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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.09  Measuring and test equipment
  • 03.09.002  Measuring and test equipment for mechanical or dynamic properties
  •  Measuring equipment for melt pressure

Our products

Product category: Measuring equipment for melt pressure

Pressure measuring sensors

Cavity Eye developed waterproof (IP67) and shock resistant pressure sensors. The sensors are electro resistive and the excitation is 5 V (some former Cavity Eye instrument also used 12 V). The Cavity Eye provides sensor in different load range and different body size. 1 kN and 5 kN sensors diameter is 15mm and the 20 kN and 40 kN sensor diameter is 26 mm. Cavity Eye produce just indirect sensors because our experience is the indirect measurement is more accurate than the direct ones and there is no maintenance of the sensors during the mold life time. Thanks for the sensor body the installation is easier than any time before.

The sensors are installed to the clamping plate of the mould and the ejector pin and the extra transfer pin behind the ejector pin press the sensor tip (measuring surface). If there is no ejector pin, ones can use static pin for the measurement so 100% of the moulds can be prepared for Cavity Eye instrumentation. The maximum mould temperature of the standard sensor is 100°C, for medium temperature (MT) sensor is: 150°C and the high temperature (HT) sensor is 200 °C.

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Product category: Measuring equipment for melt pressure

Smart Measuring Plug

The new generation of Cavity Eye system is a simple portable industrial plug with an integrated ARM based measuring system. It provides the easiest way of cavity pressure measurement of multi-cavity-moulds. The Smart Mould Plug can be connected to a laptop by a simple network wire and the measurement can be run up to 8 pressure sensors in one mould. The free Cavity Eye measuring software can be downloaded from the Cavity Eye website ( If you need a measuring system for mould transfer, easy production start up or failure analysis, the Smart Mould Plug is the best solution on the market with the highest value/price ration. 2 or more SMP8 can be used parallel so the maximum number of the sensors can be unlimited in a mould.

If you need 0 ppm scrap ratio, online and real time process analysis and machine control, the Smart Moulding Control system is the best choice.

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Product category: Measuring equipment for melt pressure

Smart Moulding Control

The Smart Mould Control is an online and real-time injection moulding quality and process control system. It has four parts:
· Smart Measure Plug (SMP8);
· Digital Input Output control module (DIO);
· Router;
· Computer and touchscreen.

The Smart Measure Plug provides the measurement and send the pressure curves to the DIO control module. DIO communicate to the injection moulding machine and control the selector the robot the transfer (switch over) or stop the machine by 24 V digital signals. One, two or more SMP8 plug can be connected to the router so the maximum number of the sensors are unlimited. The system is fixed to the injection moulding machine, it is not portable.

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Product category: Measuring equipment for melt pressure

Training and Support

Pilot program – let’s start together
One week service in plant. The preparation of the project is online. We consult about the goal of the project, former production failures and statistics, instrumentation, sensor positions, design, modification and manufacturing.

After the online preparation we visit the production plant of the customers and we together install the sensors, we test the mould in toolshop. After the mould clamp, we optimize the process by cavity pressure. We give a training of “curve reading”, and DOE analysis based on cavity pressure. The software and other applications also the part of the training. After training the longer term one-two days production will be analyzed. Stability, restart, and production restart also based on cavity pressure. After one month test period the customer has got enough experiences for making decision of purchasing. The Cavity Eye give discount of price of products, purchasing after pilot. Test it together without any risk.

On-line support
Design and design review
The designers of the Cavity Eye can modify and make review of the 3D designs after signing of NDA of course. The review is free of charge and takes 1…3 days, the design has service charge.

Remote Control
If the customer has any kind of difficulties of the application of Cavity Eye, in case of invitation we can connect to the Cavity Eye instrument and give online support (mould analysis, production analysis, statistical analysis, software update etc). Thanks to this online service, you do not have to wait for a service engineer and the problem can be solved in a day.

Personal support, Consulting
If the online support can not eliminate the problem, a Cavity Eye service engineer can visit the production plant of the customer and help in:
· Sensor installation, and dry test in the tool shop (mould preparation)
· Instrument installation
· Production and failure analysis by DOE

Basic training of injection moulding (10-15 days)
This training is recommended to beginners who has not or minimal experiences of injection moulding. The goal of the training is to study and practice the steps of mould changing. After the training they will be able to clamp the mould and prepare the machine for production. They will not be able to start the production alone. The length of the training can be 10 or 15 days, depending on the knowledge of the participants.

After the training they will be able to work in shift, but they need a mentor for a month to get more experience and study the local rules.

The training is organized at the customer by two trainer.

Intermediate training for machine setters and technologies (5 days)
This five-day-training focuses for the theoretical background of injection moulding, but all the theory can be verified during the training in practice too. The 60% is theory and 40% practice of the training. The program focus on:

· Material properties and material preparation
· Material tests and measurement (MFI, moisture, mechanical properties…)
· Parameter set (material temp. mould temp, speed, pressure…)
· Mould trial (how to prepare a mould for the first test, first shot)
· Process analysis, DOE (to determine the optimal machine parameters and define the mould failures, necessary modifications)
· Cavity pressure analysis
· Production failure analysis (understand, reproduce, modify, eliminate)

The training can be organized in the customer or in the research centre.

Custom training
Training for customer request by exceptional topics.

Cavity Eye training (3 days)
This training is for customers who needs complex program for study the application of the Cavity Eye system.
·  Mould design and sensor installation
· Measuring instrument installation
· Software application
· Machine set up and fine tune by cavity pressure

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About us

Company details

Cavity Eye is a pressure sensor, data acquisition and control instrument with software that helps to analyse and control the injection moulding process by cavity pressure measurement.

Cavity Eye is a startup company but we have over 30 employees right now. We focus for injection moulding technology, R&D and real innovation, not for marketing. It can be the reason you have not heared the brand so far.

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Company data

Sales volume

0,5 - 1 Mill. US $

Export content

max. 50%

Number of employees

11 - 30



Area of business

Services for the plastics and rubber industries

Target groups
  • Plastic product manufacturing
  • Other industries