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Product categories

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.10  Parts and components
  • 03.10.005  Heating elements

Our products

Product category: Heating elements

hotcontrol Thermocouples and RTDs

Thermocouples & RTDs are used for temperature measurement of heating elements, tools and molds. Therefore they are used in many industries:
Plastic, hot runner and packaging industrie.
Examples are temperature measurements at sealing jaws, extrusion machines, hot runner distribution plates and tube surfaces.
Designs: Mineral Insulated, Angle, Insert Surface, Ring, Surface and Clamping Band Thermocouples/RTDs (also with Baynet Cap or Flange).

Standard Types: Type J, L, K and PT100
Clöassification tolerance: Class 1 and 2 + Class A and B

Lead types:
GLS/GLS DHG (glass silk with braided sleeve)

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Product category: Heating elements

hotcontrol Temperature controllers

With a wide range of temperature controllers and thermocouples hotset offers complementary products to the heating element. Aligned to the heating element the hotset-control technology can be used for numerous applications.

In the scope of the advice a unified programme of heating elements, thermocouples and temperature controllers will be offered. Thus, the process safety can be guaranteed and the interplay of the components is clearly defined.

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Product category: Heating elements

hotflex Flexible Tubular Heaters

The flexible tubular heaters can be manually bent without any special installation tools in all three dimensions. This property enables a precisely heating of the tool, an improvement over rigid cartridge heaters. They are mainly used for heating of hot runner distribution plates in the plastic industries.

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Product category: Heating elements

hotrod Cartridge Heaters

Cartridge heaters ready from stock (express service available for many sizes) or as custom designs with power distribution, various attachments/protection sleeves, moisture protection options, certified according to UL and CSA standards on request, and much more.
Types: High Power Cartridge Heaters, Low Power Cartridge Heaters (bendable), Casting Cartridge Heaters and Knife Cartridge Heaters.
They are used in plastic injection mold, hot runner systems and packaging industries.

Order today until 10:00 a.m. hotrod heaters (type HHP), then they will be ready for dispatch tomorrow. With this service hotset makes the purchase of hotrod heating elements for his customers easier and reduces the delivery time considerably. We can only accept orders with a lot of 1-20 pcs. per order.
The express service includes:
- all standard hotrod heating elements with and without thermocouple with a diameter of 6.5 mm, 8.0 mm, 10.0 mm, 12.5 mm, 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch and 1/2 inch
- standard connection leads such as glass silk insulated, silicon and PTFE-insulated nickel leads with continous leads from inside or externally installed
- different connection sleeves such as flexible metal sleeving, braided metal sleeving, stainless steel sleeve, and GLS sleeving
- assemblies such as angular block, tube section, elbow, round angular block, screw-in nipple, removal aid and flange

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Product category: Heating elements

hotslot Hotrunner Nozzle Heaters

Hotrunner nozzle heaters are a heating soluation for nozzles. They included high precision power distribution, very low wall thickness or high surface laods with or without thermocouple. They are used for heating of hot runner nozzles in the plastic industries. Numerous connection options are available.

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Product category: Heating elements

hotspring Coil Heaters

Coil heaters are used for heating of hot runner and machine nozzles, hot runner distribution plates and sealing bars/jaws. You can choose it with various sizes, types, performances, coiling/exit options and other options (e.g. reflection tubes or clamping options) precisely matched to your respective application. Choose between our large stock range and a custom design.

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About us

Company details

The Company
Hotset Germany has specialized in developing and production of heating elements and temperature control systems since 1973. In Lüdenscheid and Malta they manufacture high quality heating elements and temperature sensors both as stock range and customer specific designed e. g. for plastics processing, packaging and die-casting industries.

With development of the coil heater a long term of innovations was started. By introduction of the hotflex flexible tubular heater and the hotslot nozzle heating element hotset established themselves as a well known partner to the plastics hot runner industry. They assure worldwide trusted logistics concepts. Subsidiaries in the USA, Singapore, China, India and Malta, a worldwide key account service and a growing distribution network enables hotset to be represented in more than 40 countries.

Hotset also specializes in Customer specific solutions: as an engineering service provider they optimize and design more and more complete heating systems for industrial applications. Therefore the organization breaks new ground and provides its customers with new products an essential competitive advantage.

As a global company, hotset's innovative processes and products are created by foreseeing customers needs worldwide. We are a preferred partner for employees, vendors and customers. In the fields "customers", "society + environment" as well as "employees" hotset has the following centres in order to realize this vision.

Hotset's aim is to provide optimum benefit to it's customers not only with regards to hotset products but also customer services.
Hotset wants to offer the best price-performance-ratio with optimum quality within shortest delivery times. The requirement to be a market leader with innovations will be emphasised in future with the successful marketing of new heating elements.
To provide excellent customer services, hotset offers fast response time, explores new markets on the basis of customer requirements and develops new heating solutions in cooperation with customers.

Society and environment
Hotset is striving to achieve above average profitability - resources are used responsibly and economically to be as environmentally friendly as possible. hotset also acts upon it's social responsibility as a preferred partner of their suppliers.

Hotset offers it's employees not only a secure career but also the opportunity to create further jobs. All hotset-employees are well-qualified for their positions. Their contribution to customer satisfaction due to their loyalty and motivation is largely responsible for the success of this company.

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