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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.01  Machines and equipment for preprocessing and recycling
  • 03.01.010  Recycling plants
  •  Recycling plants for mixed waste
  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.02  Machinery and plant for processing
  • 03.02.001  Extruders and extrusion lines
  •  Extrusion lines
  •  Extrusion lines for pipes and profiles
  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.02  Machinery and plant for processing
  • 03.02.001  Extruders and extrusion lines
  •  Extrusion lines
  •  Extrusion lines for composites

Our products

Product category: Compounding lines, Twin screw extruders

Lab Scale co-rotating extruders

ICMA’s Lab systems are perfectly equipped for use as development units with the same process engineering features and equipment applied to production scale extrusion lines in order to ensure reliable and safe scale-up. These units are extremely compact and user-friendly.

Modular screws of the co-rotating extruder with several geometries and different barrel designs are combined with a wide range of ancillary equipment to deliver maximum flexibility.

Who should buy?
Companies studying new processes and/or upgrading an existing formulation before going into production. Also ideal for producing small batches.

The ICMA lab-scale co-rotating extruder can be an important addition to any operation and can help

• Minimize operational risks of new formulations before going into production
• Minimize time to market and “payback” period of new developments
• Minimize risks related to “intellectual property” compared to external development
• Improve ROI by decreasing the risks, costs, and time of new development.

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Product category: Compounding lines, Twin screw extruders

Turn- Key Compouding and Extrusion plants

Since the very beginning, ICMA has been specializing in providing turn-key plants from raw material feeding to downstream equipment.

These engineering capabilities are supported by many successful customers who have chosen ICMA as a turn-key solution provider. All phases, from design, construction, assembling, test and final production, can be customized according to customer’s needs.

ICMA offers the advantage of a skilled and agile company for fast and reliable delivery.

ICMA turnkey solutions incorporate other major brands for equipment not manufactured by ICMA itself, such as dosing and cutting units. So our engineers can choose the best solution for each project according to the specific needs of a customer. ICMA can also offer personnel training before delivery to decrease operational risks.

Each line is tested and debugged at ICMA before delivery to allow customers immediate production after assembly at the factory site.

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Product category: Extrusion lines for pipes and profiles, Compounding lines, Twin screw extruders

Wood-Plastic profiles

ICMA is a specialist in offering turn-key solutions for the enitire process plant. 

ICMA's exclusive direct extrusion system produces in one step the extruded profile with unique advantages of:

The main advantages are:
1) Energy savings
2) Less space needed
3) Simple logistic management
4) Substantial cost savings (investment, management …)
5) Formulations adjustable in-line
6) Maintain a proprietary in-house manufacturing process
7) Only one heat/shear history

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Product category: Twin screw extruders, Compounding lines, Recycling plants for mixed waste, Extrusion lines for flat film and sheets, Extrusion lines for pipes and profiles, Extrusion lines for composites


Our experienced laboratory personnel and versatile equipment help customers solve a variety of research and development challenges, including both pilot- and pre-production testing. Our lab facility includes a pilot line with a twin-screw co-rotating extruder (MCM/25) for running preliminary suitability and processing tests on a variety of materials and compounds.

Second-phase pre-production testing is performed on our industrial extrusion lines. The lines are equipped with a full-sized, twin-screw co-rotating extruders MCM/60HT and MCM/42HP suitable for verification of specific production parameters on extruded flat sheets or pellets, or laminated in-line sheets with a combination of different materials.

An advanced simulation software is also available, to conduct scientific analysis before and after laboratory tests
To help customers maximize their investment, we conduct training seminars on co-rotating technology. Our seminars extend beyond basic operations to processing knowledge that can make a difference in a competitive marketplace.

 Since 2004, ICMA has also delivered such training services through the European Center for Plastics Applications development (CESAP), sponsored by the Italian Plastic Machinery Manufacturers Association (Assocomaplast).

Our service team operates our HELP DESK 16 hours/day.

We offer a deep inventory of the most important extruder parts for rapid, “off the shelf” delivery.

We provide in-house support and manufacturing capability for screw elements, barrel sections and important mechanical components such as gear boxes to help guarantee quality control.

