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  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.01  Machines and equipment for preprocessing and recycling
  • 03.01.011  Separating and sorting systems for waste

Separating and sorting systems for waste

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Product category: Separating and sorting systems for waste


Sorting system based on Ultra-High-Speed Laser Spectroscopy for separating plastic flakes and granulate from foreign, colored and contaminated materials

The economic viability and quality of plastic recycling is highly dependent on the efficient and reliable removal of impurities. The systems currently available on the market focus predominantly on materials which differ from the accepted flow either visually or in terms of physical parameters and which can be detected using conventional methods. The challenge are materials which cannot be separated at all or only at great cost using conventional methods. In a PET product flow, such materials include e.g. nylon, PVC, silicone, barrier substances used in food packaging, PLA as well as black material.

POWERSORT 200 separates the following from a high quality plastic flakes or granulate product flow in one single process step:

* foreign plastics like PVC, PC, nylon
* foreign materials like silicone, paper, glue residue
* colored flakes / granulate
* flakes/granulate with barrier substances
* contaminated flakes / granulate
* black material

POWERSORT 200 uses a patented measuring procedure, based on ultra-high-speed laser spectroscopy. By referring to an impurity's spectrum, i.e. its physical "fingerprint", POWERSORT 200 is able to detect and separate it from the product flow. Up to 1,000,000 spectra are recorded and evaluated every second. Depending on the type of impurity, separation levels of 98 % and above can be achieved – with a minimal loss of product. Unknown materials can also be separated using positive detection.


* paves the way for a new approach to quality assurance, especially for bottle-to-bottle recycling and can be used where visual methods are not suitable.
* provides recyclers with future-proof technology because new materials such as PLA can also be separated.
* can be used to separate colored material; e.g. glue residue, timber etc. from brown plastic flakes.
* delivers high levels of sorting efficiency as the detection thresholds and blow-out units can be set individually, i.e. for specific materials.
* improves the economic viability of recycling processes, e.g. because TiO2 dyed material is distinguished from crystalline material and the valuable crystalline material remains in the product flow.
* can be used in all established recycling processes for in-process control and quality assurance.

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UNISENSOR specializes in sensor system technology for the recycling and bottling industries and industrial gas suppliers. For sorting applications, e.g. in the field of PET bottle-to-bottle recycling, UNISENSOR provides a unique, patented technology based on ultra-high-speed laser spectroscopy, thus overcoming the limitations of conventional sorting methods. UNISENSOR’s new technology is capable of addressing sorting issues that were once considered impossible to resolve. These issues include the detection of silicone, PVC, blends, PLA as well as black material in the process stream.

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Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries