing all plastic types detail pages for every plastic type with information on changes, range, feedstock notation, price trend, charts, etc.
chart generator enabling price comparisons
table including weekly reference prices
up-to-date market news from PIE – Plastics Information Europe

Your advantages

early identification of price trends
real-time information about price developments
setting the trend for processors: Traders‘ prices
market-driven reflection of trading conditions
competitively priced addition to your existing PIE subscription

The Spot Price Monitor can only be accessed as part of an existing PIE subscription.

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Product category: Science and consulting

Price Trend Analysis

Perfect timing helps lower your plastics purchasing costs

Polymer markets are inherently volatile, and prices reflect the everyday changes in economic developments, the arrival of new suppliers, political changes and financial speculations.

The price of polymers like polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene is influenced by about 20 different factors. Feedstock suppliers have very little time to assess the future market development and decide on the best time to buy. But how can you find the right timing?

PIE’s Price Trend Analysis is based on a unique concept developed by Wolf Polymere Solutions. A one of a kind analysis, it enables an early prediction of price changes and market turnarounds, and points the way to future trends. In so doing, the Price Trend Analysis provides you with clear recommendations on the best timing to buy and sell polymers.


What does the Analysis consist of?

The PIE Price Trend Analyses are not limited to an examination of the current state of and influences on the feedstock market. They also provide insights into the short- and mid-term future. The analysis is carried out from a neutral point of view and not tainted by thirdparty influences. Two weeks ahead of the start to the monthly contract negotiations you will receive an assessment of the anticipated change in monomer prices in the ensuing month. In addition, you will receive advice on how to act as well as further information on the current price trend.

Frequency of publication: monthly (12 issues/year)
Format: PDF
Sent by e-mail

What Kind of reports are available?

LLDPE (C4) Film
HDPE Injection Moulding
HDPE Blow Moulding (standard)
PP Homo Injection Moulding
PP Copo Injection Moulding
GPPS Injection Moulding
HIPS Injection Moulding

Your advantages

cost savings
risk minimisation
higher liquidity
greater competitiveness
timely support for purchases or switch to reducing stocks
reliable quality data based on long-time, successful trade experience

Free trial

To receive your complimentary Price Trend Analysis without any obligation, simply complete the online form. You will then receive an e-mail with the desired report (PDF).

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Product category: Science and consulting

Training, services and cooperations

Market know-how tailored to your needs

More than 5,500 European companies already put their trust in our data and we are able to offer products and services tailored to the specific requirements of your company, including Intranet solutions as well as varied advisory training and market research services.

In addition, we organise readers‘ trips to leading plastics industry fairs in the US and China, and orchestrate a number of conferences across the world on a wide variety of topics, from plastics markets to recycling and medical technology.

Our network includes cooperations with leading industry associations, with whom we collaborate on news feed, events and advertising. More than 44 years of experience coupled with a unique network of industry contacts testify to the fact that PIE is a professional partner for all your business tasks.

With business information from PIE you can

evaluate the market
understand developments
identify trends
negotiate successfully

Benefit from the professional expertise of our highly qualified and experienced editorial team. Do you need further informaton or tips concerning a special topic?

Just contact us! We look forward to your call: +49 (0) 6172 9606-0

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Product category: Science and consulting


The freely accessible information portal Plasteurope has been operating for almost 11 years and is part of KI – Kunststoff Information and PIE – Plastics Information Europe, one of the leading content providers for the plastics industry.

The site contains daily business news and reports, a suppliers‘ guide with entries on more than 3,100 companies, articles on new products and much more. The ”Job opportunities” section (powered by the German plastics portal KunststoffWeb) is one of Germany‘s most popular job portals. In addition, Plasteurope.com offers its readers special price reports for standard and engineering thermoplastics, the latest on polymer prices as well as the ”Plastixx” polymer price index.

Other useful sources of information are the event calendar and numerous movie clips about the world of plastics. Some of the articles offered by Plasteurope.com are premium content fed by PIE – Plastics Information Europe (www.pieweb.com).