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Product category: Recycling plants for mixed waste, Twin screw extruders


The co-rotating technology delivered by ICMA comes in handy when:

> there is a need to process materials that are hardly recyclable with traditional technologies

> you want to obtain a material with higher features to replace virgin materials in technical applications

> you need a very high production capacity. In these terms, it becomes more and more frequently the case of companies normally using single-screw extruders for the recycling of materials from post-consumer, that when it becomes necessary to expand their business, they choose to almost double their production capacity by replacing the existing single-screw extruders with the same number of twin-screw co-rotating ones.

> Another advantage, not negligible considering the trend of the energy costs, is represented by the very high energy efficiency that the co-rotating technology guarantees.

Notwithstanding all these assessments, is still difficult to "sell" these benefits when you have to extrude a seemingly simple product: it must be taken into account, however, that only the co-rotating technology has the unique opportunity to engineering the recycled materials by adding fillers or reinforcements thus giving a much larger and profitable opportunity to the market.

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Product category: Twin screw extruders, Compounding lines

High Volume & Special execution co-rotating extruders

Designed and engineered to satisfy a specific market demand, the newest HV Series is based on high free volumes in the melting chamber.

This concept allows for the highest production performance for compounds requiring a low specific energy, such as:

Highly-filled compounds
Wood-Stock, Wood plastic compounds (WPC)
PVC compounds
Flame-retardant compound HFFR

The chart below shows, given a fixed size of extruder and maximum available speed, the difference in productivity between the standard HT and the HV along with the changes of specific energy consumption tied to the process.

Special extruders for production of reactive or thermo-sensitive compounds (eg. XPE, PVC, Halogen-free) are also available in three versions:
• Clam-shell Barrel
• Sliding Barrel
• Cascade Design where a co-rotating extruder is combined with a short single-screw discharge extruder for added pressure build up prior to pelletizing

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Product category: Twin screw extruders, Compounding lines

High Performance - HP class

The HP (High-Performance) family combines a boosted torque (16 Nm/cm3) with a higher freevolume of the screw channel with a D/d Nominal ratio of 1.65.

In addition to boosting torque and volume, we enhanced this new extruder family with a series of technology solutions to improve energy efficiency. That includes a high-efficiency water-cooled AC motor and an innovative insulation system that reduces heat losses at the barrel. The HP family is designed for the most demanding compounding applications, and capable of processing materials that require high specific energy, with higher yields, while reducing energy consumption

A clam-shell barrel execution is also available on request.

This line represents the perfect combination of high-torque, high free-volume, and high energy efficiency.

The HP family was developed through sophisticated production techniques and attention to material selection

The development process was supported by the mechanical department of the Polytechnic of Milan, which ran calculations, laboratory tests and Fem developments to certify final mechanical performance.

The extruder is available at ICMA’s laboratory for testing and trials.

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Product category: Twin screw extruders, Extrusion lines for flat film and sheets, Extrusion lines for composites

Direct extrusion lines for LAMINATED and/or MULTILAYERS sheets

In addition to all the advantages of the extrusion/compounding process there is also the in-line lamination, allowing the production of complex products for special applications such as:

> Moquette coupling to a substrate having polyolefin matrix possibly recycled with mineral fillers
> Deadening noising articles for the automotive industry with polyolefin matrix and mineral fillers
> TPE/TPO waterproof membranes with an high content of flame retardant and multi-lamination with textile or plastics nets and non-woven fabric
> EVA/PET foils laminated with textile or plastics nets and non-woven fabric for shoes industry
> Thermoplastic rubbers laminated with textile nets for the production of conveyor belts

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Product category: Twin screw extruders, Extrusion lines for flat film and sheets, Extrusion lines for composites

Pioneer in extrusion technology for Wood Plastic Sheets (know as "Wood-stock technology")

Our knowledge in mixing natural fibres and a polyolefin roots back to the early 70's when ICMA successfully pioneered, first in the World, the process technology for producing a thermoformable sheet for automotive interior trims made of virgin or recycled polypropylene and wood flour. This patented technology became a world wide success in the automotive industry with more than 50 plants worldwide , delivered during the last decades to the major car component manufacturers. This technology came to be known as WOOD-STOCK™.

- Direct extrusion systems for WPC sheets
- Direct extrusion systems for sheets filled with natural fibres - rice husk - coconut shell - hemp. ....

