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Our products

Product category: Masterbatches

Standard Colors

To provide customers with easy-to-use dyes as well as reduce our lead time, we have standardized some of our popular colorants. Our standard black plus standard white colorants are available as pre colors and masterbatches in different engineering resins. Adhering to FDA as well as HMF standards, we develop high quality standard colors in short production cycles suitable for use in injection molding, blow molding, thermoforming, and rigid packaging applications.

Whether you manufacture parts using injection molding or extrusion, our standard colors are optimized to ease your processing tasks. Standard colors are available in a range of carrier resins, including ABS, PS, EVA, PE, Nylon, PP, PC, and LDPE, while MC85571, LC85570, plus LC85569 are some of our new low cost standard black color grades. Our LC85569 range of utility black colors is perfect for low end injection molding applications where dispersion is not critical.

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Product category: Masterbatches

Dry Colors

Adhering to high quality standards and Lean Manufacturing practices, we formulate and manufacture dry colorants in powder forms suitable for a variety of applications in the thermoplastics industry. Our dry, free flowing, low dusting colorants and additive formulations can be used for coloring thermoplastic resins such as olefins, styrenics, nylons, polyesters, acrylics, as well as sulfone polymers.

In injection or blow molding applications, our dry colorants and additive products can be used for coloring materials developed in small production runs. These easy-to-blend dry colorants can also be used in the production of sample parts and for coloring rotational molded products. We produce dry colorants and additive products such as Dustless Black Dry-Chroma Color as well as Chroma-Clean.

Experienced formulators plus colorant suppliers at our state-of-the-art Color Matching and Quality Control Laboratories work with you to analyze your coloring requirements, to provide reliable as well as timely color matches. We precisely formulate and weigh-out dry colorants plus additives according to the specific heating as well as mixing cycles of your manufacturing processes. Using a high intensity mixing process, formulations of your colorants are uniformly mixed to gain optimal color and consistency.

Finally, agglomerate-free blends, with excellent pigment dispersion quality, are custom packaged according to your unit size requirements. We can package colorants in gaylords, drums, boxes, or bags of varying quantities according to customer requirements. By packaging products as large unitized loads, we can safely ship them to the specified destination, facilitating reduction in your material handling costs.

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Product category: Masterbatches

Liquid Color

Custom compounding liquid colorants for thermoplastics, prepared from a blend of pigments, dispersion aids, carriers, and various additives, is our specialty. We manufacture liquid colorants as well as additive packages suitable for use in extrusion, injection, and blow molding applications. Our liquid colorants, free from agglomeration, migration, streaking, splay, and plate-out, are compatible with all types of olefins, styrenics, as well as engineering resins. Based on your specific packaging requirements, we can ship liquid colorants in drums of varying sizes to the specified location.

To enhance the physical properties and appearance of final products, we manufacture functional additives such as antioxidants, slip agents, UV blockers, plus photoluminescent pigments that can be incorporated into liquid colorants. By using our Low Taste and Odor (LT&O) additive packages that are available in both liquid and pellet masterbatch forms, packaging companies can solve their Taste and Odor (T&O) issues associated with the manufacture of bottles as well as closures.

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About us

Company details

Chroma Corporation's private ownership allows our expert polymer and color engineers to be independent and unbiased as they select from over 50 engineering resins and hundreds of pigments, additives and modifying additives to tailor a thermoplastic compound designed to meet your specific end-use requirements.

Our specialty compounds can provide multi-property solutions in a single material, reducing manufacturing costs and speeding time to market while providing the freedom necessary for product designers and engineers to realize their vision for applications spanning every major market segment.

If your in the process of product development, let Chroma Corporation solve your material challenge by formulating a custom compounded material optimized to make your product a success – don't compromise with another suppliers "standard product" offering.

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