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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.01  Machines and equipment for preprocessing and recycling
  • 03.01.010  Recycling plants
  •  Recycling plants for sorted waste

Our products

Product category: Recycling plants for sorted waste

COMBI 8080S-GR700 for plastic boxes

COMBI 8080S-GR700 fitted with automatic bins tipping system, suction plant with dust removal system and automatic filters cleaning just installed in Chile at WENCO Company.

The client uses this plant to shred and recover plastic material coming from its manufacturing wastes.

By pressing a simple button the PLC is able to perform loading, crushing, grinding, dust removing and packaging inside big bag of the shred material.

The equipment controls automatically all the phases of the shredding process.

The system is connected to ISVE by Internet to continuously monitor the operation and previously signal any anomaly.

The warranty of this plant as well as all ISVE range of products is 24 months guaranteeing the high reliability of our plants.

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Product category: Recycling plants for sorted waste

T-CUBE project

Just completed the T-CUBE project, first and revolutionary system for the recycling of car tires completely assembled inside the container or upon a trailer. This line for PFU can separate with high efficiency rubber from harmonic steel and canvas. The core of the system is the newest T-AIRSEPARATOR developed by ISVE and already used in several situations with great success.

The throughput of the system is approximately 1.000 kg/h of car tires.

All the machines are assembled and tested directly at our company.

The recovery line is then ready to use and it does not require special mounting and installation. For further information or quotations, please do not hesitate to contact our company.

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Product category: Recycling plants for sorted waste

Separation system for shampoo and detergents

Just installed in Moscow for L’Oreal multinational company a shredding equipment model 6080S fitted with separation system of liquid detergents (shampoo, conditioners, etc) from plastic bottles.

Once the material is charged into the machine by using a forklift, the bottles are cut in big pieces and discharged onto a separation conveyor-belt with their contents.

The separator belt has the task of letting pass the shampoo holding the plastic material.

After a rough filtration, liquids are packed in tanks of 1000 liters, while the solid part is discharged into bins.

The system is provided with load cells and level devices signaling the filling of tanks and bins to the operator.

The PLC adjusts independently the washing of the shredder and separator belt at the end of the cycle.

The system, designed with special care in terms of safety and ergonomics, has been certified according to the strictest regulatory principles by APAVE.

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Product category: Recycling plants for sorted waste

Recycling system for aluminium radiators

Complete line for grinding aluminum radiators with iron pipes inside. With this system, we obtain the perfect separation between the two metals.

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Product category: Recycling plants for sorted waste

Single-shaft shredders "MR" series - 2013

Alongside the traditional 4-shafts equipped shredders, I.S.V.E. proposes a series of single-shaft equipped shredders with pusher-drawer.
These machines are purposely studied to shred thick materials and highly resistant to cut such as plastic blocks and sheets, various types of timber, paper, extruded polymer pipes, etc.

Operation drawings

A pusher-drawer with hydraulic drive (4) pushes the material towards a tools-holder (3) roller (2) which carries out the first breaking and thanks to its rotation and to the COUNTER-BLADE action (6) makes a first breaking and the shredding of the product.
The product passes through a drilled screen, which allows establishing the final sizes of the material.

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About us

Company details

I.S.V.E. designs and manufactures shredding equipments such as single-shaft shredders, double-shaft shredders, four-shaft shredders, combined systems and granulators customised to meet customer requirements. Its plants have been widespread for years in all European and in many extraeuropean countries.

ISVE products come in 3 lines:

“Tritotutto” industrial shredders line are machines specifically made to shred both urban and industrial wastes such as plastic, paper, cardboard, wood and packagings, fruit shells, fruit stones hide scraps and leather, barks, cans, tyres, waste wood, etc. Models range from the smallest and simple one (5,5 KW) to the model with a larger loading inlet and higher performance, with the installed power capacity up to 30 KW. Please visit the “shredding demo videos” area of our website, to see this versatility.

“Combi” series: shredder with an in-line granulator, capable of producing final chips ranging between 12 and 4 mm suitable for shredding bulky plastic material, paper documents and wood.

Industrial single-shaft shredders with hydraulic pusher-drawer, complementary systems for double and four shafts shredders. These machines complete the range of I.S.V.E precrushing system. Said machines are particularly suitable for shredding high specific weight elements such as plastic blocks, big pieces of wood, pallets, paper documents, extruded polymer pipes, etc

All, double and single shaft shredders may be equipped with several accessories such as K2D cutters, additional screens and vibrating screens, hoppers, automated loading carriages and containers, conveyor belts and may other system specifically studied to meet the customer requirements.

See detailed description of our lines of products.

ISVE staff is at your disposal for any further information in question you may need. We invite you to visit our showroom where you can carry out granulating, grinding and shredding tests.

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