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Product category: Twin screw extruders, Extrusion lines for flat film and sheets, Extrusion lines for composites

Direct extrusion lines for Filled/Reinforced Sheets

The direct extrusion allows the production of all the "special" filled or reinforced sheets having high technological value with higher performances at considerably reduced production costs.

Higher performances obtained thanks to a single melting cycle, granting the polymer to maintain its original characteristics and a really contained degradation level.

Low production costs due to:
> Elimination of compound production costs (energy, manpower, etc.)
> Processing mark up (out-sourcing)
> Much higher energy efficiency of the corotating extruder
> Possibility to use simpler formulation (less additives)
> Improved flexibility with the possibility of a fast formulation change

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Product category: Twin screw extruders, Compounding lines

High Torque - HT class

The HT extruders have speeds from 150 to 750 rpm and are available in sizes ranging from 30 to 140 mm. Equipped with modified gearboxes and screw shafts, they can transmit up to 40% more torque than conventional extruders of the same size and screw speed. The HT line is designed especially for those processes requiring high specific energy

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Product category: Twin screw extruders, Compounding lines

Standard high & low-speed co-rotating extruders - V class

Available in ten different sizes, ranging from 40 to 220 mm. Extruders are normally configured for the specific process, and optimized to fully exploit the engineered modularity. High-performance barrels constructed of nitride steel can be supplied in different L/D ratios with air or water cooling system options, and equipped with optional wear-resistant liners

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Product category: Twin screw extruders, Extrusion lines for flat film and sheets, Recycling plants for mixed waste

Direct extrusion lines for Sheets made from Recycled materials

The direct extrusion of sheets made of recycled resins allows the value increasing of a "poor" product.

The use of a corotating extruder allows the feeding of recycled scraps with a low selecting level, therefore cheaper.

From industrial wastes or selected post consumer scraps it is possible to obtain sheets having good mechanical properties that can be engineered with the addition of mineral fillers or reinforced and possibly further improved with the application of co-extruded aesthetic film.

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Product category: Twin screw extruders, Extrusion lines for flat film and sheets

Direct extrusion lines for Special composite sheets

We offer to our customers our engineering capability, obtained thanks to a long experience in extrusion, to manufacture special extrusion lines where the corotating extruder technology can grant an added value.

In these years we have set-up various special projects such as:

> Extrusion and in-line forming of co-extruded corrugated sheets made of PVC highly filled with PMMA
> Extrusion of dimpled foils made of 100% recycled polymers for building industry
> Hollow profiles made of filled PP/HDPE
> Extrusion lines suitable for the production of a core panel made of filled PP and flame retardant coupled to an external Aluminium layer on both surfaces

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Product category: Twin screw extruders, Extrusion lines for flat film and sheets

PET Film & Sheets - Dryless technology

The use of packaging is exponentially grown in the ‘90 and this has generated enormous problems in the waste disposal. This, in addition to a new global ecological awareness, led to a research aimed to the valorisation of the plastics wastes.
The simplest products to identify and select are the PET bottles; a circuit for PET flakes recovering / selecting / washing has been created, introducing in the market a big quantity of very good quality scraps.
Transforming these flakes into a value-increased product is exactly the best example where an ICMA's twin-screw corotating extruder can show all its quality and advantages.

> The extraordinary feeding capacity of a corotating extruder allows the introduction of even 100 % recycled scraps without affecting the machine throughput.
> The extrusion of a PET thermoformable foil with a corotating machine is a very cheap process with halved energy costs in comparison to the traditional systems.
> Exploiting the extreme efficiency of the corotating extruder degassing system, it is possible to process the PET without the need of dehumidify and consequently crystallize the flakes before extrusion. All this maintaining a degradation degree, natural for PET, within well acceptable limits for the intended final applications.

Dehumidification & crystallization are processes requiring high-energy consumption and avoiding these phases, in addition to the typical low consumption of the corotating extruder, you can get a decisively competitive production cost.

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About us

Company details

Since more than 50 years  ICMA SAN GIORGIO supplies turn-key plants for Compounding and Extrusion processes with customized engineered solutions. These systems are equipped with state of the art co-rotating twin screw extruders to cover a wide range of demanding formulations like highly filled /reinforced compounds, techno-polymers, HFFR, XPE, TPU, TPE, biopolymers, WPC and composite sheets or profiles.
ICMA is the ideal partner for flexible and reliable systems  where tailor-made solutions meet high performance and efficiency.

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