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Product category: Science and consulting


Official German-language trade fair medium of "K 2016"

As a trend portal for plastics and rubber processors, the German-language K-AKTUELL.de keeps you informed at all times: Information on brand-new products and daily industry news ensures that you are always upto-date with the latest information – whether you are at your desk or out and about.

K-AKTUELL.de provides you with orientation during and after trade fairs and other industry events and also supplies you with news of the most interesting live exhibits.

During the run-time, you stay up-to-date with live blogs from the editorial team.

K-AKTUELL.de is your ideal online-advertising medium for reaching executives in development, technology, production and technical procurement: The trend platform offers a variety of advertising spaces – optimally flanked by weekly newsletters and individually designed, specifically deadlined e-mail blasts to more than 20,000 decision-makers in plastics and rubber processing.

Official trade fair journal for ”K 2016”

K-AKTUELL is the only official German-language trade fair magazine for the world‘s leading ”K 2016” fair held from 19-26 October 2016 in Düsseldorf. With eight issues, it informs visitors on a day-to-day basis of new developments, highlights and product premieres at the show, covering events and everything else that goes on at the trade fair.

K-AKTUELL reaches visitors through exclusive and targeted distribution at all entrances to the show, and as morning reading in many hotels in Düsseldorf and Neuss. Exhibitors also receive K-AKTUELL directly on their booths.

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Product category: Professional periodicals


Ideas for greater efficiency in plastics processing

The German-language K-PROFI trade journal helps you as a plastics and rubber processor to manufacture more efficiently, save costs and position yourself even more successfully among your competitors. Our modern industry magazine looks at trends in the markets for plastics and rubber and at innovations in machine, tool and processing technology. We offer you ideas, know-how and solutions.

We feature portraits of companies, people and production sites and we profile performances, achievements, competencies and strategies. Our experienced editorial team takes a neutral look at firms and their managers, and identifies criteria for success. In our trend reports for raw material production, machine engineering and processing, our experts analyse key developments in the plastics industry, assess trade fairs and industry events, and thus provide you with valuable orientation and appraisals.

Our exclusively researched portraits of successful plastics and rubber processors provide you with an important stimulus for setting your future course of action, as well as ideas for exploiting trends. They also offer practical orientation ahead of any decisions you may have to take. Journalistic reports help you as a plastics and rubber processor to keep tabs on interesting suppliers and support you in selecting partners in procurement, mould design, production and sales.

With our exclusive content, we offer you the ideal editorial environment for your advertising messages to plastics and rubber processors.

Our target group: The top decision-makers

K-PROFI reaches more than 12,000 top decision-makers in plastics and rubber processing in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We focus on managing directors, executive engineers and technicians in procurement, development and production.

Published 8 x a year

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About us

Company details

For more than 44 years KI Group has been providing the plastics industry with up-to-date and reliable business information through its associated companies Kunststoff Information Verlagsgesellschaft mbH, KunststoffWeb GmbH and Kunststoff-Profi Verlag GmbH & Co. KG.

Our current business activities include comprehensive online portals in both German and English, printed newsletters, the magazine K-PROFI (German) and the official German trade show daily for K 2016.. Our product portfolio includes polymer prices (both contract and spot), trading reports, capacities, market analyses and forecasts, daily news, e-mail services as well as comparative and analytical tools for price research and comparisons. The range is completed by services tailored to specific company needs, including advice, training and market research in the field of plastics procurement.

When it comes to plastics procurement KI Group has been an industry leader for already more than 20 years. Our prices and market data are based on information gathered from an exclusive network of hundreds of converters, distributors, traders and producers, assuring a high degree of quality and reliability. Providing independent market information, the KI Group price indices are accepted throughout the industry and embedded in countless supplier contracts. More than 5,500 European companies already trust in our data and industry coverage.

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11 - 30



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Services for the plastics and rubber industries

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Trade, services