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Product category: Nozzles

Machine bolt shut-off nozzle type BHP

- pneumatic / hydraulic actuation

The pneumatically or hydraulically actuated machine bolt shut-off nozzles type BHP are used in processing of thermoplastics.

In this nozzle’s favour are: Cycle time reduction, shut-off in the nozzle of the melt-stream while withdrawing or dosing. With the BHP nozzle Herzog has designed a system which allows a single throughgoing melt flow channel. Therefore a much bigger flow channel is possible and that is responsible for a reduced pressure drop. With this single channel principle the so called “Memory effect” can be avoided. With the single channel system a cleaning of the unit is done within very short time (similar to an open nozzle).

Finds application in: Packaging, automobile and leisure industries, medicinal and electronic equipment.

Operation: The assembly integrated actuator (pneumatically or hydraulically activated) controls a radial positioned bolt via a lever mechanism. The melt flow is therefore process dependently separated. The bolt mechanism is constructed in such a way, that with overpressure an automatic opening of the nozzle is ensured. In contrast to a needle shut-off system, the separation takes place further back. Because of this a longer bore exists between the nozzle orifice and the shut-off unit. For some applications this may not be suitable.

Modules for filters, mixers and GAIM-applications broaden the range of shut-off nozzle products.

Prevents: • Air pockets during screw retraction • Material leakage when dosing with a withdrawn injection unit • Material leakage while vertically injecting

Applicable for special applications such as: • Physical foaming

Supported process control: • Actuator piston position sensors (indicates if nozzle is “open” or “closed”)

Productivity factors: • Shorter cycle times - increase in productivity • Increased process reliability and repeatability • Usability with increased back pressure - improved homogenization • Add-on capability (on tool side)

Options: • Filter module • Mixer • GIT • Process monitoring with piston position sensors on the actuator

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Product category: Nozzles

Machine filter nozzle type FN

A clean melt, free of foreign particles is necessary for the trouble-free and economical production of moulded parts. Almost all thermoplastics can be processed with the FN type filter nozzle. Only PVC is not suitable. By altering the melt flow this nozzle has an additional advantage of a mixing effect which can improve homogenization.

For this nozzle Herzog has developed a choice of two melt filters which are characterized by their compact, yet strong design and can be assembled and prepared for operation in the shortest possible time. The standard Herzog melt filter is based on a perforated screen as this design has less pressure drop compared to other filter types. This filter type is suitable for filtering particles larger than 0.6mm. The second option is based on a gap filter design which is used for filtering particles smaller than 0.6mm.

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Product category: Nozzles

Mold injector for Gas Injection Technology (GIT)

Gas injection technology
With gas injection technology, gas is injected into the plastic melt at the end of the injecting process. The injected gas displaces the melt on the inside thus resulting in a cavity being formed.

Short shot, cavity is partially filled with plastic melt. The plastic melt is pressed against the mold wall with the injected fluid. Full shot, entire cavity is filled with plastic melt. The injected fluid forces the melt into an adjoining cavity. Full shot back pressure procedure, entire cavity is filled with plastic melt. The injected fluid forces the melt through the sprue bushing back into cylinder vestibule.

The GIT (GAIM) mold injector
Gas injectors are installed directly into the mold. One or more injectors are assembled into the mold, depending of the size and geometry of the molded part as well as the fluidity of the melt. With an installation either parallel or diagonal to the form direction, the mold injector must be used with an extraction mechanism.

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Swiss precision engineering combined with over 35 years experience provides you with the best shut-off system on the market today. Quality, dedication and service are why we are the world's No. 1 manufacturer and supplier of needle and bolt shut-off nozzles for the injection molding industry.

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