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  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.03  Post processing machines and downstream equipment
  • 03.03.004  Cutting machines

Our products

Product category: Cutting machines


TP15 - Technical details:

Model: TP15

Max. Coil Width: 1,550 mm

Max. Std Coil Weight: 1300 kes

Std. Coil Diameter: 1100 mm

Coil Core: 152 (6") mm

Min. Cut Format: 300 mm

Max Cut Format: 1000 mm

Cut Precision: +/- 0.3 mm

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Product category: Cutting machines

CTX Family

They are transversal sheeter models specifically designed to cut heavy materials. With a CTX it’s possible to cut all the same material types as the other families (see proper pages), but with a weight that can be reached the 1000 grams per square meter! So they are machines designed to cut cardboard, aluminium laminates and plastic films also with a some millimetres thickness.
They however are custom machines, built by Cavalleri following the customer’s needs. In fact the material types to be cut are so particular that needs specific machine designs, different for each case.
The constructive structure of CTX will be different than the one of the another families, because it musts to be more strength and resists to the stresses that the cut material types impose. So every CTX will be visually different. The structure also depends by the maximum sheets size that the customer desires. In fact there are CTX with default dimensions, but more in general Cavalleri can build machines for totally custom dimensions. The maximum cut dimensions are however upper than the Syncro or Electrical Axis case. Machines that produce sheets of 1500×2500 mm are common.
The identification codes of CTXs are quite different than the other families (see proper pages). In them are contained maximum length and width. So, for example, a CTX 15-10 model can produce sheets wide 1500 mm and long 1000 mm.
In the CTX case the machine hasn’t the collection drum, but the cut material is piled directly after the cut. It exists two different pilling modes, that determinate the two different sheeters names: “a squame” e “a getto”. In the first case after the knife there is a double series of belts that take the sheet and guide it on the pile; in this manner the sheet is slowing down and it doesn’t hit on the leveling squares on the high pile. In the second case there is only one series of belts, and the cut material is piled by fall. In respect to the material to be cut, it is mandatory choose the right type of sheeter.
The CTX machines are motorized like the Electrical Axis ones. So there is a motor to the towing and transport group and an another motor for the rotary knife. Usually, because the weight (and thus the inertias) are larger, the motors size are consequently chose.
The machine is designed to have a cut precision about one millimeter, and its speed is strictly related to the used material.
Also these machines, like in the Electrical Axis case (see the proper page) are managed by the touch screen operator panel, with few differences. Furthermore all the machine have a modem, usable to connect to the machine in remote mode. In that case it’s not necessary a technical intervention on site, but it’s possible resolve the problems come from the electronic parts directly in our offices, with a clear economization of time and money.
Cavalleri, thank to its technical support, is able to intervene and resolve all the problems the machine can have (of mechanical, electric or electronic nature). In every part of the world the machine is, it’s always possible to have a highest specialized technician to resolve every type of problem, for a totally machine revamping or only to answer at every question on the machine’s functionality. The reaction times are very quickly, to limit at the best the problem derived from the machine stop.

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Product category: Cutting machines

CT 19 (Syncro Family)

CT 19 - Technical details:

Sheeter                               Syncro

Model:                                 CT19

Reel Max Width:                   1950 mm

Weight Std Reel:                  1400 kg

STD Reel Diameter:             1100 mm

Core Reel:                          70 / 76 (3") / 152 (6")

Min Cut Lenght:                    230 mm

Max Cut Lenght:                   1030 mm

Cut Accuracy:                      +/- 0.1

Max Running Speed:             140 mm

Max Electric Power:               16 kW

Noise Emission:                    < 75 db(A)

Sheeter Total Weight:            4800 kg

Frame Material Type:             Cast Iron

Overall Std Dimensions:         2,9 x 4,8 m

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About us

Company details


A GUARANTEE OVER THE YEARS. CAVALLERI company, founded in 1932, is a third-generation family company.It works since more than 70 years in mechanical sector, through development and realisation of specific machines in the paper cutting sector and more in general in the packing one.

The first transversal cutter entirely studied and realised by CAVALLERI is dated 1959. At today more than 2100 cutters are installed all over the world, following the various market requests and cooperating with each single customer.

During the years, Cavalleri always has invested in research and development, conquered a very well position in our sector. The machines with highest quality, performances and reliability have permitted to CAVALLERI to acquire the name of “circular check”. In fact the used Cavalleri’s cutters are well requested and maintain an high value on the market.Our Company have been manufacturing machines for the converting industry for over 40 years, designing and making machines and particularly the automatic transverse cutters.

These machines are manufactured in different models and performances (working widths of 1050-1250-1550 mm): they automatically carry out the unwinding operations, the cut into size of the reels and the following piling up of the sheets on the collection table. The size lengths ranges from 250 to 1010 and from 500 to 1500 mm. A patented system allows the cutting of various ranges of paper, tissue papers, (very thin and electrostatic materials), etc. from 10 to 250 gr/m² and bristol board from 100 to 600 gr/m². The cross cutters can be tailor made according to the requirements of each customer and they can be equipped with a lot of optionals.

The Cavalleri Transverse Cutting Machines are sold in Italy and all over the the World and they are known for their strength, versatility and the perfect stacking of the cut material. Our high reputation among our customers and the high market value of the second-hand machines confirm their reliability and long life.

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