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  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.01  Machines and equipment for preprocessing and recycling
  • 03.01.008  Melt filters

Our products

Product category: Melt filters

Polymer Candle Filters

For high-temperature, high pressure polymer processing applications.

For over 30 years, Purolator has been the recognized leader in porous metal filtration technology. With a variety of porous metal media to choose from, Purolator has met the stringent needs of customers in the polymer processing, aerospace, chemical processing, pharmaceutical, and nuclear power industries. Purolator offers you both standard and custom-made equipment to perfectly match your quality, productivity, handling and maintenance requirements. The best filter media and the most appropriate filter elements will be used in our monomer, pre-polymer or polymer filter systems. Challenge us and we will find the unique solution for your specific application.

Features & Benefits
Laser-Marked End Fittings
Each element is permanently laser-marked for ease of identification and traceability.

304L/316L Stainless Steel Media
All elements are made from 304L or 316L stainless steel filter media. They are ideal for repeated cleaning cycle temperatures up to 850° F and highly corrosive applications.

Extended Filtration Area
Computer modeling optimizes the number of pleats and pleat height to maximize the filtering surface area. In fact, pleated elements have over 3-4x the filtering area as cylindrical elements. This means lower differential pressures, greater dirt-holding capacity and longer on-stream life.

Quality Control
Every polymer filter element is bubble-point and air flow tested prior to shipment to ensure product integrity and performance

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Product category: Melt filters

Polymer Leaf Disc Filters

Constructed from sintered wire cloth laminates or sintered non-woven fiber metal felt media, these polymer leaf disc filters are the product of choice for polymer film and specialty polymer producers. The unique design and configuration of the leaf disc assembly maximizes the effective filtration area while minimizing the residence time of the polymer itself, thereby reducing the risk of polymer degradation.

Features & Benefits
Available Media and Micron Ratings
Porofelt® diffusion-bonded fiber metal felt depth media are available from 3µ - 60µ absolute. Poroplate® sintered wire cloth media is available from 10µ- 200µ absolute.

Materials/Method of Construction
Polymer leaf discs are available in 316L stainless steels and other alloys. These alloys, combined with our advanced construction/welding methods, result in excellent corrosion resistance and a useful life of many cycles.

Sizes & Center Hub Designs
Standard diameters are 7”, 10”, and 12”.
Standard hub designs are hard, soft, and semi-hard.

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Product category: Melt filters

Air Quench Products

Poroplate® air quench media are a proprietary media design featuring multiple layers of diffusion-bonded wire mesh. These precision-woven wire mesh media are aligned at calculated angles to produce thousands of microscopic pores. The result is a uniform flow pattern for quench cabinet air. The rigid Poroplate® media retain their uniform pore structure during virtually any quench operating condition.

Poroplate® air quench media are available in flat sheet form for cross-flow quenching, or tubular form for radial quench applications. Three standard porosity grades are available, as well as custom flow profiles for more demanding applications.

Features & Benefits
Alignment at calculated angles.
The precision-woven wire mesh air quench medial are aligned in such a way as to produce thousands of microscopic pores for uniform air flow to the filament bundle. Air flow surges and jets are eliminated, resulting in more uniform fiber properties and reduced breaks.

Stainless steel (304L) construction.
The corrosion-resistant stainless steel media is capable of operating at high temperatures without distortion or change in porosity. Media is easily cleaned for repeated use.

All layers of wire mesh media are permanently bonded at every point of contact through a proprietary diffusion-bonding process to form a rigid and durable quench media. Pore size and structure are maintained, resulting in a predictable flow profile throughout the life of the media.

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About us

Company details

At Purolator EFP, we provide filtration solutions that deliver valued results that meet or exceed our customers' expectations.. We employ an engineered approach when partnering with our customers to identify and deliver filtration/separation products and services. Through these efforts we contribute toward a more sustainable world while holding ourselves to the highest standards.

To be the customer's first choice in providing innovative filtration solutions and technology that drives safe, cost-effective, reliable and sustainable solutions within the chemical fiber and plastics processing markets.

Purolator EFP is a global filtration company that serves the chemical fiber, plastics processing and general industrial markets. Committed to delivering innovative solutions, Purolator EFP collaborates with its customers to help them realize improved plant availability, reduced environmental impact and enhanced bottom line performance. Through the use of our “Total Cost’ process, we can educate our customers about the true impact of their filtration decisions. We value the safety and well being of our employees, the reputation of our company and the delivery of customer satisfaction. We are proud of the drive, customer focus, knowledge, integrity, safety and sincerity that our employees demonstrate daily. With almost 50 year of history, over 300 people and local manufacturing is key regions, Purolator EFP works with customers in the chemical fiber, plastics processing and general industrial markets. Through our experience, technologies and innovative employees, Purolator EFP:

Analyzes process streams and contaminants;
Selects and validates applicable solutions;
Delivers optimized performance and lower operating costs;
Purolator EFP holds itself accountable for results.

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