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  • 01.01  Thermoplastics
  • 01.01.032  Granulates

Our products

Product category: Granulates


This granule comes from the selection of both post and pre-consumer caps and it is made up of HDPE with just a few PP residues. Two formulas with different PP % (5-8% and 2-4%) can be obtained through differentiated sieving systems. It is filtered to 1000 microns and its melt index is between 2 and 3 at 190° - 2,16 kg. It is suitable for the production of HDPE articles where a good mechanical resistance at low temperatures is required, as well as elasticity and a good finishing outward appearance with shiny and homogeneous dark tonalities.

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Product category: Granulates

Brooms - SP

This granule comes from post-consumer and it is made up of about 50% PP and 50% PE, filtered to 1000 microns, with a fluidity of 4 at 230° 2,16 kg; it is suitable for the production of moulded articles with a thickness of more than 1.5 mm. It is possible to supply granules in various dark tonalities and to create formulas with mineral charges (CACO3 or TALC).

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Product category: Granulates

Infant seats - TS COR

The TS COR family is composed of HDPE granules, coming from the selection of detergent bottles with an extremely low PP % (between 0,5 and 2%). The different product codes, made with filtration between 60 and 100 microns, are suitable for the production of extruded, blow moulded and blow film articles. It is possible to create various formulas with both light and dark colours, and to add mineral charges (CACO3 or Talc) as well as additives. With regards to its melt index, in the standard formulas it is between 0,2-0,3 at 190° - 2,16 kg and 0,6-0,8 at 190° - 2,16 kg (TS COR HF). The basic colours, before masterbatch, can have two different tonalities: a dark grey-green to obtain dark colours and a greyish white to produce light colours.

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About us

Company details

we produce in Italy 30.000 ton/year about regranulated HDPE/LDPE/PP and PP/PE for injection, extrusion, blow film and blow molding in light or dark basic colors.

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