Galdabini S.p.A.

P.O. Box 183, 21010 Cardano al Campo (VA)
Via Giovanni XXIII, 183, 21010 Cardano al Campo (VA)
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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.09  Measuring and test equipment
  • 03.09.002  Measuring and test equipment for mechanical or dynamic properties
  •  Measuring equipment for tensile stress of film,sheet

Measuring equipment for tensile stress of film,sheet

Our products

Product category: Measuring equipment for tensile stress of film,sheet

Straightening machines


How can we help you to improve productivity and product quality through straightening?
Market’s demand is oriented towards materials with high mechanical properties and fine tolerances, and this makes the use of automatic straightening machines a necessary step in production areas.


Measuring workpiece deformation, evaluating deviations in relation to the requested tolerances and pushing on the part to reduce its deformations.
Factors causing distortion:

Heat treatment;
Stresses from manufacturing processes;
Material handling.

Precision straightening is the key factor in achieving the following advantages:

Reduce costly machine operations such as turning and grinding;
Improve final geometry of the part (more uniform, better gear geometry);
100 % final inspection of parts.


Our experience in straightening gained over the past decades has led to the development of specific solutions, equipment, measurement and programming for every different part. We can provide a full range of straighteners with high performances, reliability and precision – suitable for shafts, bars, tubes, profiles, rings and forms.

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Product category: Measuring equipment for tensile stress of film,sheet

Material testing machines


Qualifying materials to guarantee ever-better performances is a common need in plastic and metal industry, where each design is bound to the functional features of different components.
A wide range of electromechanical material testing machines is suitable for bidirectional tests: tensile, compression, flexure, bending, cycle, constant load, resilience and many others according to International Standards or customer procedures.

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Product category: Measuring equipment for tensile stress of film,sheet

Hydraulic presses


Our hydraulic presses reach the highest levels of productivity and quality for the production of pieces in different shapes, sizes and weight. A wide range of presses and trimming beading machines enable us to offer the best sheet metalforming solution and satisfy many drawing requirements for steel and aluminium in household goods (electrical houseware appliance, oven components, sinks..) fire extinguishers, gas cylinders, filters and automotive components.
We can offer automatic production lines with dies, transfers, robotics and working units for trimming, beading and punching.

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About us

Company details


We are a “worldwide family company”, well aware of our responsibility towards customers, partners and employees. It has been over a century since we manufactured our first machine. Nowadays we go further than just manufacturing machines, we innovate in testing, straightening and metalforming.
Galdabini strong values and philosophy put customers first, working with dedication and commitment to come up with the best technology and set new standards in the machine industry.

Our heritage
The company has always had a strong vocation for innovative solutions. The initial artisan activity of maintenance and repair of the local born textile factory, almost immediately turned out into construction of machines

Innovation is our culture
For us, innovation means new solutions that meet new requirements and needs. This is accomplished through more effective machines, processes, services, technologies and ideas that are all readily available to satisfy customers’ requirements

Green thinking
Galdabini already operates with 100% eco compatible power production by means of solar cells, so becoming self sufficient in terms of energy consumptions

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