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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.01  Machines and equipment for preprocessing and recycling
  • 03.01.003  Size reduction equipment (crushers, shredders, grinders)
  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.01  Machines and equipment for preprocessing and recycling
  • 03.01.004  Screening machines, classifiers, dedusting systems for plastic pellets

Screening machines, classifiers, dedusting systems for plastic pellets

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.01  Machines and equipment for preprocessing and recycling
  • 03.01.008  Melt filters

Melt filters

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.01  Machines and equipment for preprocessing and recycling
  • 03.01.009  Compounding lines

Compounding lines

Our products

Product category: Size reduction equipment (crushers, shredders, grinders)

Granulators - SMP Series

A series of SMP models for the processing of pipes and profiles. These are self-feeding machines with a horizontal hopper for the processing of long pipes and profiles (6 and more meters, 230 and more inches). An additional feed hopper for offcuts and shorter pieces is available as well.

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Product category: Size reduction equipment (crushers, shredders, grinders)

Agglomerators, densifiers, plastcompactors

The densifier model HV is a system to densify flakes and regrind of low bulk density - e.g. shavings, film, fibers and foam - with. The agglomerate has a higher bulk density than the original flakes, it has good flow characteristics and can be extruded or injection-molded without forced feeding. In mixing silos (e.g. after film washing systems) densified material gives higher amounts of material in a mixing batch, thus producing a more equal mixture, compared to material not densified.

Compared to standard batch type agglomerators the HV densifier is a continuous process without adding water to the material. The flakes are being granulated and automatically fed into the agglomerator via a buffer silo. The densified material is being reground in a second granulator; an air classifier sorts out dust and fine particles and returns them again into the densification process for further agglomeration.
The agglomerator itself consists of two discs equipped with kneater pads. One of the discs is rotating with high speed; a drive power between 22 kW and 160 kW (30 HP to 220 HP) on the rotating disc generates the friction needed for the densification process.

Unlike other densification systems, the HV densifier creates little thermal decline of the materials processed. The melt flow index hardly changes. As no water is being added, there is no oxidation either.

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Product category: Size reduction equipment (crushers, shredders, grinders)

Washing, separation and drying lines

For post consumer or post industrial second hand, soiled and mixed plastics we provide washing, separation and drying machines and systems. The lines start off with waste material - often pressed in bales - and end up with clean, pure and dry regrind or flakes, ready for densifying, repelletizing or injection-molding. We supply systems for films (even very dirty agricultural films), injection-molded parts (used battery casings, bottle cases), and bottles (PE and PET).

Depending on the raw material the washing and separation lines can comprise the following processing steps:

storage of bales on belt conveyors or bale stores
debaling in a rotating drum or a screw crusher
hand sorting of big, easily visible foreign particles
opto-electronic separation of PVC items
pre-crushing to prepare pre-washing
separation of ferromagnetic particles by drum or belt magnets
separation of metals and heavy particles by pre-washing
size reduction and washing in a washing granulator or high speed shredder
separation of soiled water, fibering of paper in a friction washer
separation of different kinds of plastics according to their specific weight by a hydrocyclone or a swim-sink tank
hot washing for the separation of adhesives from polyester (PET) bottle flakes or other intractably adhesive contaminations
mechanical drying
thermal dryingstorage in special flake silos
water circuit and waste water treatment
densifying and/or extrusion with (if necessary) recrystallization and postcondensation

For details with regard to the different processing steps please see chapter individual components for washing, separation and drying.

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Product category: Size reduction equipment (crushers, shredders, grinders)

Pulverizers and fine grinders

Our fine grinders model SMF and our disc pulverizers model PU have been designed for the pulverization of plastic granules, regrind, soft and semi-rigid materials. The final particle size to be obtained ranges between 0-1000 microns and 0-200 microns, depending on the type and configuration of the machines.
Our focus and special knowledge centers on the pulverization of soft and rigid PVC, of PE for coating, rotomolding and the textile industry, of cellulose and the production of metal powders, e.g. calcium.

The fine grinders model SMF are preferably used for soft, fibrous, thin-walled and/or elastic materials, e.g. PE drilling and milling shavings or cellulose sheets.
The disc pulverizer model PU is used for grainy or brittle materials, e.g. PE-granules or rigid PVC regrind. We provide systems with and without screening machines, tandem systems with a pre-pulverizer for the raw material and a separate re-pulverizer for the oversize material returned from the screener.

For the pulverization of heat sensitive and/or explosive materials we supply nitrogen cooling systems and pulverizer lines that are operated using an inert gas atmosphere.

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Product category: Size reduction equipment (crushers, shredders, grinders)

Granulators - SML Series

The SML models are machines for normal, everyday use in the plastics industry, besides the press or extruder as the central granulator for larger parts, as edge trim cutters and for many more application possibilities.
Granulators of the SML series are available with rotor diameters from 220 to 800 mm (8 to 30 inches), a working width of 300 to 1450 mm (12 to 56 inches) and drive motors from 5.5 kW to 160 kW (7.5 to 210 HP). The C-types of the SML series are available with a space-saving fully integrated sound enclosure.

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Product category: Size reduction equipment (crushers, shredders, grinders)

Herbold HOG-Shredder - Series HGM

The New Series: Low Speed HOG-Shredders HERBOLD Meckesheim GmbH has developed a new series of low-speed HOG-shredders, expanding their product range: HGM series, available in two sizes - HGM 60/100 and HGM 60/145

Insensitive to foreign bodies due to an integrated shear pin couplingSmooth running due to the massive full-steel rotor and the V-belt driveLonger knife lifeMost inexpensive knife designArmour-plated housingExcellent access to the rotor and the cutting knives due to a horizontally divided housingLow-speed operation, less fines, dust and noise.

HOG-shredders of the HGM series have been developed for the reduction of difficult, especially tough material or material containing tramp material.

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Product category: Size reduction equipment (crushers, shredders, grinders)

Granulators - SMS Series

The SMS models are machines for extraordinary and heavy duty use: the size reduction of heavy lumps, tough fibers, extremely thin films or simply very large material throughputs. We manufacture machines with a working width from 500 to 2000 mm (20 to 78 inches) and motors from 22 kW to 250 kW (30 HP to 340 HP). The SMS models are preferably and widely used in the plastics and cable recycling industries, as they can be modified – with an equally high throughput – from the grinding of big and voluminous packing devices (barrels, crates, containers) to the grinding of large and heavy lumps and sheets.

Many SMS models are also available as washing granulators. They will granulate dirty plastics under high inputs of water. The friction during the granulation results in a very efficient washing. So, washing and size reduction are being combined in one single machine.

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Product category: Size reduction equipment (crushers, shredders, grinders)

Spare Parts and Service

Whether you have got a newer or older machine of the makes "Herbold", "Sima" or "Refakt" in operation, or any granulator, pulverizer or other size reduction system produced by any other manufacturer, we do provide service and spare parts for your machine.
Knives, screens, pulverizer discs, hammers, bearings, V- or conveyor belts are available. We perform repairs and refurbishings, whatever the reason for your production stop may be: long-term wear or a sudden stop after the break of a knife.

Upon request our service technicians will travel to your factory to do the necessary work at your site. Our service staff will set up your new machines and put them into operation; they will support your personnel in maintenance and repair tasks.

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Product category: Size reduction equipment (crushers, shredders, grinders)

Recycling with Herbold Granulators and Pulverizers

Agglomerators, agricultural film recycling, ancillary-equipment, densifier, densifiers, drying, drying lines, granulating, granulators, grinder, hammer mills, PE and PET bottle recycling, plastcompactor, Recycling, plastic pipe granulator, plastic pipe shredder, Bottle to bottle , plastic profile granulator, plastic profile shredder, plastic sheet shredder, plastics recycling, post consumer recycling, pulverisers, pulverizers, recycling lines, recycling plants, recycling-equipment, scrap recycling, screening-machine, second hand machines, waste recycling, plat, plaste, separation lines, Pipe, Shredder, waste... These are fields of recycling. And we are your contact!

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About us

Company details

Herbold Meckesheim GmbH www.Herbold.com is one of the leading manufacturers of size-reduction and recycling machines for plastics.

Herbold ’s machines are sold in Germany, Europe and all over the world. Round the globe, these machines are on display at some 15 plastics trade shows every year.

We are specialised in the recycling of waste materials from the plastics processing industry, the recycling of post-consumer, mixed and contaminated plastics, the pulverising of granulated plastics and plastic waste and numerous other applications in waste recovery, resource reclamation and material preparation for different industrial processes. Our main emphasis is among others on the design and the development of washing lines transforming contaminated plastics again into a high-quality product. Especially in the field of washing lines for post-consumer PET bottles Herbold excels as a leading manufacturer of high-quality plants.

Due to our modular system, our permanent stock of often needed components and our flexible cooperation with a large number of manufacturers providing our Purchase Department with technical equipment, we are able to supply many machines and plants in an surprisingly short delivery period, although our products range is quite large.

Part of our product line are: granulators with an integrated sound insulation, pulverising systems, shredders, plastcompactors, special granulators for pipes and profiles with a horizontal feeding device, in-line granulators for film and edge trims, single-shaft shredders, guillotines, hammer mills, pulverisers, washing, separation and drying lines and components.

Herbold provides after-sale-services and spare parts for machinery of our own production, as well as for similar machines from a great number of our competitors.

For tests with customers’ own specific materials our well equipped in-house technical laboratory is available.

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